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  • Willowlight7

    Gathering Survey

    May 27, 2017 by Willowlight7

    This is a survey.  About the Gathering.  

    Shocking, I know.

    Anywho onto the survey

    1. What did you like best about the wiki Gathering?
    2. What do you think could be changed?
    3. Did you like the 15 minute game time?
    4. Did you like the number of games?  Should there be more or less?
    5. Did the time and date work for you?  Should it be later?
    6. Any other comments?
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  • Foxstep1

    A couple of us were talking on chat and were suggesting ideas on how to decide who hosts gatherings and we were also wondering if gatherings could be monthly instead of when somebody wants to host one. But a problem that we may run into sooner or later is: what if multiple people want to host at the same time? I know that a few other people were hoping to host one some time soon and there are a lot of people who want to have a chance at hosting too. So we discussed a few ideas and I want to share mine with the whole community, or whoever reads it.

    There could be a pre-decided hosting system that resets each year. People who want to host sign up for a month and the first one to sign up for that month, gets to host it. In case someone can't h…

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  • Willowlight7

    Wiki Gathering!

    May 27, 2017 by Willowlight7

    Submit on my message wall please.   I was totally not late to my own Gathering!

    Anywho the Gathering has begun 

    There will be an extra thirty minutes for the fanart/fic contests to make up for me being sleepy.

    Using the Warriors Wiki, or any other outside source, is considered cheating,  So don't do it.

    • Pumas
    • Tigers
    • Leopards
    • Pumas
    • Pumas
    • Pumas
    • Pumas
    • Pumas

    That makes 6 points for the Pumas, 1 point for the Tigers, and 1 point for the Leopards.



    The fanart/fic contests!

    by Foxi, winning 3 points for the Pumas!

    by Shiverfur, winning 2 points for the Leopards!

    by Stoatkit, winning 1 point for the Tigers!

    A Solemn Lack of Garlic Bread by Laurelpaw, winning 3 points for the Lions!

    Insert a creative title here by Stoatkit, winning 2 points for the…

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  • Willowlight7

    So like come here if you want an apprentice/mentor 

    You can find people on the lists and ask them OR comment your name, rank, and whether you want an apprentice or mentor to be added to the list

    You can also join the rebelpaws ;)

    • Tinyspots

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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat

    Hi, Snowbreeze! Just going to show you how to change the image on the Infobox, since you asked! :)

    After that, click Apply Changes! Sorry for the horrible handwriting and messy lines. :)

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  • Tiny (Tinyspots)

    This is a blogpost about my hectic life since May 16th to what has already been planned as far as when school ends. :D

    Last Tuesday (May 16):

    Band Concert. My brother had soccer practice.

    Last Thursday (May 18):

    Freshman/Sophmore outdoor track meet for my division which is the, Conneticut Blue South Division. I went for running long jump and triple jump. It was horrible. The weather was so muggy and it was hard to jump far and my best that day was about a 13'4". My brother had another soccer practice.

    Last Saturday (May 20):

    Went to my grandmother's house and stayed there until Sunday night. Not that much going on but my brother had a soccer game earlier in the day on Saturday. I had track practice shortly after my brother's soccer game had star…

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  • Stoatbramble


    May 24, 2017 by Stoatbramble

    geese are amazing you must respect them

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  • Glory's Magical Death Spit

    So! Here I'll be turning your cat OC into a dragon! To have your OC qualify, you need to fill this out:

    Breed of cat:




    Three likes:

    I have time for TWO drawings. I'm using this as practice on my Android tablet, so it won't come out as good as my computer drawings, but it'll come close.

    These will likely be opened again, so comment down here even if the slots are taken!

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  • Tiny (Tinyspots)


    May 22, 2017 by Tiny (Tinyspots)

    This is a blogpost that will have all the cats that need to be promoted in Blogclan.





















    Aspenflame's foster kits:



    Lilyfire and Sunstorm's kits:





    Willowberry's kits:




    Frogheart's and Finfoot's kits




    Stonesong's kit:


    Any other kits that are active that need to be moved up will be put up.

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  • Waffle04


    TWO PEOPLE BORN ON THE EXACT SAME TIME CAN HAVE DIFFERENT BIRTH YEARS!!! Because of time zones! A kid born december 31st, 11pm in New York and a kid born january 1st, 2am in la are born simultaneously, but still have different birth years!


    YELLOW BANANAS AREN'T RIPE (not to mention green bananas) Bananas aren't fully ripe and sweet and tasty and delicious when they are green (ew), or yellow. THEY ARE RIPE WHEN THEY ARE BROWN! LIKE COMPLETELY BLACK! THAT IS WHEN IT IS RIPE!


    tht (sorry I had to)

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  • WaterWitch555


    May 20, 2017 by WaterWitch555

    mwahahha you have been clickbaited

    join the geese today

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  • StormyLily62


    May 20, 2017 by StormyLily62

    I know I might have asked this before, but how do you create a fursona page and post your own art? 

