• Ebonyrain

    So Spidey and I have decided to host a contest! We'll both will have our prizes that you can choose them if you win.

    All entries must be submitted by May 1st, there will be no extensions. There will be for winners. Winners will be decided by Spidey and I on May 3rd.

    Each writing entry must be at least 100 words and at most 1000 words. There will be no overly long complete book entries or anything that include chapters.

    Each entry must have a title and who it is written by on the entry.

    Each entry must be default font and no coding.

    Entries must be on a page in this wiki, no docs or pictures of an entry please.

    Entries must all be PG, please no... you know.

    Entries must be based off of the Warriors realm, meaning that the main character should be …

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  • Coldice93

    Never thought I would do this again but eh it wouldn't hurt. Instead of doing ten I'm doing five because Lynx of the Dusk Syndicate doesn't have a lot of backstory but regardless I'll try to make your minds blown just for fun even though this is true about my character.

    1. A lot of you may know this but for those who don't know, in the main rp Lynx is the son of former BlogClan cat Coldice and the late kittypet Mini. Right after Lynx was born his mother died and his father was unable to raise him as his own so unfortunately he has to give him away and one of his friends from the friend group Blood Wolves took him to the Syndicate so he can be raised with a great father and thankfully Malo was one of them including with everyone, plus with t…

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  • FawnpawBerry


    April 17, 2018 by FawnpawBerry

    i might write a fanfiction? idk

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  • Moonbreeze19

    FINALLY I AM DOING IT!! Sorry for the wait guys.

    I still think Spidey’s is best 😛 Hope you enjoy!

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  • Brook That Reflects Blue Skies

    Frost - The Cold We All Live In


    SolarClan is a place where every cat is welcome. The leader, Solarstar. Everyone loves the large territory, and the fact the one clan is the size of two. There is a moor, a forest of pine and oak, a river, and two camps. Winter Camp and Summer Camp. There is a single camp, but those two are backup, as the summer camp is in the colder area and the winter camp in the warmer. 

    SolarClan is long gone.

    Instead, there are SunClan and MoonClan. Seperated, MoonClan in Winter Camp and SunClan in Summer Camp. Anyone who dares go on the other clan's territory is killed on sight. The kits are taught to hate the other Clan.

    But then there is the Solar Group. A group of mostly apprentices but also some warriors, who meet at …

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  • Jewelpaw

    Jewelpaw is indeed a troll account. Any drama I caused was done with permission from the people I caused drama with....if that makes sense. Honestly, I thought this was a funny prank back then, but now I realize how sick it was. I'm sorry for my childishness back then, I assure you it's not going to happen again. If Jewelpaw severely damaged your brain cells, here's a supply of free foos and numerous apologies.

    I also realize newbies have no idea what I'm talking about XD It's complete stupidity from 2016 me

    i'm steppy

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  • FawnpawBerry

    So i was doing a stretch

    and i keeled over and banged my head

    that was yesterday

    and my gooseegg still hurts like hecc :P

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  • Stoatbramble

    Maybe back?

    April 13, 2018 by Stoatbramble

    Look the stoatyghost is back


    I'd like to keep what happened private (I might tell close friends)

    I might be back for a bit

    I REALLY didn't want to poof like that... it kinda just happened

    Uh idk what else to say

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  • FawnpawBerry

    I will be taking a very, very long hiatus. I am not sure if i will come back. I just dont find this really fun anymore? But sometimes I will be caught on wiki chat. Thank you for accepting this (I hope) and goodbye.

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hey everyone! Today, i had a pretty cool idea. I have a YouTube channel called Moonfox 193. I make PMVs, but none of the art is mine. I was wondering if we could do a MAP as BlogClan together! Maybe it wouldn't be animated and would be like a PMV, though you could animate your part if you'd like. If you would like to join or think it is a cool idea, reply to this with a character you would like to have the MAP be on, and i can definitely find a song (if you read my article you know i can, or at least i hope i'm good at it). Ask any questions and i hope you like this idea!!!












    I've got some ideas, but add any of your own here.

    King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Me…

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hey guys, I bet most of you know I'm thinking about changing my name. If you've already voted, thank you so much. If you haven't, please do. 

    Before voting, please read through the pros and cons of each option below.

