A Midnight Blizzard is the sequel to Darkness Rising written by Frostflower in the arc, A Storm of Shadows. It is a solo. If you want to be featured as a BlogClan cat in the story please respond to this with your name, fursona, and rank below.

Allegiances Edit



Leader: Bramblestar

Deputy: Lionblaze (Temporary, until Ivypool’s kits become apprentices)

Medicine Cat(s): 

– Leafpool






































-Ivypool (Mother to Molewhisker’s kits: Splashkit, a silver-and-ginger tabby she-kit with pale green eyes and Mosskit, a powerful black tom-kit with white paws and ice blue eyes)







Mountain Rogues: 

Leader: Froststar (Silver-and-white tabby she-cat with frosty blue eyes)

Apprentice: Willowpaw

Deputy: Iceflower (Black she-cat with white chest, paws, underbelly and tail-tip and bright green eyes)

Apprentice: Darkpaw

Medicine Cat: Iceshard (white tom with ice-blue eyes)

Apprentice: Dewpaw (Speckled gray she-cat with blue eyes)


-Wavesplash (Silver she-cat with white paws, chest, and muzzle, green eyes, and a long, white-tipped tail)

Apprentice: Lightningpaw

-Owlwater (Yellow tabby tom with amber eyes)

Apprentice: Leopardpaw

-Cypresswind (brown-and-white she-cat with hazel eyes)

-Sandyfoot (Pale ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Apprentice: Shellpaw

-Breeze That Glides Through Summer (Golden-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes)

Apprentice: Streampaw

-Emberdawn (Dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes)

Aprrentice: Goldenpaw

-Lupinecloud (Dark smoky gray she-cat with darker spots, gray eyes, and a white dash)

-Sundance (pale ginger she-cat with green eyes)

-Rainleaf (Silver tabby-and-white she-cat with green eyes)

Aprrentice: Juniperpaw

– Duskclaw (Large orange tom with black paws and amber eyes; Mapleheart’s mate and father of her kits)

-Swiftheart’(Smoky-furred tom with blue eyes; Foxstep’s mate and father of her kits)

-Oceanbreeze (Small blue-gray tabby she-cat with pale stripes. Pale blue eyes)

-Hawkflame (Muscular black tom with amber eyes and grey paws)

-Sunfire (Handsome yellow tabby tom with white paws and emerald eyes)

-Smokebreeze (Graceful silver she-cat with black paws and violet eyes)

-Spottedwing (Small tabby tom with hazel eyes and large ginger ears)

-Quietbrook (Graceful brown-and ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes)


Leopardpaw (Tan she-cat with darker, leopard-like spots, hazel eyes)

-Darkpaw (black furred she-cat with white paws, large ears, and flame markings around her green eyes)

-Lightningpaw (Small black tom with yellow paws, chest, tail, and eyes)

-Juniperpaw (Tuxedo/ black and white she-cat with sea-green eyes)

-Goldenpaw (Small ginger-and-white she-cat with green eyes)

-Streampaw (Dark gray tabby and white she-cat with green eyes)

-Shellpaw (Gray she-cat with black and white spots, blue eyes)

-Willowpaw (Grey she-cat with a darker stripe down her back, green eyes)


-Foxstep: (Dark russet she-cat with blue eyes) Kits: Specklekit and Shiningkit (Father: Swiftheart)

-Mapleheart (Long- haired dark brown tabby she-cat with ling legs, a cream belly, paws, chest and muzzle, dark brown ears, dark brown M on forehead, and amber eyes.) Kits: Puddlekit and Skykit (Father: Duskclaw)


Darkkit (Black she-cat with one white forepaw, a white tail tip, and green eyes)

-Maplekit (Dark ginger she-cat with a paler belly and chest, a scar trailing down a hind-leg, a long, soft, fluffy, plumy tail, and light blue eyes)

-Puddlekit (Small tan-and-white tabby she-kit with emerald eyes)

-Skykit (Large white tom-kit with pale gray stripes and ice-blue eyes)

-Splecklekit (Speckled gray tom-kit with yellow eyes)

-Shiningkit (Dark russet she-kit with blue eyes)

Cats Outside the Clans:

Gigidawn- Old, earless white she-cat with yellow eyes

Beausky- Speckled gray tabby tom with silky fur and blue eyes

Pebblesong- Small, brown tabby she-cat with a light colored belly and hazel eyes

Prologue Edit

I padded out of an ice-covered den, my dark ginger pelt bristling. My paws ached from the snow-covered ground and I narrowed my ice-blue eyes against the freezing breeze. The precious herb I carried in my mouth blew slightly in the breeze but I clamped my jaw around it, protecting the fragile pink petals. My mother, Sandyfoot, was terribly ill and couldn’t even stand. The herb I held in my mouth was the last of it’s stock. The last stock. It was the only way we could cure the sickness that Sandyfoot had, which many, many of the cats in our clan had had. Many had died from it too. I cringed as I thought of my sister, Ambersky, who had died because of the sickness. Well, I won’t let it take my mother too! 

“Did you get the herb?” A white tom asked anxiously, his ice-blue eyes wide with worry. “Yes, Iceshard.” She mewed to the clan’s medicine cat and dropped the flower at his snowy paws. Iceshard blinked at me gratefully and called out softly, trying not to disturb Sandyfoot, to his apprentice, Dewpaw. “Dewpaw! Come here and chew these petals into a pulp for Sandyfoot.” The young, speckled gray she-cat jerked her head up at the sound of her name and scurried over. Dewpaw bent her head and chewed up the petals, making sure not to miss any of the petals. I padded up to my mother and gently nudged her pale ginger head. Sandyfoot stirred in her nest and looked up at me, her amber eyes dull. “W-what is it, d-dear?” she croaked. “I’ve come to give you the herb. It’ll make you feel better mother.” I murmured into her ear and Dewpaw pushed the herb mixture under her muzzle. Sandyfoot nodded absently and swallowed the flower mixture. I hope she can recover… 

I lay down that night, on the cold ice of the medicine cat den’s floor, to keep Sandyfoot warm. I pressed my flank against hers and tucked my tail over my nose. Sighing, I closed my eyes and drifted into a cold, dreamless sleep.

