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Other Names Kit: Stoatkit

Former kit name: Snow that Blankets Hill

Goosename: Stoatgoose

ThrushClan Name: Slate-coloured Solitaire

FoodClan Name: Trailmixsun

SunshineClan Name: Stoatstar

GalaxyClan Name: Meteorpaw

and other names i forgot i had

Relatives None on the Blog

Shellbreeze, older sister

Milkpaw, twin brother

Logfeather, older brother

Affiliation BlogClan

GooseClan/Goose Army





and other secret clans i forgot i joined

Biographical information
Mentor Wavesplash
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender female
Breed Mixed breed {Toyger/LaPerm}
Fur Color tan tabby
Eye Color pale blue


Stoatpaw is a somewhat fluffy, messy-furred tan, almost light brown, tabby she-cat with pale tanzanite-blue eyes.

Her breed is a cross between a LaPerm and a Toyger.

On the Allegiances, her description is shortened to a fluffy tan tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes.




"This mailbox is mine."

-Stingy from LazyTown


-Frosty on Discord


-"yes" in the IKEA language


-"no" in the IKEA language

"Hi Kate,

I like your blog. Your cats are very cute.

I’m looking forward to reading Bluestar’s story. Don’t worry though, I’m not in a hurry! I’m way behind in reading the Warriors series. I’ve just finished The Darkest Hour, and just started Firestar’s Quest. It’s great what you are all doing in memory of Emmy Cherry.

I’d love to go to a book signing sometime, but I’ve noticed that Vicky always goes on tour in the USA or Canada, never in the UK. Most of you Erins live the UK, don’t you? (except Tui)

I often go on holiday in the UK, so it would great if there would be a Warriors book signing in the UK sometime. I might go to the States sometime in future, but as I’m from the Netherlands, this is not very easy, and I would have to be very lucky for it to be at the same time and place as a Warriors event. Anyway, good luck and lots of fun with the writing and blogging. PS Sorry if this comment is a bit long."

- BlogClan's first comment ever! Left by Hawkclaw on August 31, 2008 at 10:44 pm BlogClan Time.

"I have a horrible voice why does it still smell like grilled pineapple"

-Lau on Discord


-Mo's Prophecy, something typed with her cat Mo's paw during the Summer Gathering and an important prophecy to Team StarClan.

"Cheese grater juicy fruit yummm 😉"

-Breezey on Discord

"granola bars taste like weetabix poop"

-Stoat on the taste of granola bars

"Can we just call them storm spirits? Venti makes them sound like evil espresso drinks."

-Leo Valdez, page 192 of The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

"I think that looks food Juni"

-Willa on wiki chat

On the BlogEdit

Stoatpaw is often on the Blog. She frequents the Tavern and Warriors Games page, where she runs her own game, The Forgotten Clan, which tells the story of a RiverClan warrior, Frostlight, who leaves to create her own clan. She does comment on other pages.

On the WikiEdit




Stoatpaw is a member of the Main Roleplay. She believes she has way too many cats in BlogClan, so she tries to make a bunch of MarshClan, Tribe, and Dusk Syndicate cats. They usually die or get permission to be removed from the RP allegiances.

Her characters are...




Stoatpaw is a member of many side roleplays. Literally all her side roleplays die, and she tries to unsucessfully revive them by spamming the threads with forms and announcements. Go find her Wings Of Fire RP signup thread for proof. Here's a list of the roleplays she's a member of and her characters there. Check back soon for a list of all cats.


Click on a picture to visit the artist, unless it says "Made by me" or "Made with an avatar maker".


  • She has two cats, Lefty and Mo.
  • She's a proud goose.
  • She loves IKEA.
  • Her warrior name will be Stoatbramble, which is also her Wikia and Discord username.
  • She calls FANDOM by its old name, Wikia.
  • She went on hiatus for about 3 months, but she returned.
  • She's written some fanfiction. Forgotten and Rising Skies are her two pieces she likes the most.
  • She reads Wings Of Fire, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, as well as Warriors.


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