    If you’ve noticed, there are quite a lot of Moonpaw’s that come in and out of BlogClan. Before repost (when allegiances went wacky) there were 5 Moonpaws, plus a Moonkit. I’ve been wondering if I should change my name. Here are the options
    1. Keep it as Moonpaw/breeze!!
    Fursona: Lithe silver tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes
    Breed: American shorthair Somali mix
    I like being called Moon
    It’s my main OC who is me as a character
    I have had this name for a while and I’m quite attached to it
    Silv and I have twinsie fursonas too

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  • Spidersong18

    This is my entry for the contest:

    I didn’t know how to post it on the blog, so I’m putting it here. :P

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  • Maplheart

    This picture has been used as my Blogclan avatar before.

    I used this as my Wiki avatar when Silverleaf was on the chat. She left immediately.

    I'm worrying in case she thinks that the avatar is innapropriate.

    It's not.

    It's a lucky cat with a beckoning paw to the left side of its head that is used as an avatar picture in Windows.

    There is also a picture of a similar cat on my wiki profile page.

    Thank you.

    Beckoning Paw

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  • Rainstep124

    Hi, guys! I'm writing an article on forbidden relationships and I need a few opinions from people for this question:

    What do you think of forbidden relationships? (yes, I know, so specific.)

    Also, is it alright if I quote your answers? 

    Thanks! :D

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  • Shiverfur

    Running for SW

    April 3, 2018 by Shiverfur

    Hey guys :D Since the start of March I've been running for senior warrior, as you may know because i shamelessly overadvertise it :P

    So why should you vouch? • I am generally quite active and comment every day.

    • i joined the blog in december 2016 and i have been on the wiki for more than a year

    • I think I'm quite nice and friendly to everyone and i have never been involved in major drama etc

    • I have entered several art contests and have sent in art to cadvent, placed in contests etc

    • i have attended quite a few wiki gatherings when i could and a blog gathering, sending in art for both

    • I give advice on the hug page and welcome people when I can, though i'm not very good at it

    • I'm on chat quite frequently

    • i drew a few fursona requests a wh…

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  • Spidersong18

    Hello! :D So I got drawing requests from Blueheart, Cheetah, Owlfeather, Moonbreeze, and Snowswirl. Here there are! (Sorry these are not that good)


    I messed up on the eyes, so they came out really weirdly. I hope you like it though!:)


    I really enjoyed drawing this one! The marks were a bit hard to get right, but I think it came out halfway decent. :P


    It took a while to get the eyes right, but I think this one came out well. (Also I couldn’t do the background because I wasn’t using a drawing app :P) Do you like it?

    Moonbreeze- (Ravenbrook, your OC)

    For some unknown reason, this one ended up looking more like a kit than a grown cat. I tried to fix it, but nah. Just imagine this as the kit version of your OC! ;)



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  • WaterWitch555

    omg yall

    April 1, 2018 by WaterWitch555

    my bdays on the 31st yay!! (im turning 15)

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  • Forestflame1

    Goose Army

    March 31, 2018 by Forestflame1

    Welcome my fellow goose lovers! This is the Goose Army. Now this is a place where you are a cat that can change into a goose. You have to sign up on my Messe wall. All you have to do is describe your cat, and goose, and the dramatic effect ( a.k.a a ball of purple fire or a sphere around you e.t.c) that happens when you transform into a goose. And one has to take the “Goose journey” (which is a like a journey to the Moonrock) before one can transform into a goose. One can only take the journey if one is 9 moons old. Ok, so I am the leader, but deputy is still open. And your description has to look like this:

    Name: Goosestar Look:Long ginger fur with sand colored belly. Amber eyes. Fluffy tail Goose appearance: Ginger goose,black bill, Amb…

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  • Coldice93

    I need your opinions

    March 31, 2018 by Coldice93

    So as all of you know that I have characters that has their own plots and I do have great ideas of creating a plot but I have tendency of losing or having no sense of direction which makes all you like "um, why did he do that?" So instead of doing it by myself I figured that it's best to work together to share opinions and suggestions of what direction where you want my character to go to. I have about a few characters that I need help with of finding that direction.

    Coldice, the character, has lost everything in life. He lost BlogClan and got exiled, his dreams are broken, his friends are part of a clan that he's exiled in, basically everything. Now with nothing to live for and nothing to lose or gain, all it matters is killing Raggedclaw …

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  • LionpawVGr8&Awesome&ThisIsNotALongName

    Hurray, lets hopefully become active on here. :P Its my spring break, so lots of time to squeeze in Blog / Wiki time :D How are y'all? :D

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  • Cheetahstar2334

    pacer test

    March 27, 2018 by Cheetahstar2334

    "The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start."