“Froststar!” A cat called to our leader. I turned around to see Breeze That Glides Through Summer standing beneath Ice Rocks, her ears pricked. Froststar leaped nimbly down the Ice Rocks to Breeze. “Yes, Breeze, what is it?” the silver-and-white she-cat asked, her frosty blue eyes narrow with worry for her clan. “We just got back from a patrol near the Snow Rock and there was no prey. They are all hidden in their burrows because this snow-cycle has been too brutal! We have to do something or we are all going to starve to death, Froststar!” Breeze growled, her golden-brown pelt bristling. Froststar sighed and working her sharp claws into the snow, mewed firmly, “I am aware of that Breeze, but I’m afraid I can’t offer you a reasonable suggestion.” Breeze turned around and muttered something no cat could hear, before slinking away into the warrior’s ice den. 

“Breeze, are you okay?” I asked my friend. “Of course Emberdawn, I’m just frustrated that there is a possibility of us… “ Breeze trailed off, lowering her green eyes to the floor of the den. I touched my tail to her shoulder and finished her sentence, “starving?” Breeze nodded and kept her eyes fixed to the icy floor. I’m going to visit Darkkit and Maplekit. Care to join me?” I asked Breeze. The golden-brown she-cat shook her head and murmured, “I want to think things over, I’ll visit them another time with you Emberdawn.” “Okay then, bye.” I replied, slightly hurt by her response. I shook my head and padded out of the warrior’s den, fluffed up my pelt against the cold, and headed for the nursery.

I was stopped by a squeal coming from the snow. A tiny black ear was poking out of the snow, and two bright green eyes peered at me. “Emberdawn!” Darkkit squeaked and tumbled into my paws. “Maplekit told me I was being a bad kit because I threw snow at her. Do you think I’m bad?” The little black kit asked, her green eyes bright with worry and confusion. “Darkkit, you are a wonderful kit! Maplekit just said that because she was upset over the snow. But remember, a cat has many different shades of itself. We are all good and bad, there are many paths for us to take in life. Only you can choose what path or shade of yourself you want to take or be.” I told Darkkit. “But, how will I know what kind of cat I want to be?” she asked, winding around my dark ginger legs. “When the time’s right, you will know.”

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath Ice Rocks!” Froststar yowled into the sunset. I raced over to Ice Rocks, telling Darkkit to go back to her mother on the nursery. As soon as all the warriors, apprentices, and medicine cats had gathered beneath her she began, “As you all know, this snow-cycle has been absolutely brutal, bringing with it a fatal sickness, no prey, and the worst of all, piles among piles of snow. Iceflower, Iceshard, and I have decided that the best solution is to move to a place Iceshard saw in an omen. He said it was by a lake and there were lovely green forests, open moors, and rivers. It would be a paradise. We will leave for there as soon as possible.” She finished. As the cats yowled questions and protests, I shrunk back and backed away, closing my eyes fearfully. Leave my home? I was born here! There has to be another way! There just has to be! she opened her eyes suddenly feeling calm, turned away so she could hear or see the protesting cats, and thought to herself, Where there’s a will, there is a way…

Chapter 1 Edit

Frostsong stretched in her icy nest, cold chills running up her legs. It had been a half-moon since they had defeated BloodClan and everything had been peaceful. Well almost. The leaf-bare had been brutal. There was no prey because of the constant snowstorms.She pryed open her pretty frosty blue eyes and looked around the den. All the warriors were sound asleep, unaware of the icy breeze entering the den. She fluffed up her white pelt and shivered violently, tucking her fluffy tail over her nose.

A black shadow was snoring obnoxiously loud next to her so she turned, stretched out a hind paw and poked his flank gently with one of her claws. He stirred and slowly opened his eyes. 

“Hmmm?” he asked groggily. “You were snoring, mouse-brain. And it’s frigid in here.” Frostsong replied.

“It’s the middle of leaf-bare so it’s going to be cold and don’t complain about my snoring, it’s what I do.” Larkfeather mewed stubbornly.”It’s what you do huh?” She remarked and nudged his shoulder affectionately. “I think something’s wrong though. Leaf-bare has been harsher than usual. We’ve had snow nearly every day!” She exclaimed softly, not to wake the other warriors. Another icy breeze blew in suddenly and Frostsong crouched, trembling in the cold. “I know what you mean. It’s much colder than usual! We have dawn patrol so we have to wake up early. I’m going to sleep.” He grunted and licked the top of her her head affectionately. She nodded and curled up in her nest, still shivering but soon found herself in a dark, dreamless sleep. 

“Frostsong! Wake u-up! Time for dawn patrol! I’ve been trying to wake you up for ages! ” an annoying voice mewed in her ear. Frostsong got to her paws and shook out her pelt. “Okay Berrynose! I heard you the first time!” she snapped back to the senior warrior, stopping herself from adding, mouse-brain! “Well, come along then, we’re all waiting for you!” The cream warrior exclaimed and walked off, his head held obnoxiously high. Frostsong trotted behind him through the fluffy snow. It looks like it snowed last night. Again. She thought. She looked at the patrol and sighed, Berrynose what giving out orders, as usual.

“We’re going split up and we’re going to catch whatever prey we find. Understood? We’ll each pair up. Sorrestripe, you go with Sandymoon and I, Rosepetal with Bossomfall, and Larkfeather with Frostsong.” Berrynose told them and they set off grumbling about how cold it was.

“Let’s go to the Shadowclan territory by the lake. Maybe there’ll be less snow there and more prey. The territory is sheltered by pine trees.” Larksong suggested to Frostsong. “You could be right, I’ll race you there!” She exclaimed and took off, showering Larkfeather in the snow she kicked back. “No fair! You started early!” He shouted and raced after the she-cat. The black tom sprinted through the fluffy white-covered forest his icy blue eyes narrowed with determination. Frostsong was still ahead, loping along easily. She slowed to a fast trot as she neared the Shadowclan border, her eyes full of triumph. Larkfeather was still sprinting and knocked purposely into Frostsong, knocking her over and pinning her down. “I think we have a winner!” He exclaimed and twitched his whiskers in amusement. “You probably scared all the prey away though, running that noisily.” she replied with a twinkle in her eyes. “We wouldn’t have caughten anything anyways, you know we haven’t found any good prey in days! Larkfeather mewed. Frostsong snorted and licked his muzzle affectionately. “Come on then, let’s hunt!”

