• Craterpaw4


    February 24, 2018 by Craterpaw4

    I got my electronics taken away. I might get them back soon. I got a little time (half an hour) to go on my phone so here am. Sorry.

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    Should I Come Back?

    February 24, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    My girlfriend just broke up with me (not going into detail) and I was wondering if I should even stay here, I feel like an absolute failure at this point...

    anyway, updates while I was gone...

    ~found a wonderful website for writing and rp, this is my profile:

    ~bought fall out boy tickets

    ~quit track

    ~spammed my pinterest

    ~got completely sidetracked on the bloggyfic oof

    so yeah

    i may pul out of most roleplay for a while once i return if i do, but idk what do y'all think?

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  • 12Blueheart

    Blueheart's RP Cats

    February 23, 2018 by 12Blueheart

    None of the pictures are mine!

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  • Stoatbramble

    hi i've been watching too much google translate sings aka throwing songs into google translate

    so i threw Hurtlingasteroidabouttokilluskit's biography:book 1:the prophecy............................ into google translate

    you get a side-by-side comparison

    i did use alternate translations sometimes for weirdness because we need it


    original google translated


    warning! this is really insane. read with extreme caution.

    this is a joke fanfiction from me staying up too late

    this is not inspired by/based on/etc. sparkleFur or Starkit's Prophecy

    don't take this seriously

    if you have a problem with this just tell me

    serious writing is here

    I am

    Write down! This is very good

    The game should be confirmed

    Viruses or viruses are not too strong


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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and a (belated) Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate, here's a little something I drew: 

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    Okay. So first of all, Blazing Hearts is being very delayed, and I apologize for that. I'm trying to find time to complete the allegainces and the prologue. I'm trying to get a bunch of planning in to get the chapters out faster. The only problem is, I'm really bad about planning.

    Second, I'm trying to get a Book Discussion Page on the Blog.

    Third, 2018 has been very packed so far. never a dull moment to acually sit down and WRITE.

    I'm trying to get a bunch of articles out but I never find the time.

    And last of all, I think more drawing will settle me down a bit. Click here to fill out a fursona drawing request, if you want one, that is.

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  • Wavesplash


    February 16, 2018 by Wavesplash

    Hey! I'm going out of the country for the first time since I was a really little kid. I don't know how often I'll be able to pop in and RP, but it probably won't be often because the other countries have different outlets and I'll be really busy. If you need Rainbreeze or Frostpaw or another important character of mine for a plot, feel free to use them, but not beyond that and not to any extreme. And please tell me when I get back! ^^

    also if I have wifi on the flight and you want to leave me your fursona/persona request here, feel free to do so!

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  • Coldice93

    What do you guys think?

    February 15, 2018 by Coldice93

    So I've been thinking about what direction where I want Coldice's character development to go and I haven't decided yet.

    As of recently in the rp, Coldice has starting to become more sadistic and wants to hurt and break Raggedclaw thus starting to embrace this new side of him whenever he sees those he despise and becoming a dangerous individual which is both good and bad and I don't if I want to go forward with this or not.

    The good: Because of the sadistic path he may choose Coldice may end up being feared from those who dares to destroy MarshClan or anyone he cares about and does his best to protect them and learn some new tricks while in combat.

    The bad: Knowing that this is a possible direction to take, the flaw of this path is that there…

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  • Beechflight

    Hello Y'all! I'm here to discuss some topics with you that are kinda relevant to me and uh yea :P.

    SoooooOOOooOOOOoOoOO, I have a lot of stuff to do right now (and I'm wasting my time on Roblox :P) and so I might not be very active on the wiki and I might possibly go AWOL a lot. First, the class spelling bee is tomorrow, and the spelling bee is something that really means a lot to me. I've been to regionals twice, and state once, and this year I hope to make it a bit farther than last year in state, and possibly even nationals :D so I am busy studying for that. More updates to come.

