• Craterpaw4

    Sudden Inactivity

    July 19, 2018 by Craterpaw4

    Wow this is like my third blogpost in a week! But I am announcing something important: sudden inactivity. As you may know, I usually don't go on BlogClan in the weekend. Just weekday mornings. Now, I have a Zoo Keeper Camp right overnight my BC time. Then, on the weekend, I'll be traveling to Montana, and I won't have wifi, but I'll catch up on stories, and write a couple articles maybe. I should hopefully be done with Lily's Contest and my story, Love Always Comes With a Price. I'll try and take pictures, And create yet another blogpost of them. And when I come back, I have Band Camp (I am starting Percussion next year!) for that Mon-Fri, and the next week Mon-Thu. Then the next week on Thursday, it's my first day in Middle School! So I'l…

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  • LuminaFaith2468

    Since the new roleplay is starting from scratch, we're going to need some groups and descriptions to start off with!

    This will be up to the roleplayers to decide whether they want the roleplay to take place in "current" time (ie, the same time frame as the current roleplay) or in a different time period. This will happen in a vote, so please only vote once!

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  • LuminaFaith2468

    The decision has been made! The verdict is that we will keep the old roleplay in addition to making a new one. We will also be implemented a new system that will hopefully streamline and ameliorate the roleplay experience!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments ^^ I myself may not be available for answering them, but the respective plan creators are available.

    The tabs below detail most of the changes made to the system.

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  • Craterpaw4

    Orchestra Drawing

    July 17, 2018 by Craterpaw4

    So as you may realize, I haven't been as active as usual the last day. I realized that a drawing for Orchestra is due today! And I've had it for three weeks! 😛

    As you can see, I'm not done with it yet, but I'll be finishing it once my mom gets off of work. Then she'll pick up black glitter, and then I'll glue it to the music notes! Or do you think I should just regularly color it, or do glitter glue? (I have orange, silver, purple, green, red, blue, lighter red, pink, gold, and a darker pink. Here is a poll:

    Ill add the finished project when we have it! (Though I may have to wait a weeek or 2 when we get it back if I don't have time)

    Oof I forgot to say that it is due today (Tuesday) but the winner will be an…

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  • FawnpawBerry

    my last blogpost is outdated. I'm not as active, but y'all will still see me here. also i need frens so plz mmoc anybody

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  • Daisyfrost

    but i just watched squeeze

    good episode

    but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Craterpaw4

    These are the links for my secret clans I've joined, so I can find them 😛

    Character sign ups:

    Role play page: (characters are Bloomstar, and more tbd)

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    Ironically, the last blogpost was the one announcing my absence. :P

    well, 'm back, and you'll never guess what happened...

    I GOT A $1,000 USD SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!

    I will supposedly be going there for College, so yeet

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    I leave tomorrow morning for Design camp, wish me luck!! I'll be gone until Saturday and could possibly come back with a college scholarship 0w0

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  • Willowlight7

    BlogClan Survey

    July 8, 2018 by Willowlight7

    Another one of these surveys!  There's not much to say, I just want to see what people think could work and not work.

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  • Potato loves BlogClan


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  • ThatWeirdRoseOverThere


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  • Daisyfrost

    a painting i did

    July 6, 2018 by Daisyfrost

    My friend Kayla usually wears the same galaxy jacket, and she has a Stitch backpack. Her birthday is coming up this month, a week and two days before mine, and I didn't want to wait too long to make her a present. Now I just have to wait to give it to her, and not tell her about it...

    P.S. I have to mail it to her, and I don't know her adress, so I might send it through one of my other friends. Wish me luck..

    On the left: THE JACKET.

    On the right: THE PRESENT.

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  • OwlyB123

    My New BlogFic!

    July 6, 2018 by OwlyB123

    Hello! I'm Starpaw and I'm going to start my BlogFic! I've worked on this idea for a very long time or maybe I was just stalling ,and I hope you sign up!

    There’s a legend about the Guardians, the people who are cross between Reality and Fantasy.
    But they’re real.
    And they’re disappearing.
    The government of Reality is hunting them down. Their home in Reality, Neverfall, is no longer safe. The Guardians are fleeing to an island directly in the middle of the ocean of Nowhere. Some have fled to Fantasy to stay there, since Reality can’t access Fantasy.
    But most don’t return.
    Some ancient evil is stirring in Fantasy.
    The Island of Nowhere is the only safe place for the Guardians.
    But it will surely be destroyed someday.
    The Guardians are bandin…

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  • XXLilystarXx
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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    July 3, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    Is anyone on Amino? I just made an account and I'm on Warriors amino and Warriors Art amino as Oakie-Dokie. If you're on pleaseee follow me and I'll follow all of y'all lovelies an stuff i guess

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  • Potato loves BlogClan

    Here’s is Frosto’s Art Request Of Frostfire! I forgot to include background, so I hope you like the background I did! Everyone else’s will be out shortly!