“Did you find anything?” Berrynose asked as they padded back to where the patrol had said to meet up. Frostsong dropped a few frosted berries at his cream-furred paws. “There was no prey at all, but we found some berries… Larkfeather told me they weren’t deathberries and we can eat them.” The white she-cat told him. “It’s better then anything I suppose. We found nothing…” Berrynose trailed off dejectedly. “Let’s head home. We have to go past the lake way because there’s too much snow this way.” Sorrelstripe mewed.

As they passed the lake Blossomfall gasped, “Look what happened to the lake!” 

Chapter 2 Edit

Mountain Rogues:

A pale ginger she-cat trudged through the snow with her head lowered to the icy breeze. Her emerald green eyes were narrowed as she nudged her friend, Wavesplash’s shoulder, “Are you okay, Wavesplash? You can head back to camp if you’re too tired.” Sundance asked, her voice heavy with concern. The silver she-cat was falling behind the patrol, struggling in the falling snow. 

“I’m fine Sundance, I just-“ she trailed off with a gasp as the leader of the patrol, Cypresswind, let out a screech as she tumbled down the mountainside. Her hazel-and-white pelt flashed as she flew past them, “Cypresswind! Are you okay?” Sundance called anxiously as the she-cat slowed to a stop as the steep mountainside calmed into a gentle slop. A yellow tabby pelt streaked by them, heading to where Cypresswind had landed.

“C’mon Wavesplash, we have to go see if Cyp is okay! She’s our sister after all.” Sundance told a shocked Wavesplash and hurled down the slope after Owlwater. Wavesplash took a moment to process everything and then quickly followed her sisters, Sundance and Cypresswind, down the mountainside.

Sundance gently licked her sister, Cypresswind’s, shoulder. The she-cat groaned in pain as she slowly got to her paws. “That blasted mountain, why do we live here anyways? It’s torture!” Cypresswind mewed, her voice high with despair. “We always have, Cypresswind, it was where our ancestors came.” Owlwater murmured softly. “I know! But that was moons ago! When our ancestors found this place, it was perfect! “ she replied, seething. Her paw was sticking out an odd angle and she cried out in pain every time she took a step.

“Let’s just take you to camp, Iceshard can look at you there.” Owlwater mewed kindly to the injured she-cat. “No. I’m fine. We need food for our group otherwise the kits are going to starve, Owlwater!” she replied. “Don’t be a hare-brained, we wouldn’t have caught anything anyways.” Owlwater remarked. Cypresswind scowled at him and turned her back towards them. Sundance approached her sister until their flanks brushed. “Let’s just take you home. You know you can’t walk, let alone hunt.” Sundance told her gently but firmly. Cypresswind let out and exasperated sigh and mewed, “fine” Sundance and Owlwater supported her as they limped back to camp.

* * *

Goldenpaw scurried around the camp, her ginger-and-white pelt bristling with anxiety. Froststar had just announced that they were leaving! Goldenpaw looked down and saw that her small paws were shaking. From the cold or from fear of leaving your home? She asked herself. “Are you okay, Goldenpaw?” A soft mew asked her. Goldenpaw spun around to see a handsome ginger tabby tom with snowy white paws and emerald eyes standing behind her.

“I… um… w-well not r-really…” She stammered to Sunfire. He was easily the most handsome tom in the group. All the she-cats mooned over him and he was talking to her! “I know it’s a change for all of us but we have to deal adapt to it together.” He murmured and touched his nose briefly to shoulder and she blushed and ducked her head. “Thanks, I’ll just be sad to leave, that’s all.” She told Sunfire. He sighed and sat down. “I know what you mean, my mother died here… I feel like I’ll lose the last of her if I leave…” he murmured sadly and looked at the darkening sky.

Goldenpaw leaned forward and pressed her muzzle against his, “I’m so sorry.” She murmured, remembering his mother, Snowcloud’s death. He sighed and pushed his nose into the fur in her cheek, “You have no idea…” he replied sadly.

“Sunfire!” a she-cat called. “Can you help me move this branch so it covers the gap in the warrior’s den?” Quietbrook asked giving Goldenpaw an annoyed stare. Sunfire quickly pulled away from Goldenpaw and blushed, licking his chest-fur, obviously embarrassed. “Sorry, gotta go!” he muttered and scooted off to help Quietbrook. 

Goldenpaw was more embarrassed then Sunfire was. She darted into the Apprentice’s Den and curled into her icy moss den. Quietbrook’s such a pain. She knows I like Sunfire but she always interferes whenever I’m with him. Goldenpaw thought angrily through narrowed emerald eyes. She sighed and tucked her nose under her soft tail. 

“Hey Goldenpaw. Was Quietbrook being annoying about you and Sunfire again?” A kind voice asked. “Go away, Lightningpaw.” She mewed, her voice muffled from the fur on her tail.

“Hey, that’s no way to talk one of you best friends!” He teased lightly, nudging her flank. Goldenpaw rolled over, sighing, “Yeah, that Quietbrook. She’s a pain in the tail, man.” She grumbled. “Hey, she’s just jealous Goldie. You know, of your relationship with Sunfire the almighty.” Lightningpaw joked. Goldenpaw coffed her friend’s ears, “Hey!” she exclaimed. “You two would be perfect for each other. I mean he’s only a moon and a half older than you!” he shot back. Goldenpaw quickly slipped her paw under his paws and flipped him over playfully, “You sure about that Ligh-“ she got cut off by an urgent call of help.

The two apprentices shot out of the den as fast as they could and ran to the patrol calling for help. Owlwater and Sundance were supporting Cypresswind and Wavesplash was sprinting into camp and calling all the cats out of their dens. Goldenpaw glanced at Cypresswind, the hazel-and-white she-cat was limping and her head was lowered. She looked broken. She was tired of this snow-cycle as everyone else was but this time the snow-cycle had lashed out at her. It felt like Mother Nature was trying to hurt us. Nothing was going right. Nothing.