    For y'all who signed up for my Blogfic, it is getting there! I wanted the original first chapter to come out last Wednesday, but that didn't happen, so the new…

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  • Goldenfawn7

    2 Year Clanniversary

    February 11, 2018 by Goldenfawn7

    (Posted this on Blog so I decided to post it here)

    Two years ago, winter of 2016, February 1st, I made my first comment to BlogClan. I then proceeded to reply to my own comment with “Ikr D:”, and that was the start of my downfall. Just kidding, sorta. When I joined BlogClan, my grandma had recently died, I was being bullied by someone at school, and I was overall a mess. By clicking that one link, I opened a world that I never knew was possible. I met the kindest people I have ever met, people who would be there for me through my cringiest phases (seriously guys I can’t believe you stayed by my side during that I’m so sorry), my saddest days, and were there for me every single day I needed them. I started therapy soon after joining BlogClan…

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  • FlamebriarOverwatch

    Hi! I'm Flamebriar. You might have heard of me or know me or you might now. Idk. Whatever that doesn't matter what does matter is that I am running for SW (senior warrior) RIGHT NOW! So you should go vouch!

    Reasons (I guess?) -I'm kind I think

    -I've participated in wiki and blog gatherings

    -I try to post atleast one comment everyday (I need to be more active on the wiki though rip)

    -I participated in the holiday gift exchange

    -I have two cute cats (not actually reason I just have two cute cats)

    -I have written like three blogfics and did a cooperative thing blogfic thing with Breezy and Wistep

    -I made and took fursona requests and stuff -I wrote a fanfiction at 11 am while I was super tired that was actually just what was happening in the car a…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    February 9, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    Hey guys! If you hadn't noticed, yesterday when I'm usually active, I was gone all day. I'm sorry.

    The reason I left has a lot to due with my depression. I felt like people were getting annoyed with me and that I wasn't wanted, so I spammed my Pinterest ( (like the pun? :P). It's not just y'all; I completely cut off all my other rp places too.

    So I'm really getting concerned as to what I'm doing in response to this bout of depression, I don't want to lose myself to feeling I'm never good enough. I spoke on the phone to my therapist last night and she recommended removing myself from the environments where I felt like this, and this site, for some reason, and by none of your guys' fault, is the biggest…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    Baby Nephew!!!

    February 7, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW



    I'm aware I'm gushing, but y'all can get over it, because I have the best news everrrrrrrr

    Please welcome to the world, as of 1:17 PM EST,


    He's my sister's first baby (who, mind you, came out right on his due date :P), and he is preceded a few months by my other nephew Carson, born to my older stepbrother in October.

    So sadly, I don't actually get to meet him until I get out of school, but I'll keep y'all posted.

    k byeee

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  • Otterfrost27

    Trailing Stars Entry

    February 3, 2018 by Otterfrost27

    Here is my entry for the Trailing Stars Contest! I tried.

    EDIT: took it out

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  • Craterpaw4

    My RP Cats

    February 3, 2018 by Craterpaw4

    Oakpaw: Fixing apprentices den

    Yellowkit: being bored

    Stormkit: Argueing with Blazefoot/watching Malo

    Featherflame: Helping injured cats

    Bluestream: waiting to be checked on by Featherflame

    Amberheart: Sleeping

    Frozenkit (unborn)

    Rabbitbreeze: Looking for Sunpaw

    Birdpaw: existing

    Brightkit: existing

    Windheart: existing

    Flowerstar: hunting

    Skypaw: hunting

    Treepelt: Sleeping

    Shadow: existing

    Smoke: existing

    Pebble: existing

    Sero: Patrolling

    Cloudheart: Eating prey

    Whitekit: Being in the nursery

    Daisypelt: existing

    Hermionepaw: exploring with Rubypaw

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hi people! This is my entry for the January Trailing Stars Cover contest, Sunny, please let me know when you see this. I'd like to be able to delete the photo. Thanks! [Insert photo here] Edit: I deleted the photo.

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Wavey your blogfic is so good I decided to draw a view of Garnet cabin. It's a very large and fancy one. I just like it. 

    Ok this is a bad picture sorry. Do you like it? 