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  • Laurel5040

     i Am the MaRY suEiest of ALL sUeS!!1!1!!1!1!  i LAUve RAINbowS!!1!1!!1  I sPARKle EVErywhERE!11!!1!1  GliTTER is my beSTEsteST FRIENd!!1!!!11  i AM so PErFEcT!1!!!!!111 I can DO NO wrONG!!!!!11!  EveRYbodY laUVes me!1!1!!  I am MAgicallY AmazinGLY sPARKLy PERFEctly AmAZINg!1!!!!1

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  • Sapphirecomet


    May 16, 2017 by Sapphirecomet

    Hello everyone! I figured since there might not ever be a discussion page for Anime/Manga that I would make a Secret clan named Otakuclan. I couldn't decide between Animeclan or Mangaclan and Anime/Mangaclan just sounds weird so I called this Otakuclan. An otaku is what they usually call an anime or manga fan. We can chat about Anime and Manga stuff. For name suggestions you can use references or such from anime or manga.


    Leader- Kinostar (Sapphireheart/Sapphirecomet)

    Apprentice- Kawaiipaw

    Deputy- Smolnozami (Moonpaw/Cheeselover9999)

    Medicine Cat- Edolasfeather (Foxpaw (Foxshadow)/Fox that lingers in shadows)

    Warriors- N/A


    Kawaiipaw (Silvertail/Silvertailthelazycat)

    Queens- N/A

    Kits- N/A

    Elders- N/A

    I will try to find a secret…

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  • Lupinepaw

    Sooo the title explains it all - Woppy fanart and fanfiction contest is what this nlog post is about! The prompt is clearly Woppy, aka Wollow x Steppy. The fan fiction must be more than 200 words, and has to feature Wollow and Steppy. That's all. And fanart must also present Wollow and Steppy, showing their love for each other. Have fun working on your projects for a fake contest that will never happen! (maybe)




    We're no strangers to love

    You know the rules and so do I

    A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

    You wouldn't get this from any other guy


    I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling

    Gotta make you understand


    Never gonna give you up

    Never gonna let you down

    Never gonna run around and desert you

    Never gonna make you cry

    Never gonna s…

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  • Foxstep1

    Hi everyone! Here is a fanfiction contest that's a little different than common ones. In this contest, you will be partnered up with another contestant and will be expected to write a story that complies with the prompt.

    Prompt: "Jacob I have loved, but Esau have I hated" (NOTE: YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THOSE NAMES, IT'S PART OF THE QUOTE)

    You will have two months to get your entry completed. It must have at least 2,000 words to be an entry. Proper grammar must be used and errors will result in points being taken off. The entries will be judged on how well it goes with the quote, are there clichés or not, is the plot original and interesting, how does the cast implement the story, etc.

    Only ten slots are open. Let me repeat, ten slots are open. Theref…

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  • WaterWitch555

    Snadstar Oblivion was thinking about Birch Tht Towers Over IceClan again. Birch Tht was an idk ur face with ugly legs and ugly urface.

    Snadstar walked over to the window and reflected on his lauful surroundings. He had always loved kyoot Alauska with its arrogant, ancient alfredo noodles. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel sparkly.

    Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the an idk figure of Birch Tht Towers Over IceClan.

    Snadstar gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a Mary-Sueish (like Lau), gracious, foos drinker with ugly legs and ugly urface. His friends saw him as a talented, terrible things. Once, he had even helped a courageous stuff recover from a flying accident.

    But not even a Mar…

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  • Foxstep1


    May 13, 2017 by Foxstep1

    "I'm sorry to say this, but I must leave. I'm honestly really sad because the love of my life, Winter, doesn't love me back. I'm just so sad I can't bear it anymore, so I'm going to have to leave. Goodbye all."

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  • Maplecookie

    Hello children! As you all know we are haing a giant ceremony on Saturday for Queen Wollow and Queen Goldi Pisa to be crowned senior warriors. As one of our fun things, I decided we'll have a fanfic and fanart contest!

    Fanfic will be judged by Queen Wollow, and the prompt will be-

    Write about Queen Wollow's Queen Coranation, and how it reminds you of this.

    These must be sent in on Maplecookie's Wall by May 13th, 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST) 

    Fanart will be judged by Queen Goldi Pisa, and the prompt? theme? idk will be-

    Draw a scene from this crowning!