“What happened!?” Froststar asked as she leaped down from Ice Rocks. “Cypresswind fell down the icy mountainside and sprained her paw. It’s terrible, I’m afraid…” Wavesplash replied gravely. 

“Look what’s happening to us! We have to leave NOW Froststar.” Hawkflame growled. 

“What! Leave where? “ Sundance asked urgently. Sunfire strode up to the ginger she-cat, looked her straight in the eye and replied, “We’re leaving. This is no territory for cats.” His emerald gleamed and his claws slid out. “Say Goodbye.”

Chapter 3 Edit

Frostsong paced anxiously outside the Medicine Cat’s Den, her pelt spiked. She poked her head in and mewed worriedly, “Is Bumblestripe okay?” Alderberry softly padded across the herby den and layed his tail lightly on her shoulders, “I’m so sorry Frostsong but I don’t think your father is going to make it…” he mewed quietly. Frostsong felt her shoulders slump and her tail droop. “H-how long do you think he has left?” she stammered. “Maybe a day or two.” He replied sadly. He drew his tail off of her and slowly padded back to the Medicine Den, his head lowered in defeat.

Frostsong lay in her nest that night, the cold stone floor sending chills up her legs. “It’s not fair.” she muttered angrily. Why was Bumblestripe the only cat to fall ill? Did he have a disease? But why did it have to be her father who got sick? She showered herself with questions, her claws sliding out. Her mother, Dovewing didn’t seem to visit her sick mate very much and she was sneaking out of camp every night. She didn’t think anyone was watching… but why in the world would she want to go out in the dead of night during leaf-bare ? “I don’t care. Everyone has their secrets.” She murmured to herself. She didn’t understand why everyone was doing everything secretly. All the cats always shot her quick glances when she was in the clearing. It was like she had does something wrong. The lake had frozen and then everyone had started shooting her accusing glances. “Why? I never did anything wrong!”

“I know that Frostsong.” a deep mew sounded behind her. Frostsong quickly spun around to see a handsome black tom with midnight blue eyes staring at her. She purred and padded up to Larkfeather, rubbing her muzzle along his, “Do they think it’s my fault that we’re having a bad leaf-bare, Bumblestripe’s ill, and the lake is frozen?” She asked him. He licked her head, “I don’t care what they think. All I know is that you would never do anything bad and you happen to be the prettiest she-cat in the clan.”She purred and pushed her head into his warm neck fur. “But I don’t understand how Bumblestripe fell ill so quickly… it’s only been a quarter-moon since we discovered that the lake is frozen…” she murmured. “I’m sorry about your father. I’m always here for you.” He replied. She leaned into him and touched her nose lightly to his. “I feel so bad for the cats that live in the mountains. They must be suffering badly. It’s not fair. I wish we could help them…” she remarked sadly. Larkfeather sighed and pulled away from her, “Life’s not fair. But I agree we should help them.” he replied.

“Well said, Larkfeather. Life is never fair.” A silky mew murmured. They looked at the entrance of the den and saw Dovewing standing there, her pelt glowing silver in the moonlight. “I’d like to speak to Frostsong in private.” Her mother mewed stiffly and nodded to Larkfeather. “O-of course, Dovewing.” He replied and touched his nose to Frostsong’s ear before padding over to his mossy nest. “Come on, Frostsong let’s go to the forest so we won’t be overheard.” Dovewing mewed to her daughter.

“So what’s going on Dovewing?” Frosting asked. Dovewing lowered her pretty blue eyes and stared at her paws. “I-I’m expecting k-kits.” Her mother stammered. “What! that’s great!” Frostsong mewed and purred happily. “Have you told Bumblestripe yet? He’ll be so happy to hear that when he’s… gone… they’ll be something left of him…” she mewed trailing of quietly. “Yes there will be something left of him. You and your littermates. These are not his kits.” She mewed stiffly. “WHAT?! YOU TRAITOR! WHO’S ARE THEY?” Frostsong demanded, seething. “They are Tigerheart’s kits. You musn’t tell anyone. Please dear.” Her mother pleaded. Frosting glanced at her mother, tears blurring her vision. “I-I c-can’t…” she stammered and took off into the trees. She heard Dovewing calling her but she could only hear the beat of her heart in her eardrums. What am I going to do? They’re Tigerheart’s kits! What’s wrong with Dovewing? She can’t just abandon her dying mate for some ShadowClan tom. 

She could bearly see as she raced blindly through the trees. She didn’t care anymore. Everyone hated her. Her mother was having kits with a stupid ShadowClan tom, the lake was frozen, everything was just wrong. “StarClan, are you there? Tell me if you hate me because everyone else does. Even Dovewing. If she cared about us, she wouldn’t have gone with Tigerheart!” She asked the stars angrily and collapsed in a wave of darkness.

“Are you okay?” A kind voice asked. Frostsong pried open her eyes and saw four blurry faces over hers. She leaped to her paws and stared at the cats. One was a small white she-cat with no ears and yellow eyes. There were two younger cats that looked like they could be the ages of apprentices. There was a specked gray tabby tom with pale blue eyes and a brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes. The last cat was… “Larkfeather! Who are these cats?” She asked the tom. The earless she-cat is Gigidawn, the gray tom is Beausky, and the brownish-cat is Pebblesong. I found them while I was looking for you.” He replied. “We thought we should take you away from the clan for a bit. You seemed very stressed. We are going to visit the Mountain Cats and see if they need help.” He remarked. “What?!”

Chapter 4 Edit

Sundance stared at Sunfire’s flaming emerald eyes and backed away, “What?” she asked her mew trembling. “We’re leaving. Froststar says we can’t live here. She says we’re moving to a paradise but she could care less about what everyone wants.” He snarled and scored his claws in the snow. Sundance watched as a silver-and-white she-cat bounded up to the patrol and glared at Sunfire, warning him to back down. “We can’t live here, look around you! Cats can’t live where there is no prey and there is a disease spreading. It killed Ambersky and Sandyfoot is very ill.” Froststar mewed, her ice blue eyes narrowed.