    These words have haunted my dreams since the beginning of time.

    Today we took our last pacer test of middle school (meaning the last pacer test of my life, considering we don'…

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  • Stoatbramble

    sorry for disppearing

    some real life stuff happened

    i'll try to be back soon

    i'm fine, don't worry 💟


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  • Cheetahstar2334

    I had a good idea for a blogfic, but i'm kinda new to the blog (almost three months). I didn't know if i should start writing it or wait until i'm more experianced or a better writer. But i feel like i'll eventually forget about it if i don't start writing now. But then again, I don't want to get embarrassed if it's not good. At this point, I'm just arguing with myself :P

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  • WaterWitch555

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    March 19, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW






    I'm Oakie-Dokie



    umm yeah so my birthday went well :P

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  • FawnpawBerry

    Coding Practice!

    March 18, 2018 by FawnpawBerry

    ooh nice font

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  • Coldice93

    I'll do better

    March 16, 2018 by Coldice93

    Hey everybody, I know that this may be a waste of time but I believe that it's time to be serious with every one of you that goes to the main rp regarding me, my character Coldice and what I've done. I've never followed the rules at all and never listen to those who are or were trying to help me to improve and because of that I've hurt everybody and the things that I've said was rude and wrong and I caused a lot of drama in the wiki and I've hurt myself as well. I'm responsible for getting JetravenEx and Winterwhisper432 in trouble and having them banned and demoted temporary even thought was never their fault, they were trying to speak the truth and I chose to ignore and lash out at them, the BlogTeam and those who agrees with them.

    I neve…

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  • FawnpawBerry


    March 15, 2018 by FawnpawBerry

    Allegiances for my side roleplay, HONESTY. Beside the character's name and appearance will also be their age and their known family, as well as their roleplayer

    Ashes, a muscular dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes, future mate is Gorgia, 35 moons, played by Otterfrost27

    Verge, a sleek ginger tom with blue eyes, 19 moons, family open, played by WaterWitch555

    Aeromancer, a pale gray, almost white tom with gray eyes, 14 moons, family open, played by WaterWitch555


    Talon, a broad-shouldered brown tabby tom with amber eyes, 30 moons, father of Kelly, played by 12Blueheart 


    Mizuno, a dark grey tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes, 22 moons, family open, played by OakwhiskerFTW


    Kelly, a brown she-cat with blue eyes,…

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Yesterday was weird

    March 15, 2018 by Moonbreeze19

    Hi I needed to post this but BlogClan is down for me. I'm going to post it here if that's alright. 

    I typed the 1st bit yesterday. This happened yesterday at school.

    Only Owlfeather cared to wonder why my day is so weird... but I'll tell you.
    Did a lot of you guys do the school walk out today? We did. But, after we did it, a few kids started a little chant/march chanting "Never Again" over and over around the school. Soon, a lot of kids joined and from my classroom I heard it. My friend Brightpool and I followed a few of my other classmates (only for the rest to follow moments later) outside (it was lightly raining) and joined the crowd, which was about 300 people. We chant. Skip to a few minutes later. Snack recess bell rings. Brightpool and…

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  • 12Blueheart




    YOU CANNOT VOUCH FOR ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER!!! (Well you can but I don’t recommend it )


    I’ve been a member for over a year and a half
    I’ve been active throughout this time
    I’ve been to three Gatherings and I’m part of the Time-Travelling Otters
    I come on live chat whenever I get the chance
    I’ve taken fursona requests and I’ve participated in a few and won one of the art contests
    I participated in the art collab
    I been in the Jar for a while and I’ve signed up to draw prizes (maye this will make me get picked who knows)

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Here are Kinkpaw's and Irismist's WoF oc's.

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  • Willowlight7


    March 8, 2018 by Willowlight7

    You must be a detective!  You've realized that I am inactive as h*ck.  I realized it too, considering I have 17-day-old unchecked notifications.  I've been busy and lazy and just generally, well, inactive.  I warned you

    If my characters are needed for major RP plots pester me on Discord, in which case I will either temporarily give them away or RP them.

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  • FawnpawBerry

    Taking A Break

    March 8, 2018 by FawnpawBerry

    I never actually announced this, but I'm taking a little break from the wiki. It will probably last until the end of March. I find I'm not having a lot of fun with the roleplay right now, and would like to take a break! I will be back though, so do not worry :P

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  • Coldice93

    Character plot status

    March 6, 2018 by Coldice93

    This is a list and update of my characters' plots so hopefully it'll keep me more organized and not make anything confusing.