    And I finally got them all out! Yeah! I’ll do more art requests later, but I’m very tired right now 😛

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  • Potato loves BlogClan

    Here’s my entry! (Click for better res!)

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  • Spidersong18

    this is my entry I waited till the last minute to do.

    • Sigh*

    Yes I am just as frightened by it as you probably are :P

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  • Craterpaw4
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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    I am trying to start up a YouTube, and I had some ideas on different Warriors AMV/PMV/MAPs that I want to do but ultimately, to gain more popularity, pick one that seems to be the best idea. so here's a bit of a list:

    Please tell me which one sounds the best so I can get to work :3

    1. "Sleep" by My Chemical Romance (Ravenpaw)


    The intro starts as Ravenpaw is shown trying in vain to fall asleep, and right before the guitar solo he shoots awake, panicking. The guitar solo shows him escaping the Clans, sheltered by Greypaw and Firepaw, and arriving at Barley's barn. As the 1st verse begins, it shows the announcement of Ravenpaw's apparent and fake death as well as Tigerclaw "mourning" for his apprentice. The rest…

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  • XXLilystarXx

    Lilypaw's Contest!

    June 28, 2018 by XXLilystarXx

    Hiya! This is my first Blog post, and I'm hosting a contest! Ok, here is the info!

    Write a story based on the following words:


    -Clan cat



    Interpret as you wish! It can be a love triangle, friendship or something different! Maybe the rogue is trying to ship the kittypet or the Clan cat, or the Clan cat the rogue and the kittypet! You get to decide pretty much everything!

    Except for this stuff... The boring info -yawn=. Please read it, though!

    The story can contain slight gore. Nothing beyond death-of-Tigerstar level, though. No swearing. It goes without saying (kinda). Must be suitable for readers 7+.

    It is due for the 16th of July, 4:00pm BST. If I get a small number of entries, there will be extensions. I will make sure everyo…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    June 28, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    I had an idea for a blogfic in which it was basically a human version of Warriors but a little more i don't know :P i thought about like having someone hiking with a friend and falling off a cliff into a river and waking up in this like weird tribe of people who used to be like actual 1st world people like teachers and stuff but now theyre like a clan? idk

    so since i don't know how to add a poll on this thing, comment your opinion i guess

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  • Potato loves BlogClan

    Here’s Roseblossom!

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  • Craterpaw4

    So as the title implies, I’m taking cursing requests where you can be hunting or caring prey. I might not do these soon, but just in case I’m bored I’ll look at the comments and do your requests!

    Fursona (please include fur length and body shape):

    Are you hunting or carrying prey?

    What prey are you hunting or carrying?

    What is the background? (Are there trees, a river, moor, etc.)

    Are you alone?

    If you aren’t, what it the animal you are with’s Fursona?


    Other/anything I forgot?

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  • Mistleheart


    June 22, 2018 by Mistleheart

    It’s been two years since I joined the BlogClan wiki. In the last year, I’ve repeatedly fallen into a state of inactiveness. I’ve been out of touch from the wiki for many, many months now. I wish I could find time to participate in the community like one year ago, but I’ve found it harder and harder to balance schoolwork, after-school activities, and all of that with the BlogClan wiki. That is why I’m leaving the community.

    There are so many new users on the wiki that weren’t here when I left, new BlogClanners who don’t know who I am. I’m happy to see that the wiki is still flourishing, but I’m also sad to see everything that I’m leaving behind.

    Wistep, I’m really sorry to leave our collab, After Nightfall, behind. It was so fun to work with…

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  • JetravenEx

    So there's been a great deal of discussion regarding the Main Roleplay and various plans are in the works to try and improve the experience for the roleplayers. After reading what one group has put forth I had my own thoughts. 

    This won't delve too much into the rules aspect of the Roleplay, as I am still deciding on that. Although I will touch on Activity Checks I think we should consider adding to keep the Allegiances fresh and from getting too overcrowded.

    This is all of the more superfluous matters, but I like coming up with potential Roleplaying ideas and I want everyone to get some creative juices flowing, and rather than looking at this as 'let's just have a clean slate' I want to go a little further and invite some other improvements…

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  • Willowlight7

    RP Reform Polls

    June 21, 2018 by Willowlight7

    The results of these polls will influence the direction we go in with our plans for the new RP

    If you'd like to help directly with the plan, DM me on Discord (Wollow#2924) or leave me a message on my wall

    If you're confused about anything, don't hesitate to ask about it! If you have suggestions, concerns, opinions, or ideas on this topic, please comment them so that I can take them into account and make the plan better for everybody!

