A Miracle Come Alive Edit

Countless nights under a cloudless sky, counting the stars I would never finish counting and hoping for a dream that would never come true, wasted.

She wouldn't come back to me, I couldn't apologize. I knew it was the final evening we spent together, arguing over the mange-ridden intruder's prescence, when she disappeared along with him. But I never found out if she'd be forced to depart by force. . . or if she'd gone with him, willingly.

I'm haunted by the ghost of our last shared words.

My Clanmates were sympathetic - they knew my sister and I were as close as littermates could be. I let them gossip, whisper. They knew nothing of my pain. . .of losing my only friend, and yet my bitterest enemy. Silvershade's glittering eyes stalk me through my dreams, whispering, "Why, Emberfire? Why?", flooding me with the same guilt and resentment running through my blood during my painful hours of daylight.

Her words, like ice-cold water chilling my bones, rang through my confused mind each day. And every night, I counted the stars twinkling in the sky, wishing. . .wishing for a miracle.

Moons passed. I spent my days staring across the horizon, imagining wild scenes. I imagined Silvershade returning, without the intruder at her side, laughing at my every gesture I made toward her. But perhaps it was time. . .time to accept she was gone, and she was not coming back. Time, wasted on hoping for what would never be reality.

My Clanmates lived and fell, thinking I was a lunatic. They whispered behind my back, believing my mind was disturbed. I ignored them. What ThunderClan thought of me didn't matter anymore.

He was the intruder, he claimed he was called Cobalt. I dismissed his ambition, his obvious hints he wanted to become part of the Clan. A loner could never become a warrior, I'd whisper to myself.

Silvershade saw him as a different cat. She called him "brave" and "admirable". . .true, Cobalt did have rather extraordinary skills. But they frightened me, rather than impressed me. He could guess which emotions were running through my mind. Then, I was immune to reason - I was angry, and I didn't want to feel.

I didn't want to be a ThunderClan warrior.

I wanted Silvershade to see me as the brave and admirable cat she thought Cobalt was. We had an unforgettable argument, and every night, I count the stars. . .perhaps, she's one of them now.

I wish a miracle would come alive.

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