An Uncivilized Greeting is Wrenpaw's entry for the May 2017 Wikia Gathering. It recieved third place. (You get 10000 foos if you can find the typo) ((OKAY APPARENTLLY I HAD MORE THAN ONE TYPO BECAUSE I AM A TERRIBLE SPELLER. THE MAJOR INTENTIONAL TYPO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE INFOBOX TITLE, SO YOU ALL GET 100000000000000 FOOS))

The Story Edit

Wrenpaw and Shiverfur causally attempted to guess each other's choosen cat.

"Brackenfur? Thornclaw?" Wrenpaw yelped.

"Brightheart? Lionblaze?" yelled Shiverfur.

A bright flash happened, and the two cats appeared in ThunderClan camp.

A large white tom shoved Shiverfur and Wrenpaw aside. "Ach. More cats! All five Clans are in our camp!"

Wrenpaw was pushed onto a brown-and-white she-cat, who jumped up in suprise and fell onto a silver-and-white she-cat, who fell onto a dark ginger tom with a white tail tip.

"Hey watch it you...oh my StarClan...Wrenpaw? Shiverfur?" The brown-and-white cat spoke.

"Cypresswind!" Wrenpaw yelped. "Is that you Wavesplash?"

The silver-and-white cat licked her fur flat. "Yes. How did we get here?"

The ginger tom who had been knocked over by Wavesplash cleared his throat. "Ahem."

"We are very sorry sir. Someone pushed us." Shiverfur looked at her paws.

Suprisingly, the ginger tom smiled. "The white tom? That must've been Cloudtail. I'm Alderheart."

The BlogClan cats's jaws dropped. Soon Alderheart was covered in fangirling BlogClanners.

Twigpaw, Violetpaw, and Wrenpaw skipped around camp with Willowlight shouting, "GEESE! JOIN THE GEESE ARMY! COME AND BE A GOOSE!"

Winterpaw stayed behind, magically appearing in the medicine den. He then had tea with Cloudtail.

The End!

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