Birchfoot Edit

Birchfoot is a long-furred black she-cat with bright blue eyes, a long tail, and a white leg. She's been on the blog for almost two years (her Clanniversary is in August). She became a warrior on June 16th, 2016, and on February 4th, 2017, she became a Senior Warrior.

She became the Medicine Cat Apprentice after the 2017 BlogClan elections. She is now Flowerstream's apprentice

Personality Edit

Birchfoot is rather shy and quiet around people she doesn't know; however, once she is with her friends she becomes a lot louder, and much more random. She values her friends a lot, and tries to be there for them when she can. Even though she's super shy in real life, she tries to be welcome and friendly. She considers herself to be fairly creative, and, whenever possible, will start drawing (she draws pretty much whenever there's a blank paper in front of her). She's also very sarcastic in real life, and she considers herself to be rather annoying. (She also has the award of being an amazing friend and is super duper awesome and kind and yeah)

She also procrastinates everything, and because of that, ends up getting close to nothing done most days. She's also a very disorganized person, and she forgets a lot of stuff, including homework.

Most things she says in real life are a variant of "I relate" or rants about random things. Her grammar is inconsistent, and her thoughts are often entirely incoherent

Birchfoot also really loves reading, and will often go on long rants about why a certain book/character is good/bad. Once she starts talking about books, she doesn't really stop.

Birchy is also a really great person and is always there for everyone. She is literally so awesome and aaaah -Goldie <3

She's super supportive and funny and I love every single thing about her <3 I could name all the little things she does that I find amazing and make me love her more but it would be a super long list. Still, Birchy is one of the most amazing people I know! -Flo

Birchfoot is really kind and always willing to listen and give advice. She's great and kind and funny and - I could go on and on! -Snowy

Her wifey's amazing sparkly friend Lau is a Mary Sue!!!! Birchy is sooooo great and soooooo fabulous and she'd like to say that Laumas is the best ship EVAHHHHHHHH

On The Blog/Wiki Edit

She joined the Blog on August 5th, 2015, as an apprentice. She tries to be active and comment as often as she can, and celebrated her 2 year Clanniversary in August 2017. As of September 1st, 2016, Gladepaw became her apprentice, but because she was removed from the Allegiances in December, Gladepaw was no longer listed as her apprentice when she was added on again. However, in April or March of 2017 (she can't remember which), Gladey returned and is listed as her apprentice once again.

As of July 2017, she became the Medicine Cat Apprentice, which means that when the Allegiances are updated, she will no longer mentor Gladey.

She's since become much less active, but still lurks around sometimes on the blog, and (very) rarely commenting on the wiki. She is making an effort to become more active.

On the blog she just goes by Birchfoot. On Blogchat her name is normally Siriusly Birch Lupin; however, it used to be autocorrected to "I Love Bagged Milk". She also gets called Birchy, Birch, Birchbee, Bir, Footy, FOOTY!!!!!!!!!!, Foot, Beety, Birchduck, Mrs Frizzle, Birch tht towers over cat!!, Birch tht towers over bagged milk, and many more names.

She considers herself to be friends with pretty much everyone on BlogClan.

She's often found commenting on the Harry Potter page or the Tavern, and is also often found on the live chat or wiki chat. The Harry Potter page is her favourite, and she is always willing to fight have a friendly debate with someone over topics such as Severus Snape, Hufflepuff, and most other things. She loves to chat, and sometimes switches to speaking French for no particular reason (she claims it helps her practice her French, but this has yet to be proven).

In late January of 2017, Birchfoot started running for Senior Warrior. She wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but she considered it too late to back out. She was made a Senior Warrior in February of 2017.

She joined the wiki on December 23, 2015, which is also her birthday. She's always on wiki chat, and tries to be fairly active on the wiki itself by participating in a couple of different RPs. She has some RP characters, including:

She's inactive on all of them, but if anyone is curious here's the list:

Harry Potter RP

  • Birch - Hufflepuff, 5th year
  • Rain - Hufflepuff, 1st year
  • Lake - Ravenclaw, 1st year
  • Hawk - Slytherin, 1st year
  • Dot - Ravenclaw, 3rd year
  • Eclipse - Ravenclaw, 6th year

Icy's Kingdom RP

  • Lynx - Star Kingdom, Captain
  • Fox - Rose Kingdom, Princess
  • Jasmine - Rose Kingdom, Handmaiden to Fox
  • Lavender - Star Kingdom, Lady/Council Member
  • Cyclone - Rose Kingdom, Handmaiden to Amaryllis
  • Olive - Rose kingdom, Handmaiden to Rosalina
  • Jasper - Star Kingdom, Guard
  • Peridot - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Seashell - Rose Kingdom, Lord/Council Member
  • Regulus - Star Kingdom (will join TC), Servant
  • Remus - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Sirius - Star Kingdom, Servant
  • Ram - Sand Kingdom, Servant
  • Charybdis - Tide Kingdom, Princess
  • Scylla - Tide Kingdom, Handmaiden to Charybdis
  • Isla - Tide Kingdom, Guard

Wavey's BlogClan Academy RP

  • Zephyr/Breezeheart - RiverClan, Fourth Year
  • Phoenix/Hawktalon - WindClan, Sixth Year

Flame's Steven Universe RP

  • Turquoise - Crystal Gem
  • Topaz - Homeworld Gem
  • Tanzanite - Crystal Gem

Wavey's Percy Jackson RP

  • Alicia - Camp Half-Blood, Aphrodite's daughter
  • Tara - Camp Half-Blood, Apollo's daughter
  • Violet - Camp Half-Blood, Hades's daughter
  • Ben - Camp Half-Blood, Athena's son

Steppy's Anarchy RP

  • Doetail - FlameClan, Rebel

Trivia Edit

  • She likes to draw a lot
  • She can often be found ranting about topics that other people would consider unimportant
  • She's left handed
  • She's often shipped with Flowerstream and Sunny (Flirchy)
  • She loves to read, listen to musicals, watch movies and TV shows and play games such as:
    • Harry Potter - her favourite character is Sirius Black and she's a Hufflepuff. She also hates Snape a lot.
    • Percy Jackson - her favourite series is Magnus Chase by far
    • School for Good and Evil
    • Wonder
    • A lot more books she's too lazy to name
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Gravity Falls
    • Miraculous Ladybug
    • Brooklyn 99!!
    • Musicals! She could talk about those for hours. If only she could sing, then she might be in one!
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Magic: The Gathering
    • Overwatch, though she's rather awful
    • Disney movies - her favourite is The Lion King
    • Probably more stuff she's forgotten
  • She doesn't have any pets, but she wants a cat, dog, bird, and snake (maybe one day)
  • Her birthday is December 23 (same day she joined the wiki)
  • She's allergic to peanuts and some tree nuts
  • She lives in Canada, although she often jokes that she's a "fake Canadian" because she is completely indifferent toward hockey
  • She's an INFP
  • The coding on this page was done by Wollow (thanks, Wollow)