“B-but we’ve always lived here! We can’t just leave!” Sundance stammered, shocked. Wavesplash padded up to her sister and brushed her tail along Sundance’s flank, “Froststar’s right. We have to leave.” She murmured. Sunfire shouldered his way back into the group of cats, “No. I’m not leaving. You can leave without me.” He growled. “What?!” Goldenpaw asked, her green eyes full of confusion. “We have to stay together!” she exclaimed, her mew high with despair. Sunfire looked at her, his eyes full of sadness.

“I’m sorry Goldenpaw, I’ll miss you, but I can’t leave my home.” He replied. “ I’ll stay with Sunfire.” Quietbrook declared and brushed against Sunfire affectionately. He twitched his ear at her but looked down at his paws. 

“No, we will all stay together. Sunfire, I’m not asking you to come. I’m telling you to. Please don’t make this difficult.” Froststar growled at her warrior. We will leave tomorrow at dusk.” Froststar mewed finally and padded through the wave of cats, to her den. 

Sundance stared in shock at her leader but nodded her head and padded to the warrior’s den. “Come on everyone, there’s nothing we can do. We’ll be happy at our new home. I promise.” Sundance mewed to her groupmates. The warriors nodded and followed her into the icy den. Sunfire was curled up next to Quietbrook, his fur bristling and his eyes fuming. Quietbrook was stroking his flank with her soft tail, her eyes gleaming. It’s good Goldenpaw can’t see that. Sundance thought. Speaking of Goldenpaw, the small ginger-and-white she-cat was sitting outside, staring at the moon, her bright green eyes glinting angrily.

* * *

Goldenpaw stared at the moon, emotions bubbling inside her. Was Sunfire really going to stay here? Goldenpaw parted her jaws and tasted the crisp winter air. It smelled like a cat. I don’t recognize that scent… is it a rogue? She asked herself and pricked he ears, straining to hear paw steps. “I-is there anyone there?” She asked cautiously. A tall shadow emerged from a frosted bush and she could see a pair of dark green eyes flashing. Goldenpaw trotted bravely up to the shadow, “Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Winter. You are one of those group cats aren’t you?” The cat mewed, padding out of the shadows. The tom had black-and-white fur and was much taller and older than her yet looked about the same age.

“Of course I’m a group cat, you’re in our camp.” She growled at the tom. Winter purred and circled her, “Of course you are… what’s your name?” he asked. Goldenpaw turned around to look at him. “Goldenpaw. Why are you in our camp?” she asked. “I was just wondering if maybe I could join your… group .” He replied silkily. “Well, we’re leaving to live somewhere else, so you might as just well leave now.” She growled. “Can you at least bring me to your leader?” he asked innocently. “Fine. Follow me.” She mewed and beckoned to Winter.

“So you want me to allow you to join our group?” Froststar asked once Winter had explained his situation. “I’d help the group. I know a lot about herbs.” He replied. “Do you know what could cure the sickness that every cat has had this snow-cycle?” she asked the tom. Winter nodded, “It’s called Ice Mint. It will cure the cats in no time.” He mewed. “Fine in the morning, you and Goldenpaw will go and collect some. If it works then you may join our clan.” Froststar decided and flicked her tail in dismissal. “You won’t regret this decision, Froststar.” He mewed and padded out of the den, Goldenpaw at his heels.

“You can sleep in the apprentice’s den in the spare nest if you’d like.” Goldenpaw offered to Winter. “Sure. Just let me do something real quick, I’ll be right back…” he mewed and trotted to off. Goldenpaw waited until he was out of sight then slinked after him, keeping her ears and tail low. What’s he doing? She asked herself and peered behind a bush as Winter vanished behind the bush.

“Shimmer? Sterling?!” Winter called out. Goldenpaw held in a gasp as a she-cat crept out of the bush followed by a white tom with chocolate brown eyes. “Yes? Did they agree to take us in?” Sterling asked anxiously. He snorted and mewed obnoxiously, “Of course they’re gonna let us join!” Shimmer let out a sigh of relief and Sterling’s white tail shot up with happiness. Goldenpaw pushed herself up and padded into their sight, “Who are these cats, Winter?” she asked menacingly. 

“G-Goldenpaw, th-these cats are my littermates.” He replied. Sterling padded forward. He was a muscular, handsome tom and she could feel heat rising in her cheeks as he touched his nose to hers in greeting. “Yes, I’m sorry Winter didn’t tell you about us. We’re just his littermates.” He told her and nodded at Winter and Shimmer. 

“Are there anymore of you, first of all?” Goldenpaw asked. “Nope, just us.” Shimmer replied. “I’ll try to persuade Froststar to let you three join the group. You seem like kind cats.” Goldenpaw mewed. “Thank you so much, Goldenpaw, we are in your debt.” Sterling mewed. Goldenpaw nodded warily. “You can come with me to camp and sleep in the Apprentice’s Den tonight. I’ll speak with Froststar in the morning.” She told them and beckoned with her tail for them to follow her. Sterling, Winter, and Shimmer all broke into a canter and followed her as she bounded back to the camp.

“You can sleep here.” She mewed to the cats as they entered the Apprentice’s Den. They nodded gratefully and settled down in the spare nests. Goldenpaw padded caustiously to her nest, trying not to wake the other apprentices. Juniperpaw was splayed out and was snoring softly. Lightningpaw was sleeping in the corner of the den, snoring obnoxiously loud. She settled in her nest and covered her nose with her soft tail.

* * *

Sundance stared at Goldenpaw as she leaped nimbly down Ice Rocks, Froststar following at her tail. As they approached the bottom Froststar called out, “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, meet beneath Ice Rocks for a group meeting!” 

All the cats in the group padded quickly out of their dens and glanced at Froststar and Goldenpaw. Froststar was standing proudly on Ice Rocks, her pelt rippling majestically and her frosty blue eyes sparkling. 