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    idk what to call this

    February 1, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW


    gotta fill some things in real quick

    so some of you may be wondering why the h*ck i'm writing a blog post at 6:45 in the morning (EST) and thats a good question.

    the school's wifi is absolute carp and whenever i try to load the wiki it goes into source mode, and then editor will never finish loading so I'm not able to write or post anything, The time i am in school is usually the only time of the day i have to get on without sneaking around and being sketchy, so yea...

    i'm currenty split between 2 houses, my parents kicked me out last week (don't ask) and i became a caretaker for my great gpa who is too stubborn to get assisted living even though he lives alone, on bedrest, in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain, in a 5 be…

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  • JetravenEx

    Communication is King

    February 1, 2018 by JetravenEx

    So I am making this Blog Post for a number of reasons. I am doing it in part because I want to, and because there are things that I think should be said. 

    First and foremost, I want to apologize to anyone who I may have hurt or felt offended by my actions. Most of my actions were not meant with ill intention, and some were not as tactful as they should be because of situations I'm going through outside of BlogClan. That doesn't excuse the fact that I hurt or intimidated some of you to where you felt uncomfortable and for that I apologize. 

    Secondly, the reason why this post is called 'Communication is King' rather than 'Jet rejoices and apologizes', is because a lot of this situation happened because of a lack of communication. I want to say…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    why hello there you beautiful whoever is reading this


    So guess what I discovered verrrrrryyyyyyy quickly when I started getting art requests???


    I sorta only have Oak's colours in my broke-highschool-kid assortment of Alcohol Markers, Blendable Coloured Pencils, and Gel Pens...

    Juni's OC, thank StarClan, was black and white so I just penciled it

    and Fawny's is a little off but I can fix it by brightening it once I take a picture


    other than that I literally can't do anythingggg

    I can't even finish Fawny's because I don't have her eye colour



    I get paid tomorrow but with Valentine's coming up and an anniversary just past

    I sorta have to plan 2 dates with my gf

    and with just over $100 USD I'm gonna be pretty broke after that

    and I have libra…

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  • Possumsky


    January 31, 2018 by Possumsky




    So, I didn't want to talk about this earlier because I didn't want to jinx anything, but I just got an email from my college's councelor might be going abroad next semester?????

    !!! I've been trying to get into the program for awhile now but I applied late so nothig's been set in stone, but I just got accepted into the program and I should be good to go as long as I can get my loan worked out by Friday !!!!

    This would mean that I'd be spending March 1-May 19 of this year studing art, history, and english in Oxford, England inside Oxford Universitry !!!!!! I am so pshyced for this AAAAAAA

    My family in Scotland inivited me to stay with them during Spring Break and even offered to pay for my flight and this …

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  • Flowerstream01

    More on Recent Drama

    January 31, 2018 by Flowerstream01

    Hello all! It's me, the ever-absent resident moderator. So, I know the recent roleplay drama has escalated a lot, and it was all just very chaotic for all of us. I'd like to apologize to everyone that this event may have affected, and I want you to know that we're all going to work to make this wiki calm and ensure that it remains a lovely community to be part of.

    I won't deny that it could have been handled better, but I promise we don't want, or intend to, call anyone out or embarrass anyone. Additionally, we will be reviewing the rules and punishment system, and hopefully clear it up for all of you and for BlogTeam. As the person who wrote up the rules page, I will take full responsibilty for the ambiguity and lack of clarity in the rule…

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  • Craterpaw4

    These are the allegiances for the clan, LightningClan and WaterfallClan for the RP I made. Please comment if I forgot anything or made a mistake. Signups:


    Craklestar ~ Ginger tabby tom with darker feet and yellow eyes. 29 moons old. (played by Fawny)


    Lightningstorm ~ Black She-cat with a yellow stripe down her back with blue eyes. 63 moons old. (played by Splash)

    • Apprentice: Birdpaw

    Medicine Cat(s)

    Thundersky ~ Muscular Gray tom with a black stripe along his back and amber eyes. 45 moons old. (played by Ottie)


    Stormnose ~ Gray She-Cat with a white streak down her back and green eyes. 45 moons old. (played by Splash)

    Rabbitbreeze ~ Little White She-Cat with blue eyes. 53 moons old.…

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  • Beechflight

    Technical Difficulty

    January 29, 2018 by Beechflight

    Soooooo friendos,

    We have a problem at mission control.