    This must be also sent in on Maplecookie's Wall by May 13th, 3:30 PM EST (12:30 PM PST) 

    Thanks and we're all excited to see your submissions! Please let me know if you are entering and/or your submis…

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  • Wafflecat33

    Woo Information

    May 11, 2017 by Wafflecat33

    Okay, so I just wanted to put this so you didn't think I like, I dunno disapeared or something.

    Soo, starting around May 15, May 17, or May 18, depending on what fate decides, I'll either be on a little more, or a //lot less. Don't worry or anything. This isn't a forever deal, just till school starts back up again. :33

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  • Willowlight7

    science is the solution to all of mankind's problems

    science is knowledge

    science is power

    science is everything..........................................

    the caldera will erupt.........................

    the plates will subduct.....................

    the magnetic field will fall.................

    the dead will be all...................

    science will bring knowledge to mankind.............

    but global warming will not be kind.................

    the fall of the juan de fuca plate is near................

    the cries of the ghost of farallon you must hear............

    the pacific plate subducts the rest...............

    but only one plate can be best.................

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  • WaterWitch555


    May 9, 2017 by WaterWitch555


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  • EosOfTheDawn

    Well no not very important :P

    But just in case you were wondering where I've been for the past few days, my router at home is acting up, and so I can't access the wiki at home from any device unless I use moblie internet (like I am now) which is too expensive to do regularly!

    So I will be absent from the wiki for some time. I will try to be on Blogchat when it's open, and I'm still on the discord for those of you that are in it :)

    Hopefully it won't be too long before I can come back. I'll miss you all!

    Thanks for reading, Fern

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  • Maplecookie

    Come one! Come all! To the ceremony to crown Queen Wollow of Pieville and Queen Goldi Pisa of Theo Palooza senior warriors! 

                                                                             Save the date

                                                                              Your Invited

                                         Who- Queen Wollow and Queen Goldi Pisa

                                         What- Senior Warrior Crowning Ceremony and Coranation

                                         When- May 13th, 2017 @ 3:15 Pm, EST 12:15 Pm, PST 

                                         Why- Because I, Princess Maple want to schedule some randomness


    • @ 3:15 EST Greeting, you get to shak…

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  • Foxstep1

    Death to all

    May 8, 2017 by Foxstep1

    I decided to run for SW, it's your death day children. Vouch for awesome thank you gifts! :D Wow look at me bribing everybody. Anyways, it sounds cool to jump a couple o' years and suddenly be 15 so I'll give it a try. Plus, my username DOES say Foxstep1.

    Shout out to Wistep and Wollow for advertising.

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  • Mistystar22


    May 7, 2017 by Mistystar22

    Well, I'm starting my first secret Clan! Called....... . . COFFEECAKECLAN! (Big surprise right?) anyone who loves coffeecake, or any cake is free to join.. or anyone, as long as they are loyal to the cake :P

    Darkfeecakestar(Darkpaw) (I just used my ship name cause I'm lazy, and added a star :P) Black shecat with white markings around paws and eyes

    Englishmuffin (Willowpaw) tan she-cat with slightly darker spots and yellow-amber eyes


    Lemon)Birthdaycakepaw(Snowbreeze)Creamy pale yellow-white she-cat with light ice blue eyes and swirly white eye marks

    Muffinfluff(Mintfeather) Light blue-gray and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes (blueberry muffin)

    Chocolatestorm A brown she-cat with 3 white paws, white ear-tips, white tai…

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  • Lily That Shines Like Dawn

    Guys, what if the Twolegs in the book series read warriors???

    Then they would be reading about themselves, reading about themselves reading about themselves... 

    This is making my brain hurt! 

    Poor Twolegs. They'd never know their favorite characters were right outside their houses. 

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  • Frostwisker


    May 6, 2017 by Frostwisker

    Hello how are you

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  • StormyLily62

    Help . . .

    May 4, 2017 by StormyLily62

    Okay, I love this place. Even though I only joined yesterday. But I'm having a really hard time with how to do a lot of things, like editing. editing my profile, editing in general, etc. So if somebody could make this place not seem like a pile of confusion, that would be great. Thanks for your time!

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  • Dewpaw934


    May 1, 2017 by Dewpaw934

    Let's all procrastinate by talking about what we're procrastinating.

    I'm currently procrastinating studying for my standardized tests (but they don't even count for anything anyway), finishing my science homework (I have until Wednesday!), studying for my science test (I have until Friday!), doing my math (I should seriously do that because it's like five double-sided pages.)

    What are YOU procrastinating on?

    Ooohhh... why am I doing this I'm gonna go do my math now bye :P

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  • Rainstep124


    April 30, 2017 by Rainstep124

    I probably won't be on the blog or wiki that much for the next two weeks because RL is extremely busy, and I don't exactly have any space to squeeze in BlogClan.