“Goldenpaw found three rogues, Winter, Shimmer, and Sterling, and they led her to an herb called Ice Mint early this morning. Sandyfoot has been given the herb on close watch by Iceshard and is feeling much better already. These cats asked to join our group and they rightfully will be joining. Since they have shown so much generosity towards our group, they have earned apprenticeship to our group. Welcome Shimmerpaw, Winterpaw, and Sterlingpaw!” She exclaimed, raising her slender face to the sky, her eyes shining. The group cats cheered their names happily. 

“I also have a special ceremony to perform. Goldenpaw has earned her full name.” Froststar mewed proudly. “She was very brave when finding the rogues and the herb.”

“Emberdawn, has she trained and learned the ways of the group?” Froststar asked Goldenpaw’s mentor. Emberdawn puffed out her chest and mewed, “Of course!” Her blue eyes sparkled contagiously. Goldenpaw’s eyes were shining and her pelt was perfectly groomed. 

“Goldenpaw, do you promise to uphold the rules of the group, even at the cost of your life?” Froststar asked the apprentice. “I do!” Goldenpaw replied, her ears pricked with excitement. “Then from this day forward, you will be known as Goldenfawn. We honor you for you bravery and intelligence.” Froststar mewed and pressed her muzzle to Goldenfawn’s head. Goldenfawn dipped her hear and licked Froststar’s shoulder in response. 

Sundance purred as Goldenfawn leaped into the crowd of cats calling her name. A handsome yellow tabby tom shouldered his way to Goldenfawn’s side and pressed his muzzle to hers, his emerald eyes shining. Goldenfawn licked his muzzle and Sunfire murmured something quietly in her ear. He nodded and they padded out of camp, pelts brushing, tails entwined.

Chapter 5 Edit

Sundance stumbled through the thick, falling snow, the group was traveling to their new home by a beautiful lake, Iceshard had said. Sundance raised her head and narrowed her eyes against the snow and brutal wind blowing in her face. She could see Sandyfoot leaning on Winterpaw’s shoulder, I don’t trust him. Why would he join us? Soft pawsteps made her look over her shoulder and she purred when she saw her friend, Breeze, covered in snow.

“Did you fall?” Sundance asked, her whiskers twitching in amusement. 

“I tripped and fell face-first.” Breeze grumbled though her eyes shone. 

Sundance blinked in amusement and beckoned to her friend with her tail. “Race you to the snow-covered boulder!” She took off spraying snow in her friend’s face. “Hey, no fair!” Breeze yowled as she hared after Sundance. Her golden-brown tail whipping back and forth.

“Hey! Stop it! You’re getting snow in my fur and you guys are so immature!” Winterpaw grumbled. Sandyfoot whispered something in his ear and he stomped away, his tail twitching.

“Breeze! Sundance! Stay with the group and don’t act like kits!” The deputy, Iceflower, called to the two she-cats.

Sundace rolled her eyes and muttered, “Sorr-ry” Winterpaw looked around, his eyes glimmering with satisfaction. The two she-cats trotted back to the group and padded over to Goldenfawn. 

“Hey, you still upset about Sunfire?” Sundance asked her friend, resting her tail on Goldenfawn’s shoulders. The handsome orange tom had insisted he stay in their old home… Quietbrook had stayed with him.

“Yeah. I just don’t get it! Why did he decide to stay there? Eventually he and Quietbrook are going to starve.” Goldenfawn muttered and her eyes narrowed.

“I’m sorry Golden, I wish we could do something…” Breeze mewed sadly, her tail drooping. Sundance nodded and narrowed her bright green eyes thoughtfully.

“What if we went back to find him tonight? I wonder what he’s up to.” Sundance suggested. Goldenfawn stopped in her tracks and look at Sundance.

“Are you crazy?!” She exclaimed, her fur bristling. “We would get caught in no time and someone’s bound to notice!” She remarked.

“So? They’ll be happy when we come back with Sunfire.” Breeze replied. “At least give it a try.” She pleaded to Goldenfawn. The ginger-and-white she-cat looked at the Sundance and Breeze and sighed.

“Fine. But let’s take one more warrior with us. We need to have protection.” Goldenfawn mewed.

“I’ll ask Wavesplash.” Sundance mewed and bounded off to fetch her sister.

* * *

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Wavesplash remarked as they padded in the opposite direction as the group. The silver she-cat had agreed to join them reluctantly. She thought her sister, Sundance, was crazy for going after Sunfire, but she was her sister and she had to support her.

“Thank you for joining us though.” Goldenfawn murmured and brushed against Wavesplash. Goldenfawn’s eyes glimmered with gratitude and Wavesplash nodded and rested her muzzle on the young warrior’s shoulder. 

“I hope he agrees to come back with us. I know how much you care about him” Wavesplash replied to Goldenfawn. The small she-cat nodded. Wavesplash spun around when she heard Sundance hiss, “Foxes!”

Wavesplash unsheathed her claws and curled her lips, revealing her teeth. Goldenfawn, Breeze, and Sundance did the same. The russet colored foxes snarled and leaped at them.

“Come and get us mange-pelts!” Breeze yowled and reared onto her hind legs as a female fox lunged at her. She raked her claws down the fox’s pelt and the fox yowled on fury in pain. Wavesplash tore her eyes away from Breeze’s fight to see a large male fox standing in front of her, it’s eyes gleaming in hunger.

Wavesplash leaped onto the fox’s back and tore her claws into it’s neck. The fox was obviously surprised as it twisted it’s head around to look at her. He bucked her off viciously, and Wavesplash flew off his back landing crumpled against a frosty tree stump. She could vaguely see the fox approaching her but her vision was blurry and she felt light-headed. The fox was mid-leap towards Wavesplash when a bundle of ginger fur streaked in front of Wavesplash, before everything blacked out she could see the ginger cat battling with the male fox, driving it back.

* * * “Are you okay, Wavesplash?” A deep voice murmured in her ear.

“Whaaa? Where am I?” She answered groggily and pried her eyes opened slowly. She blinked twice to clear her vision and gasped when she saw Sunfire leaning over her. 

“I brought you here once you blacked out.” He replied, his emerald eyes sparkling.

“Where are the others?” She asked and tried to stand up, but fell back when her legs collapsed under her.