    Coldice: Has yet to finish his character plot, not part of any major plot, not part of anyone's character plots.

    Buddypaw: Has yet to finish his character plot, part of the BlogClan civil war plot, currently in a relationship plot with Bramblepaw.

    Hay: will be put on adoption.

    Fluffytail: Character plot coming in the future. Part of the MarshClan vs Dusk Syndicate War plot. Not part of anyone's character plot.

    Raggedclaw/Ember of Dying Flames: Character plot coming in the future, not part of any major plots, part of Coldice's character plot.

    Pebblewhisker: No character plot, part of the BlogClan civil war plot, not part of…

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  • Craterpaw4

    This is mostly for me. I made a new one to add more info on each of the characters.

    Craterpaw (Craterpelt)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 7 moons

    Description: Slender Black She-Cat with ocean-blue eyes

    Personality: fun, friendly, loyal, sarcastic if mad, gets upset easily

    Rank: apprentice

    Other facts:

    • Was a loner
    • Mother was Frost, Father is unknown
    • Mother died by greencough and she told Craterpaw to join
    • Siblings died
    • Learns quickly

    Oakpaw (Oakdapple)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11 moons

    Description: Brown tabby tom with a narrow white streak down his back and amber eyes

    Personality: thinks before he acts, snotty, sarcastic

    Rank: apprentice

    Other facts:

    • clanborn
    • brother is Greenpaw


    Gender: male

    Age: idk I think almost apprentice age

    Description: Little ginger tabby tom with …

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  • Wavesplash

    Hi everyone! I would love it if you would take a moment to read this. :) (don’t worry, it’s not bad :P )

    I want to revive the BlogClan Newsletter!

    (Yes yes I’m taking on another project :P )

    So the BlogClan Newsletter has been revived... three times? It’s never lasted long. I have a few ideas on how to help that. Also some just general new ideas :P -Make it more BlogClan and less wiki. It’s always been wiki-based. Production-wise, it makes sense, and I don’t plan on changing that part, but I’d like to implement it into the actual blog too. I think making it an actual post would be super cool, but based on past experiences I know that’s probably wishful thinking :P feel free to prove me wrong, though! I was thinking maybe submit it like an art…

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  • FawnpawBerry

    pictures are not mine

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hello! Here I have... let's see. *Looks at list* Ah, yes, Wistep's, Spidersong's, and Snowswirl's fursonas! Swan, I'm done with yours but it's on my iPad and this is my tablet so yeah. I'll add it in a few minutes... I will do it today, don't worry!! And then I have... *looks at another list* Aster's and Misty's Wings of Fire OC drawings!! Woohoo!

    Edit: I added Swan’s Fursona Drawing!

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  • Craterpaw4


    February 24, 2018 by Craterpaw4

    I got my electronics taken away. I might get them back soon. I got a little time (half an hour) to go on my phone so here am. Sorry.

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    Should I Come Back?

    February 24, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    My girlfriend just broke up with me (not going into detail) and I was wondering if I should even stay here, I feel like an absolute failure at this point...

    anyway, updates while I was gone...

    ~found a wonderful website for writing and rp, this is my profile:

    ~bought fall out boy tickets

    ~quit track

    ~spammed my pinterest

    ~got completely sidetracked on the bloggyfic oof

    so yeah

    i may pul out of most roleplay for a while once i return if i do, but idk what do y'all think?

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  • 12Blueheart

    Blueheart's RP Cats

    February 23, 2018 by 12Blueheart

    None of the pictures are mine!

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  • Stoatbramble

    hi i've been watching too much google translate sings aka throwing songs into google translate

    so i threw Hurtlingasteroidabouttokilluskit's biography:book 1:the prophecy............................ into google translate

    you get a side-by-side comparison

    i did use alternate translations sometimes for weirdness because we need it


    original google translated


    warning! this is really insane. read with extreme caution.

    this is a joke fanfiction from me staying up too late

    this is not inspired by/based on/etc. sparkleFur or Starkit's Prophecy

    don't take this seriously

    if you have a problem with this just tell me

    serious writing is here

    I am

    Write down! This is very good

    The game should be confirmed

    Viruses or viruses are not too strong


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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and a (belated) Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate, here's a little something I drew: 

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    Okay. So first of all, Blazing Hearts is being very delayed, and I apologize for that. I'm trying to find time to complete the allegainces and the prologue. I'm trying to get a bunch of planning in to get the chapters out faster. The only problem is, I'm really bad about planning.