    My school blocked the wiki and discord on my school computer, and it's only a matter of time before they block BlogClan altogether. Also, I've tried downloading different browsers, everything and they are blocked too. So I will only be on here like once every other day or so, whenever the computer is open and I have time. I will try and get everything worked out this week, but as far as I know, they won't be unblocked anytime soon. I get that they own the computer and it shuld be used for school purposes, but these sites (At least I hope not) are not dangerous, as you know, in any way, and so I will fight as hard as I have to so I can be with ya guys again. For now, please don't be impa…

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    Here they are! If you would like me to draw your fursona, click here .

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  • Coldice93

    I'm sorry everyone

    January 28, 2018 by Coldice93

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and all. I'm sure all of you may know that I love to roleplay in the BlogClan wiki and not afraid to let everyone know that I'm very passionate about. So why did I make a sad title on this post? Well things have been getting out of hand and extreamly dramatic for me and it's ruinig the love and the fun I have here and that includes everybody who comes to have a good time and I failed to see that. I've always been focused on trying my absolute best to try to get my character come back and return to BlogClan as his home from exile and I had to fight for it every time I've been told no, it's impossible and better to give up and accept it and I refuse to listen because I hate giving up and now it has…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    Sorry this is a blog post Juni, none of my comments would load on your wall. :/


    I started the hind legs and quickly got distracted, so I made a meme.


    This is the real sketch, Juni. Hope yah like it!! ^^

    If anyone wants me to sketch their OC, DM me (I can only do profile so far though :P)

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    Okay! I'm done with three more! I hope you guys like it!

    If you would like me to draw your fursona, click here .

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    This is from the blog yeet

    For everyone who signed up for Silenced Plea wayyy back in December (lol):

    Most of you are probably already aware of this, but over the past few weeks I have been looking more into this project, I have come to a saddening yet (if we're being honest with ourselves here) expected conclusion:

    I'm putting the project on pause for now.

    Well, not quite. It'll be more of a postponed revamping.

    I'm sorry, but it was my first blogfic and I had no idea what I was doing (and I still don't :P). There was just too much information I left out of the forms, too little planning done in advance, and wayyy to tight of a deadline schedule.

    So here's the plan: 

    In a not-yet-determined amount of time, an updated form will be released on bot…

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  • Flowerpetal01

    👀 (Blogfic)

    January 22, 2018 by Flowerpetal01

    Heyo! It’s me, Peto, and I’m finally making a BlogFic (with hopes that motivation will stay and procrastination will avoid me, thank you very much 😛 )! It’s currently unnamed, but I think I’ll have one by the time a chapter comes around 😀 I’m sure many people have wanted this in real life with BlogClan, and I will be attempting to bring it to life in this fanfic! Updates will be whenever I come around to finishing it. 😛 I’ll also notify you all on the Tavern of them, if it makes it easier! Without further wait, here’s the plot!


    This story takes place in a futuristic world, where humans rely on advanced technology. The world is glass – touchscreen sheets are found everywhere in a normal person’s home. Some manage closets, play galleries …

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    In case you haven't noticed, I've sorta been gone for a week without any notice. We had a really bad snowstorm here and my Chromebook won't work, also my brother's cb was dead and he didn't have the charger...

    the problem is I just moved in with my great gpa who doesn't believe in technology, and I also started my new job. I feel like I'm letting people down by being inactive and meeting expectations, so I'm laying down a basic schedule.

    Monday will be solely for catching up on stuff I've missed over the weekend, as well as making sure all the work college classes dump on me whilst I'm gone gets done. I'll be on, just not necessarily as active as usual.

    Tuesdays are not a good day for me. I have an extra college class, n…

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  • Possumsky

    name change

    January 22, 2018 by Possumsky

    Okay so I'm considering changing my fursona name from Goosewing to Possumsky, do you guys think it's a good idea?

    I really like the name Possumsky but I feel like it might confuse people if I up and change from Goosewing :/

    Goosewing was the name of the first RP character I had (not here, but back when I was on v-dubs) and it was the first name that came to mind when I created an account on BlogClan. I like the name, but it was kind of a rush decision and I've been thinking about it for awhile and I think I'd like to use Possomsky instead ??