“Careful, your body was badly winded and wounded from the fight.” He murmured and steadied her with his shoulder. “Your friends are right over there.” Wavesplash nodded and stretched her neck to see them. They were sitting up underneath a wide bush. They called a greeting to her when they saw she was awake.

“Can you take me to them? I want to see if they’re okay.” She asked the ginger tom. His eyes glimmered with unease but he nodded and gently shoved his shoulder under hers and let her lean on him as she stood up. She stumbled over to them, leaning heavily on Sunfire.

“Wavesplash! Are you okay? You were unconscious for almost a day!” Goldenfawn cried and raced to Wavesplash’s side. 

“I’m okay-thanks to Sunfire.” She replied and blinked warmly at Sunfire. He nodded and touched his nose to her ear. “Anytime.”

Wavesplash could have sworn she saw Goldenfawn’s eyes narrow in disapproval but pushed the though away as the small she-cat purred, “I’m so glad you’re okay. Sunfire and Quietbrook fought the foxes off with us.”

“Thank you.” Wavesplash mewed to Quietbrook as the brown-and-ginger tabby she-cat padded gracefully over to Wavesplash, Goldenfawn, and Sunfire. 

“Anytime. I’m glad you are okay.” She mewed stiffly. Wavesplash nodded gratefully.

“What are you guys doing around here? Don’t you miss the group?” she asked Quietbrook and Sunfire.

“Sure we do. I just can’t abandon my mother’s grave. If I left she would be forgotten!!” Sunfire exclaimed and looked away. Wavesplash brushed her muzzle against his neck fur- ignoring the glare Quietbrook gave her- “She will never be forgotten. Come with us. You’ll be safe. Your mother wouldn’t want you to suffer, would she?”

Sunfire glanced down at Wavesplash, “I g-guess not…” He stammered. “I just don’t want her to be forgotten.” 

“She never will be forgotten.” Wavesplash promised. He glanced down into her green eyes and mewed, “Then I’ll come with you.” 

Wavesplash and Goldenfawn purred. Quietbrook looked like her head was going to explode, her ice blue eye were narrowed and looked malicious. Wavesplash rolled her eyes. 

“Oh Quietbrook, you don’t have to be mean just because you want to be Sunire’s only friend.” Wavesplash mewed to the fuming she-cat.

“I do not think that!” Quietbrook exclaimed, blushing. Sundance padded over to the group with Breeze. 

“Oh come on, we all know you have a huge crush on Sunfire!” Breeze exclaimed to Quietbrook. Quietbrook looked like she was going to die of embarrassment and Sunfire couldn’t help but smirk defiantly.

“C’mon, let’s get back to the group before they send out a patrol to find us.” Goldenfawn mewed, ending the awkward silence. The cats nodded and turned towards the direction the group was. Sunfire and Goldenfawn helped Wavesplash, flanking her on both sides.

Quietbrook stalked silently behind them and Sundance and Breeze snickered as Quietbrook avoided eye-contact with Sunfire. Wavesplash turned to look at Quietbrook.

“We can all be friends you know, there’s no reason to hate us.” She remarked. “Oh fine. I guess you aren’t that bad.” Quietbrook agreed the corners of her mouth twisting in a smile.

She joined them as they walked together in the sunset back to their group, their family.

Chapter 6 Edit

Frostsong trudged wearily through the thick snow, her pelt fluffed out against the freezing wind. Larkfeather had found her when she had woken up and insisted they go visit the Mountain Cats to see if they were still alive. He had brought with him two she-cats and a tom, Gigidawn, an earless white she-cat with yellow eyes, Beausky, a speckled gray tabby tom with blue eyes, Pebblesong, a light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

They were nice but Frostsong didn’t know why they had warrior inspired names… they were rogues . Larkfeather wouldn’t tell her why they were with him but he told her they would be useful. She sighed and closed her eyes as a cold blast of wind struck her in her face.

“Are you okay?” A deep, concerned voice asked. Frostsong turned to look over her shoulder; Larkfeather was standing a few fox-lengths behind her, his thick black fur bushed out. 

“I’m fine. How are you holding up?” She replied and waited so he could catch up to her. He shook out his snow-covered pelt.

“Well enough, the clans will thank us when we tell them how they’re friends, the mountain tribe, are… and maybe they know how to cure Bumblestripe.” He mewed. Frostsong knew why he said that, ThunderClan had been acting like it was her fault that Bumblestripe was sick and there were no herbs to cure him. She clenched her jaw, Bumblestripe was her father, why would she steal herbs so he wouldn’t get better? It didn’t make sense. 

“I know you’re upset about you’re family, but don’t you see how important this journey is?” He asked, his midnight blue eyes glittering.

Frostsong look up at him, her ice-blue eyes flaming, “At least you’re family will be alive when you get back!” He hung his head and raked his sharp claws into the cold, white snow.

“Well at least I’m trying to find an herb to cure him! I told you, the tribe might know of an herb to cure him!” He growled loudly. Frostsong glared at him and flung her head up.

“Look around you! Do you expect to find something here?! All you’re gonna find is snow!” Se exclaimed.

“You don’t know that.” A soft voice remarked. Gigidawn flanked Larkfeather, “It’s your only hope, and you do realize that right?”

Frostsong turned her head, her eyes filling with tears, her throat burning. “I just don’t want Bumblestripe to die…” She whispered. Larkfeather pressed against her and licked her ear.

“Let’s rest guys, it’s getting dark.” A quiet voice murmured. Pebblesong stood under and snow-covered bush, with Beausky standing at her side.

“She’s right. C’mon! Race you!” Larkfeather exclaimed and took off sprinting, tossing snow in her and Gigidawn’s faces. Frostsong raced after him, keeping his sleek black tail in her line of vision. Life could be so simple yet so difficult. Why couldn’t life be as simple as chasing a cat through the snow? Why did Bumblestripe have to fall ill? Why did Dovewing have to carry Tigerheart’s kits? Life is too short to have all these problems.

* * * Frostsong curled up against Larkfeather’s soft, raven-black fur. He rested his muzzle against her back as she gazed at the bright stars in the dark sky. She could see the shadows of the tall mountains surrounding them. Everything looked so peaceful, so quiet. She breathed in the sharp, cold scent of the mountainside. She was surprised to smell a tangy scent in the bush. She lifted her head and she brushed against a fragile plant with five pink petals.