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  • Beechflight

    Okay, so I'm not sure if you remember the signups for this in early February-ish, but I was planning on making a BlogFic with anyone who signed up about a prestigious private school called Reinhart, where you can only get in by scholarship/invitation. I somewhat edited the plot (majorly) and the form (somewhat because it is HUGE), so the form is down below, and the plot is here:

    ~The Plot~

    Season One: Season One follows the adventures of the first-year students at Reinhart as they discover their potential, their strive, and their passions. But when outside, competing forces (schools such as Berry Valley) begin to wreak havoc around the grounds in an attempt to shut Reinhart down, can the students save their beloved school- and possibly their…

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  • Daisyfrost


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  • Fallenshadows123

    hiiiiii so as the title suggests I won't be very much for this week. I have my dance recital/rehearsals throughout the week so I likely won't be checking the Blog much.

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  • Beechflight

    So, as this Saturday ticks closer and closer, I'll be wrapping stuff up as much as I can because on Saturday, I leave my laptop (and BlogClan) behind for 5 weeks. I'm going to camp, and then we have vacation for a week after that, so I'm afraid I will not be around until August, or July 30th-ish.

    Since the RP plan is due by July 1st, I will not be available to turn it in or finish it up. This was one of my very important projects and I'm kinda sad that I won't be there for the final stages of it, however I think both sides are beginning to reach a compromise so we'll see about that ;)

    Speaking of the RP, I believe I only have one character, Stormlight. If anyone would like to loan out Stormlight for the next 5 weeks until I come back from ca…

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  • MistfromtheMoors

    Hello there.

    I am Mapleheart/Beckoning Paw/Misty Moors.

    I made this account when I forgot about Mapleheart.

    I got confused and had my emails muddled up.

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  • OakwhiskerFTW


    June 11, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    today is geese day on BlogClan spirit week

    and all i can say is


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  • Brook That Reflects Blue Skies

    Hey there I'll draw for you


    Name - 

    Description -

    Multiple cats? - (Up to two extras)

    Other cat descriptons - 

    Background - (Any flag/any color/sunset)

    If you chose flag/color above, what flag/color?

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  • ThatWeirdRoseOverThere
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  • Willowlight7

    Okay I'm just going to start BlogClan Spirit Week right now and absolutely nobody will stop me

    Sunday, June 10th: The actual Warriors books that we never talk about oops - Make your avatar your favorite Warriors character or something, discuss the actual books maybe, etc.

    Monday, June 11th: Geese VS. Fowlshamers (I suggest geese.) - Support the geese, worship the geese, hail Honkwing the Great Goose, write goose stories, fight the fowlshamers

    Tuesday, June 12th: Mod Appreciation Day - Appreciate the mods! Duh! All of them!

    Wednesday, June 13th: Sundance Impersonation Day - We will all do our best impression of Sundance (please do make sure we all know who you are, even behind your mask)

    Thursday, June 14th: The Kitpocalypse Day - Act like you…

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  • Willowlight7

    This is the ideas we have for the new roleplay so far. Beech, Jazzy, Lau, Juni, and I all worked on this together in a Google Doc. None of it is final, of course, and if you think a rule or idea is ridiculous please tell us so we can make the roleplay more fun for everyone! These are just ideas and we're open to new suggestions. We won't be editing these as the rules and ideas change, so if you'd like to help out directly on the Google Doc DM me on Discord or ask me on my message wall.

    • Don't 'godmod'. Godmodding is basically when you control other people's characters to make them do what you want, whether by making them speak, act, fight, etc. Don't force others to do anything with their characters that they don't want to do.
    • Please don't be u…

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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    New OCs!

    June 7, 2018 by OakwhiskerFTW

    Since I've been gone, I've created two new Warriors-specific OCs!!

    Gamma is a Russian Blue kitty with icy blue eyes, long fur, white paws/ears/tail tip, and is frequently associated with water and tears (was some sort of elemental when I got him, idk now lol)

    Gamma as a Night In The Woods character, drawn for 150 Twitter subscribers

    Gamma, headshot done by meeee

    Gamma, as commissioned by Baron Batface on Twitter

    Gamma, original version by my friend Jasmine (FrozenWolves on Amino). I bought him off of her with a cup of Ramen :P

    Next is Arizona, who is still pretty much up in the air about everything. He's either a cat or a Fennec Fox and he has sandy short fur, icy blue eyes, and a red bandanna around his neck.

