Blizzardpaw is a BlogClan apprentice. Her best-known alias is Blizzard the Traveler.

Personality Edit

Bliizardpaw is secretive, and has a tendency to step aside from other people's affairs. As a result, she's rarely seen outside the Moonpage or Hazelpage. However, if she feels the need to intervene, she will do everything in her power to do what needs to be done.

On the Blog Edit

Blizzardpaw is not often seen outside the secret pages. However, she's recently going in the taverns more often, and frequents live chat. Blizzardpaw's best friend on the blog is Meadowpaw, due to them being friends in real life.

On the Secret Pages Edit

Blizzardpaw is known on the secret pages as Blizzard the Traveler. In this persona, Blizzard manages the Moonpage, and often visits the Hazelpage. She has trained many to become secret page hunters, along with Meadow.

The Midnight Hour RP Edit

Up for editing, the RP got confusing

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel. Edit

Coming soon.

Trivia Edit

Blizzardpaw introduced Meadowpaw to BlogClan.

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