Appearance Edit

Appledapple is a light reddish-brown spotted tabby she-cat with extremely dark stripes, a golden, honey-colored underbelly and bright ice-blue eyes with a large, dark pink nose.

Personality Edit

Appledapple genuinely cares about others, she has lots of energy, and loves kits. However in an argument she can be sharp-tongued, and lose her temper.

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Coming soon.

On The Blog Edit

Appledapple (often called Apple or App) is often on chat. She enjoys roleplaying and warrior games. Her closest friends are Maplesky, Aspenflame, Iceflower, Sundance, Emberkit, Applewood, and Owlwater. (And she is sorry if she forgot anybody)  


  • She is an apprentice, but she uses a warrior name because there where already a hand-full of cats named Applepaw.
  • Her Wiki username is Belllastar.
  • If she was in a clan it would be RiverClan.
  • She updates her BlogClan name for various holidays.
    • She also updates her fursonas portrait.
  • She has a dog named Bella.
  • She is allergic to cats, but she likes them anyways.
  • She used to be afraid of cats, but Warriors helped her get over her fear.
  • She does fursona art requests.
  • She stinks at spelling.
    • She also stinks at grammar.
  • Her Clanniversary is November 14.
  • She loves the Lion king
    • Every Friday her inner lion comes out
      • Her inner lion's name is Tufaha
        • Tufaha means apple in Swahili
  • She loves RPing

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