    Second, I'm trying to get a Book Discussion Page on the Blog.

    Third, 2018 has been very packed so far. never a dull moment to acually sit down and WRITE.

    I'm trying to get a bunch of articles out but I never find the time.

    And last of all, I think more drawing will settle me down a bit. Click here to fill out a fursona drawing request, if you want one, that is.

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  • Wavesplash


    February 16, 2018 by Wavesplash

    Hey! I'm going out of the country for the first time since I was a really little kid. I don't know how often I'll be able to pop in and RP, but it probably won't be often because the other countries have different outlets and I'll be really busy. If you need Rainbreeze or Frostpaw or another important character of mine for a plot, feel free to use them, but not beyond that and not to any extreme. And please tell me when I get back! ^^

    also if I have wifi on the flight and you want to leave me your fursona/persona request here, feel free to do so!

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  • Coldice93

    What do you guys think?

    February 15, 2018 by Coldice93

    So I've been thinking about what direction where I want Coldice's character development to go and I haven't decided yet.

    As of recently in the rp, Coldice has starting to become more sadistic and wants to hurt and break Raggedclaw thus starting to embrace this new side of him whenever he sees those he despise and becoming a dangerous individual which is both good and bad and I don't if I want to go forward with this or not.

    The good: Because of the sadistic path he may choose Coldice may end up being feared from those who dares to destroy MarshClan or anyone he cares about and does his best to protect them and learn some new tricks while in combat.

    The bad: Knowing that this is a possible direction to take, the flaw of this path is that there…

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  • Beechflight

    Hello Y'all! I'm here to discuss some topics with you that are kinda relevant to me and uh yea :P.

    SoooooOOOooOOOOoOoOO, I have a lot of stuff to do right now (and I'm wasting my time on Roblox :P) and so I might not be very active on the wiki and I might possibly go AWOL a lot. First, the class spelling bee is tomorrow, and the spelling bee is something that really means a lot to me. I've been to regionals twice, and state once, and this year I hope to make it a bit farther than last year in state, and possibly even nationals :D so I am busy studying for that. More updates to come.

    For y'all who signed up for my Blogfic, it is getting there! I wanted the original first chapter to come out last Wednesday, but that didn't happen, so the new…

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  • Goldenfawn7

    2 Year Clanniversary

    February 11, 2018 by Goldenfawn7

    (Posted this on Blog so I decided to post it here)

    Two years ago, winter of 2016, February 1st, I made my first comment to BlogClan. I then proceeded to reply to my own comment with “Ikr D:”, and that was the start of my downfall. Just kidding, sorta. When I joined BlogClan, my grandma had recently died, I was being bullied by someone at school, and I was overall a mess. By clicking that one link, I opened a world that I never knew was possible. I met the kindest people I have ever met, people who would be there for me through my cringiest phases (seriously guys I can’t believe you stayed by my side during that I’m so sorry), my saddest days, and were there for me every single day I needed them. I started therapy soon after joining BlogClan…

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  • FlamebriarOverwatch

    Hi! I'm Flamebriar. You might have heard of me or know me or you might now. Idk. Whatever that doesn't matter what does matter is that I am running for SW (senior warrior) RIGHT NOW! So you should go vouch!

    Reasons (I guess?) -I'm kind I think

    -I've participated in wiki and blog gatherings

    -I try to post atleast one comment everyday (I need to be more active on the wiki though rip)

    -I participated in the holiday gift exchange

    -I have two cute cats (not actually reason I just have two cute cats)

    -I have written like three blogfics and did a cooperative thing blogfic thing with Breezy and Wistep

    -I made and took fursona requests and stuff -I wrote a fanfiction at 11 am while I was super tired that was actually just what was happening in the car a…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    February 9, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    Hey guys! If you hadn't noticed, yesterday when I'm usually active, I was gone all day. I'm sorry.

    The reason I left has a lot to due with my depression. I felt like people were getting annoyed with me and that I wasn't wanted, so I spammed my Pinterest ( (like the pun? :P). It's not just y'all; I completely cut off all my other rp places too.

    So I'm really getting concerned as to what I'm doing in response to this bout of depression, I don't want to lose myself to feeling I'm never good enough. I spoke on the phone to my therapist last night and she recommended removing myself from the environments where I felt like this, and this site, for some reason, and by none of your guys' fault, is the biggest…

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