By Litten and Steppy

Wollow was doing some stalking. Apparently her constant Chara'ing and geese hadn't taught anyone a lesson. She sniffed out Litten's trail, not knowing she was being stalked too...

Winter had everything. A ring, guests, a best man and now he just needed a bride. He was sniffing out Wollow's trail, grinning to himself that the gray she-cat had no idea he was there.

Litten knew she was being stalked. Not that she cared, really because her shipper heart just could not stop shipping. But she was still very surprised when she heard Wollow leap out of the bushes and as Litten turned, the gray she-cat charged. But as Litten's eyes widened, a white and black tom rushed into the way. "Willow poo-poo darling, will you marry me?" Winter took a deep breath, ready to give a hundred reasons why Winwol should happen. But Wollow, without thinking, extended her claws and sank them into Winter's neck. Litten stared in horror, then turned tail and ran. Wollow left without a second thought.

1492915230 Cats.min


The next morning, Wollow woke up feeling happy and shipper-free. Finally, no idiotic shippers would be writing their fan fictions about her and Winter. As she walked into the forest to retrieve Winter's body, Wollow saw a translucent white ghost shimmering in the air. 'Oh Wollow dear, won't you please marry me?" Wollow lunged at Winter, but this time, she passed right through his body, he was a ghost, and she could not touch him. "Why won't you love me? Is it because I'm still married to Icy? Don't worry, I will divorce with her right away. Moments later, Icy receives divorce papers. All of the sudden, Litten appeared out of the bushes. "Come on Wollow! We have a wedding planned for you!

1493002436 More cats.min

Litten dragged Wollow into the Blogclan camp, where a beautiful wedding place was set up. Foxy was there in a white gown, "Come on Wollow! I'm your bridesmaid, now get this gown on!" Foxy pulled Wollow into a wedding gown. Moments later, Laurelpaw was asking Winter,


I'm gonna let Foxy write the next part cuz i don't know how to word it, by the way, does Blogclan have a camp????

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