    I mean I'd still go by Roo, just my username and fursona would change

    Anyway, it's late here and I just wanted to get other peoples opinions before I make a decision :P

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  • Beechflight

    True Colors- Blogfic Sign ups! Soooo, basically this Blogfic is going to be laid out in “seasons,” and since a LOT of this year is going to be writing-related for me this year, the first episode/chapter should be coming out around late-Feb to mid-March. I have a REALLY busy schedule regarding writing though, so if it comes out later I apologize  Anyways, It’s about BlogClanners (like you!) getting an acceptance letter to the most elite school in the world, Reinhart Prep, a prestigious school tucked deep into the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. However, my idea for the first season (March-ish to hopefully early-mid June… fingers crossed! If it goes past June, that’s when I go to camp for the summer for 7 weeks soooo….) kinda revolves…

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    After six lovely weeks of scorching Summer holidays, it is now time to go back to school.

    Grade 9 starts for me on Tuesday and I must say I’m quite excited to go back. These holidays have been great but for me, six weeks is a little long for me. After the fourth week, I get a bit bored of sitting around all day and I just yearn for school to come around so that I can put some order back into my life.

    Last year was very hectic for me. I signed up for so many things, set myself a goal that I would get straight A, and started outside-of-school dance. Not to mention the hostile relationships that were still bubbling away. I was rushing around everywhere, everyday after school or before school I had and event or a rehearsal on.

    At first I didn’t m…

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  • Coldice93


    January 20, 2018 by Coldice93

    My Update

    I never wanted to do this but unfortenantly I have to do it so everyone in the BlogClan wiki will be aware of my status right now and beyond but knowing that this is a great community with good people II'm positive that all of you will understand so I'm going to give you an update and it's not a good one.

    The problem(s) I'm currently facing in real life

    So for those who are in the BlogClan discord group and been to the Hug Pape at the BlogClan site, I'm sure you are aware that I suffer from anxiety and the past couple of months wasn't that great for me, especially this month so far and what makes it worse is that I havn't been sleeping well for several days and it's taken a toll on me and yes you guessed it I have insomnia and it's…

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  • Wavesplash

    RP Plot: A plot involving many or all characters in one or more groups that is usually planned out in advance by everyone and takes time. (ceremonies, forest fire, wars)

    Character Plot: A plot that features one character or a few characters and is planned out by their individual RPers or  not at all that other characters may jump in on but won't be the spotlight (character giving birth, character running away, characters' family dying)

    Recently there's been a problem in the main RP with character plots overshadowing and blocking RP plots. I get it. Character plots are fun. It's really nice to have your character in the spotlight. But RP plots take time to plan and involve everybody. When it gets to the point that the RP plots have to change …

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  • Cheetahstar2334

    “Wings of Night….” I mumbled to myself. I had a pretty good idea of what it meant. If I’m right, the Herds could disagree and go to war. If I’m wrong…. Well, we’d probably still go to war.

    The Herds have been tense with each other lately. The slightest mishap could cause an all-out battle. As healer, I hated to see any pegasus in pain. I only wish that I could have done something to save Arrow….

    I rested my lime green wing over my head, shielding myself from the harsh rays of sunlight trickling through the cave. It was already morning, and I should probably have been laying out my remedies. Instead, I laid my head on the hard stone and tried to go back to sleep. I only wished to share dreams with the Sky Herd so they could tell me if I’m wro…

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  • Coldice93

    My characters are bad.

    January 17, 2018 by Coldice93

    I'm going to be really honest and I know that I have a bad reputation in the BlogClan wiki and honestly there's nothing I can do about it and all of it involves about my characters, my plots, and backstory. I love being creative and doing what I think is best for my characters and their story/plot but at the same time I need to be realistic and doing both only creates a huge mess and it gets everyone involved and it makes everything worse.

    By far the best or worst example is my character Coldice because he's always my main focus and the main cat I use to roleplay as and no matter what I try to do whenever anything involves him in anyway he's always veiwed as a Gary Stu or Mary Su (Firestar 2.0 for me) because everyone thinks he's perfect in…

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  • JetravenEx

    My family has only owned one pet in my whole life, and that was a beta fish named Sharky we owned when I was in high school. I liked him but he wasn't around for very long. 

