Alone is a one-shot by GMDS.

Chapter OneEdit

Simple. Simple can be terrifying.

That's what Aleera's mother told her before she went out to play in the forest near her den. Stay away from Clan territory. She told her kit every day. Or they'll capture you and do horrible things to you. Aleera always asked what those things were, but her mother avoided the subject. All she would say is: "They don't realize there is more to the world than just cats."

The only cat Aleera knew was her mother. Aleera knew she was different than a cat though. That much was obvious. She had a long scaly "dragon" tail, her mother called it. There were spikes that started on her neck fur and trailed down to he tip of her tail. She had the eye ridges and eyes of a dragon. She had the long teeth and claws of one too. But that was it. As far as Aleera was concerned she was as normal as normal got. But every day, she promised not to go on Clan territory, and every day after her mother had groomed her soot grey fur and scales, she asked that same question, and got the same answer.

But today was different. WIP.

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