By Gigglepaw.

Yes this is Warriors related...somewhat. I'm obsessed with the theme song to the Disney show with this title, so I'm making it a somewhat Warriors songfic. Yeah.

It might sound crazy, but time doesn't faze me,

Shellpaw waved her tail,diving into the undergrowth. Strongpaw followed her. “Are you sure this is a good idea?" she panted. Shellpaw didn't answer. Just kept running. It was getting dark.

ever since it lost it's hold on Me.(hey hey)

Shellpaw stopped in front of Strongpaw. “Dead end."

“Well let's go a different way this time!" Strongpaw said quickly. Shellpaw nodded and they began to glimmer.

Shellpaw ran past some trees with Strongpaw on her tail. They passed lots of undergrowth.

Stay out to midnight,

The moon was rising. “The Clan will be worried when they can't find us." Shellpaw said, panting from the run.

“So?" Strongpaw asked. “We will be home before we even left." She smiled, flicking her tail.

“Good point." Shellpaw said, following her friend as Strongpaw plunged deeper into the forest.

miss the curfew that's alright.

“Shellpaw and Strongpaw are missing." Reedwind insisted as Weedstar shook his head.

“They never leave camp after dark."

Back to bed right on time you'll see!(hey hey)

Shellpaw curled up in her nest,just as the sun went down. Strongpaw took her spot in a nest next to her.


“Let's go to the lake!" Shellpaw said excitedly.

“When? Now?" Strongpaw said, open mouthed.

Shellpaw grinned. “Whenever you want."

you need me, I'm right there with you.

Strongpaw felt her paw slip. “Shouldn't have come to stupid cliff.." She muttered.

“No, you shouldn't have." Shellpaw said ominously behind her.

“Don't sneak up on a cat falling from a cliff!" Strongpaw said rolling her eyes.


there's something for us to do.

The clock is ticking but not for me. I'm living in a different reality.

Whenever, whenever!

Whenever, I'm right there with you.

Shellpaw hissed as the warrior pinned down Strongpaw. They glimmered...

And Strongpaw was holding down the warrior.

If you didn't understand that, watch the show. Shellpaw is Shelby and Strongpaw is Cyd.

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