    So most of my childhood was spent without a pet of any sort, and as a child wishing for that kind of companionship I invented my own. As a child I watched the Herbie movies, power rangers and transformers where characters had relationships with mechanical entities some of which resembled cars. So as a child I took to naming cars and using them as a substitute for the animal companion I never had. 

    When I was 6 years old my little brother was born. and this prompted a new vehicle to be bought, a larger one to handle our increased family size. So we got ourselves a mini va…

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  • Airwave Queen of Random!!!

    Join my new Deviantart group!

    Welcome to a new buisness idea created by AirwaveLOL and foxshadow17 (Lara and Rala).

    The rad planks are pieces of wood that act like the coolest kids in school (and not because they're thick). They say things like "radical", "tubular", "ace" and "groovy" and are always wearing the freshest creps (aka sunglasses and backwards hats).

    Make your own planksona and join the planksters today!

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    I hope I did them right! 

    If you would like me to draw your fursona, clickhere .

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Sorry this is so late! Riv, here is your Fursona Drawing! Hope I did this right!

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  • Possumsky

    Rob's Art Corner

    January 14, 2018 by Possumsky

    got bored and decided to do some arting before people start showing up for game night :P

    aaaa i havent drawn cats in forever

    ignore the shading it's kind of sloppy

    i created more monstrosities

    maybe one day i will learn that cats do not have eyebrows

    today is not that day 

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  • Possumsky


    January 14, 2018 by Possumsky
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  • Wavesplash

    Snippet Blogfic Signups

    January 13, 2018 by Wavesplash

    Name (human/prefix):



    Age (doesn’t have to be your real age):

    Preferred Pronouns:

    Human appearance:


    Boy, girl, nb, or multi-gender cabin? (if there aren’t enough boys or nb people it’ll be multi-gender)

    Preferred cabin (cabins are Jade, Aquamarine, Peridot, Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst and I might add/subtract some depending on amount)

    Head Counselor? (even if you say yes you might not be depending on space/cabin/people preferences)

    Preferred Cabinmates (please base this on gender preference):

    Preferred bunkmate (^):


    On a scale from 1 to 10, rate how much you’d want to do these activities:




    Arts and Crafts:










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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    I was bored today. Like... really bored. So I spent my time drawing Blue and Ottie's fursona requests! Here you go!

    I did Blue's with a background because she requested me to, but I didn't do a full background because I was afraid it would take all the attention away from the cat. I will do a partial background in requested. 

    Ottie, if you would like me to add a background, I'll be happy to edit the picture. 

    If you would like me to draw your fursona, click here to fill out the form.

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  • Moonbreeze19

    Hello! Ottie, I drew this because we are friends. I will probably do more for other people too. This is my first one though, I hope you like it! (Totally did not cheat and trace this. Not at all.)

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  • RiverOfStarsAndSpirits

    Hey, guys! (I think you know what this is abouut!)

    For some reason, the only thing I want to draw right now is cats, so I thought I'd take some requests!

    Fill out the form below:


    Do you want your name displayed?:


    Profile or face?:

    Full-body or close-up?:

    Position (Sitting, standing, etc.):



    The fursonas I drew will hopefully be recieved within a week of submitting a form.

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    For example, if I made a heading on my page called....idk...Friends Opinions (or something else, idk) and others could come and fill that section with their opinions?

    As in, if I think Moon is the best ever and that she’s super nice and amazing, I can go to her page, find the *insert heading name here* section, and edit it to say;

    “The best ever, super nice and amazing” ~ Loudy

    Or would that be weird? It might encourage some people to put mean things on people’s pages (even though I don’t think anyone here would do that)......

    I don’t know it’s just a thought :P

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  • Dawnbringer757

    Help with Tribe Name

    January 11, 2018 by Dawnbringer757


    I need help with a Tribe name. I've got a creative warriors name, but now I just need a Tribe name. 

    I would do this in a poll, but the problem is that I don't have any names in mind :P I don't want a boring name like "Dawn that Brings _____" or anything like that. And then I have zero thoughts in my head :P

    So please help me if you can! I would appreciate it!

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