    Arizona - Sketch

    Arizona - Digital R…

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  • The Streamy Gamer Cat


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  • OakwhiskerFTW

    So I'm somewhat back I guess, I'm really sorry I left but there was just wayyy too much on my plate and I don't know it was just really overwhelming

    Anyway I thought it to be completely selfish and rude to just leave unannounced and not at least make an effort to come back so hi I guess...

    And boii do I have a lot of stuff I committed to that I haven't done.

    Once again, really sorry. If you don't see a pattern yet with my commitment, well, I sorta suck at it. :P

    So if y'all still tolerate me enough, I may try and see whether or not we can get the Blogfic I had planned rebooted? 

    Well not really rebooted, just actually started I guess...

    I'm really sorry I left unannounced, I truly am. 

    I don't know what else to say now, so... Yeah.

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  • WaterWitch555

    side rps

    June 6, 2018 by WaterWitch555

    Talking about making a new RP somewhat reminded me of the many side RPs that are deader than the main RP.

    The problem is, many of the side RPs that aren't active have inactive creators, which is a problem, since they need to accept cats.

    I'm not the boss of the side RPs, but I want to read y'all's (is that even a word?) opinions.

    If you have an idea/opinion that is not stated above, please let me know so I can put it/them on the poll(s) because they're honestly trashy as h*ck rn

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  • Beechflight

    So, I was chatting with a few blogclanners, and I thought of another idea to revive the wiki: a Wiki week. This is just an idea, but we could have people (preferably wiki members) on the blog host different events throughout wiki week in different places around the wiki. For instance, once the week is kicked off, we could have maybe a schedule of events for that day. I'm just throwing out new ideas to try and desperately revive the wiki, so please pardon me. Thanks!!!

    Questions/comments/concerns go on my message wall or in the comments down below. Danke, Gracias, Toda, Thank you.


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  • Willowlight7

    I have a Concept:

    Next week can be BlogClan Sprit Week, with ridiculous themes such as "that one inside joke nobody gets", "sinks", "Sunny Impersonation", etc.

    Please suggest themes for Spirit Week bedtime bye

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  • The Streamy Gamer Cat


    June 5, 2018 by The Streamy Gamer Cat

    dont you ever wish that the wiki would freaking revive itself

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  • Beechflight

    Music Poem

    June 5, 2018 by Beechflight

    This is my poem I made about music (kudos to Wollow and Wistep)

    Music is a very powerful thing

    It can break your heart

    Or it can give you the answer

    Music moves you

    Music grooves you

    Music makes you cry

    Music makes you relive your best and worst days

    Music drowns you in tears

    Music covers you in laughter

    Music moves you

    Music is the song that makes you cry, the song that picks you up after you've fallen so far down nothing else can bring you back up

    Music is the silent scream for all we've been fighting and waiting for

    Music is the unfiltered opinion

    Music is what makes this planet turn

    Music reminds me of my best and worst moments

    Music tells me how to be better

    Music teaches me how to avoid nasty mistakes

    Music changes my life for better and for worse


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  • ThatWeirdRoseOverThere
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  • WaterWitch555

    pride icons

    June 3, 2018 by WaterWitch555




    fursona (be sure to include fur length):

    flag(s) you want your accessory/accessories to be (and for those who don’t know, there’s an ally flag):

    accessories (up to 2):


    and these will be headshots because i suck at cat bodies

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  • Willowlight7

    (Maybe) New RP

    June 2, 2018 by Willowlight7

    Ideas for the new RP can be found here:

    A big part of the wiki has always been the roleplays, but they are quite dead right now :P The RP is almost as old has the wiki itself, but it's been getting stale lately. For example, we've had the same high positions since pretty much the start of the roleplay, many people with key characters in the numerous plots are inactive, and the older people can't catch up to all the new RPing but the newer people need them to continue

    Basically it's a bit of a mess, and I know it sounds ridiculous but we kinda need a new RP right now. It doesn't need to replace the old one but it would be a great thing to do for wiki revival


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  • 12Blueheart



    I’ve been a member for over a year and a half
    I’ve been active throughout this time
    I’ve been to three Gatherings and I’m part of the Time-Travelling Otters
    I come on live chat whenever I get the chance
    I’ve taken fursona requests and I’ve participated in a few and won one of the art contests
    I participated in the art collab
    I been in the Jar for a while and I’ve signed up to draw prizes (maye this will make me get picked who knows  )
    I write a lot of fanfiction and I’ve given people writing advice
    I wrote an article and I’d like to write more in the future
    I have accounts on the wiki and the discord
    I participated in the 2017 BlogClan Holi…

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