Prologue Edit

A long time ago,

deep into the past,

following The Sun Trail,

were a group of cats.

A long time ago,

deep into the wood,

the group of cats divided,

in the campaign for food.

A long time ago,

deep into the boundary between forest and moor,

the first battle struck like lighting,

cats howled in the distance, a great sounding roar.

A long time ago,

deep into the shade,

the Clans were founded,

by four great comrades.

A long time ago,

deep and lonely like the dark,

SkyClan was driven out,

searching for a home like a lark.

Now, just today,

the four great Clans will never sway,

for they are stronger in their new home of the lake; and one day, they must face the darkest enemy...

...but only one day.

Chapter One Edit

A long time ago,

two rivals thrived,

each the leader of a separate group,

the battles between them flied.

A long time ago,

there lived Gray Wing and his moor,

his spirit and his wisdom,

could overwhelmed a boar.

A long time ago,

there lived Clear Sky of the wood,

he was misunderstood, feared by all;

until Gray Wing swayed his mood.

A long time ago,

a battle of eternity was fought,

each cat realized it had been nothing,

each cat felt the misery war has brought.

A long time ago,

there came peace instead of war,

and into four Clans the two groups split,

to leave in harmony and never gore.

A long time ago,

a new age began,

it was the glory of the Clans

when their history spread like a fan.

Chapter Two Edit

A long time ago,

Highstones were not known,

its beautiful jagged peaks,

made entirely out of stone.

A long time ago,

Moth Flight discovered the Moonstone,

she figured out what medicine cats were meant to do,

she realized that they had to be loyal to the bone.

A long time ago,

she found what StarClan was,

she discovered the true meaning of leaders,

she discovered what StarClan does.

A long time ago,

stubborn Windstar was the first,

she was granted her leader's true nine lives,

and after the other leaders had the same, the strength of the four Clans burst!

A long time ago,

descending was the sign,

that medicine cats weren't allowed their children or mates,

that them interfering with a medicine cat's life wasn't fine.

A long time ago,

that's when the medicine cats were born,

from Pebble Heart to Micah, from Cloud Spots to Dappled Pelt to Moth Flight,

they would serve their Clans for eternity and protect them from being forlorn.

Trivia Edit

  • Mistleheart spent a lot of time figuring out rhymes that would both make sense and, ultimately, work with the context of her story.
  • The last line in the prologue refers to the new prophecy, 'Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only them can clear the sky.'

About the Story Edit

A Long Time Ago is a fanfiction written by Mistleheart about certain times of the four Clans, all clearly written in short poems. The prologue is a distinctive summary of the four Clans' history up to A Vision of Shadows.

About the Author Edit

Mistleheart joined BlogClan in December 2015 as a writing-must-have cat. She is currently one of the multiple warriors, and is quite active on both the wikia and the blog; appearing almost twice a day. At the age of 26 moons, Mistleheart continues to visit the Clan, considering herself still a loner. She is a regular on the fanfiction page; occasionally, she posts her on Fanfiction. She is the author of Fading Light, The Battles of BlogClan, and a few other fanfics, all of which have been unfortunately discontinued.

Mistleheart didn't make much friends when she was in elementary school,nude to her quietness and sharp temper, but over her time in BlogClan, she has connected herself to various cats that she will not mention here to avoid hurt feelings. She is glad that she found BlogClan, where she found all her friends.

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