Articles are daily posts that appear on the blog's main page. Anyone can make one.

Fan ArticlesEdit

Fan Articles are articles based on opinions or investigations of aspects of Warriors. There is a link to it, and you can fill out the submit form. Type your name, email, and your article along with a link to your picture that you want on the article.

Announcement ArticlesEdit

Announcements are made by Kate, Josh, Flowerstream or other mods. They are typically contests, Jerry the Jar, Blog news, etc.

Article Process Edit

The article form requires you to put your BlogClan name, title, and the main body article. There is an option to include the image you would like for your article, placing it at the bottom for the administrators to use.

Writing an article can range from a list of your opinions on something, an examination of a character, or your predictions for upcoming books. Articles about BlogClan itself have been made.

The waiting time for an article to be posted varies. Most articles take 1-3 months, unless there are not any in wait.

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