The SynopsisEdit

Serenity the rouge leads a double life. By day, she's a brave WindClan warrior named Silkheart, but by night, she's a vicious thief and killer, despite being called Serenity. But when the deputy finds out about Silkheart being a simple alter ego of a hated cat, Serenity realizes she's caused tragedy for everyone, but who's side will she pick?

The Main CharactersEdit

Serenity/Silkheart, the cat who has two idenities

Blisspelt, the deputy and possibly the villian

Hope, a horseplace cat who Serenity constantly steals from, tells Mercury about Serenity

Venus, Mercury's brother and the one who tells Blisspelt

Mercury, Venus's sister and good friends with Hope, tells Venus about Serenity

Tiny, Hope's baby son

Little, Hope's baby daughter

A tree, which is a tree

Silkheart's secret tunnel, a secret tunnel leading to Horseplace.

The SettingEdit

Night at the WindClan lake camp.

The StoryEdit

"Good night, Silkheart!" yawned Shinepelt, the guard who had to stay up all night.

"Good night, Shinepelt!" fake-yawned Silkheart. Tonight was the night! She'd infiltrate the horseplace to scare the new kits. She watched as the last warriors settled in to sleep...

...and bingo! Time to find the tunnel that leads near the horseplace.

Silkheart used the dirtplace exit to go into the hills and BAM! It was the tunnel that led near horseplace. Silkheart put her silver tabby paws in, and then eventually climbed down. She was glad only her paws were silver tabby, the rest of her pelt was a muddy-brown, which thankfully hid the dirt.


Silkheart was now Serenity, who, despite the name, was a ruthless rouge. Serenity walked towards the horseplace. An eerie light-ball {lamp} on a stick seemed to light up. She'd have to avoid it or face the consequenses.


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