By Gigglepaw

Mosspaw looked at Pinestar.The leader was red-brown with green eyes,and he looked stern,but not unfriendly.“Greetings,"he said,dipping his head.

Pinestar nodded.“You are...?"

“Mosspaw,"he said.“My littermates and I-"

“Were on my territory."Pinestar said,narrwwing his eyes.

Mosspaw nodded nervously.“Well,yes, was this thing.And it spun...and then we were here."He saw Pinestar's patience begin to fade.“Honest,we didn't ask to be here.Our Clan doesn't know where we are-"

“You were spying on my Clan."the leader said,more a statement than a question.“Who are you?ShadowClan?RiverClan?"

“ThunderClan."Mosspaw snarled bravely.

Pinestar hissed,“No.THIS is ThunderClan,fool.Who are you?"he asked again,his voice rumbling with a growl.

“I told you,we are ThunderClan.Our Clan does not know we are here,and-"

“I've heard enough from you."Pinestar snarled.

Bellowing at the top of his lungs,he yelled,“WHERE ARE THE SPIES!"

Mosspaw winced.How could simply telling the truth go so wrong?What did he say?

Following Pinestar into the clearing,he saw Poppypaw come out of a fwrn tunnel.Ivypaw was leaning against him,and Mosspaw breathed a sigh of relief seeing her up and walking.

“MOSSPAW!"She yowled,but it turned into a croak halfway through,and she burst into a fit of coughing.Poppypaw glared at him,then turned to her.

“Featherwhisker,we need juniper berries."he mewed quietly.A speckled grey tom came out of the den instead of Featherwhisker.

This surprised Poppypaw too,he could tell.“Good morning,Goosefeather."he stammered.The medicine cat did not respond,instead dropping the berries at Ivypaw's paws.She licked them up between bouts of coughing,and gradually she settled into a wheezing.Satysfied that she was fine,Goosefeather turned and walked into his den.

“What did you do,Mosspaw?"Poppypaw said quietly.“What did you say?"He breathed a deep sigh.“Pinestar,greetings,I am Poppypaw.And I am sorry that I trusted my brother."Glaring at Mosspaw,he continued.“I assure you,we are not spies."

Pinestar thought at the calm,honest way the words were said,and his anger began to vanish,but distrust and suspicious still lingered in his gaze.“What is this thing he speaks of?That brought you here?"

“I can show you,"Poppypaw said calmly.Why hadn't Mosspaw thought of that?“But I don't want to leave Ivypaw when she's so ill,and obviously I can't trust Mosspaw..."

“You can trust me!"His brother protested.

Ivypaw rolled her eyes.“He cannot."she wheezed,“But I can walk.Let's go."

Poppypaw turned to her.He looked uneasy.“Are you sure you're alright?"She nodded,and he sighed.Turning to Pinestar,he said,“Then let's go."

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