“Larkfeather!” She gasped. The black tom opened his eyes and pushed himself to his paws. Frostsong gently tore off the flower from it’s branch and placed it at his paws.

“Is this a healing herb?” Frostsong asked him. He leaned down and gingerly sniffed it.

“I have no idea, let’s ask Beausky, he knows a lot about herbs in the mountains.” He mewed and rushed over to whered the gray tom was sleeping.

“How does he know about herbs that grow in the mountain?” Frostsong asked curiously as she leaped up to follow him, grasping the herb in her jaws.

“He… Uh, grew up in the mountains with Pebblesong and Gigidawn.” Larkfeather replied briskly and nudged Beausky. The tom grumbled and rolled over.

“Beausky! Wake up!” Larkfeather exclaimed and nudged him harder.

“Whaa??” He asked groggily. Larkfeather took the herb from Frostsong’s jaws and shoved it under Beausky’s nose. 

“Do you recognize it? Could it cure Bumblestripe?” Frostsong asked anxiously. Beausky glanced at the herb and carefully parted his jaws to sniff the flower. He suddenly leaped to his paws and backed away.

“No, no, it couldn’t be…” He murmured, his eyes wide with shock.

Chapter 7 Edit

Goldenfawn quietly got to her paws, careful not to disturb Sunfire, who was curled with his back presed against hers. She couldn’t sleep with all the snow and decided to take a short walk in the snow. 

Her Clan was spending the night in a small clearing where a few fallen trees were lying and protected them partially from the hard snow-cycle winds. 

They were still far from their new home around the lake, according to their Medicine Cat, Iceshard, but they covered lots of ground everday despite the horrible weather. She shivered and fluffed up her pelt when a particularly cold breeze blasted her in the face. 

The worst part though had to be that her best friend, Lightningpaw, had fallen ill with the same illness that Sandyfoot was recovering from. Winterpaw was treating him but she couldn’t bear it if her best friend died. She sighed and sat down near a small, clear pool surrounded by three snow-covered birch trees. 

She skimmed her paw over her reflection in the water and watched as her reflection rippled and her face became unrecognizable. 

She got up to go back to her group when she saw a pair of startling midnight blue eyes peering out of a holly bush and jumped back in alarm, lowering into a crouch.

“Who’s there?” She said, proud of herself for keeping her voice stable. She crept slowly towards the animal, her fur bristling. In a flash, a brown and ginger flash lept out and pounced on her, knocking her to the snow.


Goldenfawn thrust out her hind legs, kicking Quietbrook off of her and stared in shock at the crazy she-cat

“What are you doing Quietbrook?” Goldenfawn hissed. “I’m your friend remember? Or are we back to enemies?” 

“You stole Sunfire from me, you piece of fox-dung!” Quietbrook cried. Goldenfawn rolled her eyes.

“First of all he’s not just a piece of prey that you can claim, okay? And why are you worrying about Sunfire when we’re all trying to find a way home and survive!”

Quietbrook snarled softly, “ Well, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.” Goldenfawn raked an unsheathed paw across her face before she could do anything and Quietbrook yelped in pain and pretended to fall. Before Goldenfawn could make a move, Quietbrook crashed into her and pinned her down into the snow. Goldenfawn thrashed, trying to escape but Quietbrook’s paw was pressed firmly to her throat.

“Why are you doing this, Quietbrook? You’ll never forgive yourself if you kill me. “ Goldenfawn rasped.

“I. Don’t Care . Quietbrook hissed and dug her claws deeper into her throat.

“S-Sunfire would…” Goldenfawn choked out. She could see the unease in Quietbrook’s eyes but something else caught her eye. A large creature was standing in the trees behind them with long muzzle, black and silver fur, and small beady eyes.

Goldenfawn let out a shriek and Quietbrook let go of her, startled. 

“Quietbrook, turn around slowly.” Goldenfawn ordered, pleading with her silently not to argue. Miraculously, Quietbrook did as she was told and froze, her fur fluffing up. The creature lumbered closer and Goldenfawn slowly backed away as Quietbrook inched forward.

“What are you doing you hare-brain!” Goldenfawn hissed at her clanmate.

“We have to attack it Goldenfawn! Otherwise it’ll reach the group!” Quietbrook exclaimed and lept onto the creature’s back, clawing its fur. Goldenfawn eyes widened as the creature flung Quietbrook vicouslyfrom its back and she landed in the pool, not moving.

As the creature approached Goldenfawn, she fled into the forest, back to her group. She couldn’t worry about Quietbrook now, she had to warn her Clan. * * *

Sundance’s eyes snapped open when she heard a bloodcurdling shriek and she leapt to her paws scanning the forest.

“Wavey! What was that?” She hissed to her sister who was getting out of her makeshift nest.

“I think somebody’s hurt! Go wake the group and I’ll go see who’s out there, okay? Wavesplash ordered urgently. 

“Be safe Wavey.” Sundance murmured and brushed her tail against her sister’s flank before she raced off.

“FrostClan! Get up! We’re in danger!” Sundance yowled prodding sleeping cats with her paw. Her Clanmates grumbled as they started to wake but immeadietely got to their paws when they started hearing shrieks from the forest. 

“What’s happening?” Froststar demanded as she raced over to Sundance.

“I don’t know. Wavesplash went to go check.” Sundance murmured worriedly.

“By herself? No one went with her!?” Her leader demanded. Sundance gave a small nod before she sighed with relief when Goldenfawn and Wavey raced into camp, a huge creature lumbering after them.

“Quick! Prepare to attack, FrostClan!” Froststar said, unsheathing her claws.

As the creature stopped in the clearing, Sundance could see the ribs jutting out of its pelt and its silver and black fur patchy. It was clearly old. Maybe they had a chance. Before and warriors could attack, the creature lowered its head before approaching the cats.

“Fear not, small ones. I come I peace.” She rumbled. The cats murmured urgently to one another but Sundance started at her, shocked.

“I am Midnight.”

Chapter 8 Edit

Coming soon

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