    I'll check the Blog and Wiki regularly, but I probably won't do anything (like threads and commenting).

    Thanks for reading this.

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  • Flowerstream01

    Hello folks who've bothered to read this!! (I've probably mentioned it to most of you) So I'm super addicted to chat but y'know I kinda have work to do and I'm here too much

    Basically I'm taking a break from the wiki/wiki chat. I'm going to try my hardest to not come on here at all for the next 1-2 weeks (but we'll see how that works out). I just need to focus on school work because school is kinda important. I might just end up being on chat significantly less, we'll see  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm still going to be completely reachable so honestly it's not that big of a deal but I just figured I'd let y'all know before I disappear. Maybe. Probably not.

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  • Goldenfawn7

    Thank You

    April 30, 2017 by Goldenfawn7

    I recently noticed that my wikiversary came up and just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate you and love you. And I'm already tearing up :P

    In 4th grade my twin brother was reading this book series called Warriors. I tried reading it and actually disliked it, thinking it was boring. Oh, how wrong I was. 

    One day, after running out of books to read, I decided to try it again.

    I jumped into the fantasy world of Warriors. The place that could take me away from my troubles, and what would bring me to meet you guys.

    In late 2015 or very early 2016, I was on the Warriors Wiki, looking around, when I came across Kate Cary's page. I noticed that there was a link to her Blog. I clicked it.

    As soon as I clicked it, I heard this blooping noise. …

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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat

    Hello! Welcome to the Dragon Breeding and Kennel Center! Here you can adopt, trade, drop off, and breed dragons. Here there are many types of dragons; wingless, venom, fighting specialized dragons, and more. Each dragon is sorted by their breed, and there is information on each dragon and their breed. Please be careful while looking around the kennel! Make sure not to provoke the dragons! While the dragons are tamed and used to humans by the workers, strangers are a threat to them. Be careful, and remember, no children are allowed inside!

    Coming soon!

    Fill out the form below and comment in, and wait for a repy!

    Kennel Dragon:
    Your Dragons Information: Age//Gender//Breed
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  • Gigglesplash The Ranger's Apprentice II


    Dragons are difficult creatures to care for and maintain.The best pet for new owners is probably the Dwarf,as this species is similiar in size and care to a large dog.The most difficult is the Venom,and Venoms will only be sold to experienced Dargon owners and trainers.

    The Nursery=


    Medium sized Dwarf,5 egg-nest


    Large Dwarf,3 egg-nest


    Small Water,15 egg-nest


    Medium-sized Horse,1 hatchling - Jewel,small Horse,born April 30(?),see Pedigree


    Medium-sized Horse,1 egg-nest


    Small Venom,4 egg-nest


    Rover - large Dwarf male

    Hurricane - small Water male

    Shipwreck - medium Water female

    Beauty - large Horse female

    Perfect - medium Horse male

    Creek - small Venom male

    Spaniel - 7 year old Dwarf male,yellow scales and g…

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  • Stormy Sea

    Writing Way Too Much

    April 29, 2017 by Stormy Sea

    Have you ever written way too much stuff on a post? Replied to a two sentence omment with a five paragraph essay? If so, could you give me some advice? This has been happening to me more and more frequently. I'll start writing and OOPS! Mini essay added. I felt like this belongs on the wiki more, but I don't know why. Maybe I prefer the editor or something.


    Stormy Sea

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  • WaterWitch555

    title says it all

    However, please fill out this form:

    Shape of pupils (can be anything- from cat pupils to flowers!) 
    Request or trade

    EDIT: I only take up to five requests a week.

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  • Sundance1

    Fanfiction Contest

    April 27, 2017 by Sundance1

    Figured I'd transfer/store all this information here. Nothing new has been added. :P 


    Hello everyone! As the title suggests, Eagleclaw and I are hosting a fanfiction contest! :D

    • Prompt: “Did you hear that?” This line has to appear somewhere in your fanfiction, whether that be at the beginning, middle, or end! I know it’s a pretty vague prompt otherwise. Get creative with it! Interrupt it however you like! Any genre is fine too. Comedy, drama, thriller, etc.

    • Starting date: April 15th, 2017

    • Due date: May 6th, 2017 (Exactly three weeks from now) Extensions are possible! If you’re almost done with your submission by the due date, but not quite, then contact one of us and you’ll (most likely) be given more time! :) 

    • Your fa…

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  • Lily That Shines Like Dawn

    Hello, everyone!! I made this blogpost to celebrate all the people who are amazing!!! 

    So, go ahead, mingle to your hearts content and/or until you don't feel like it. 😇😇😇 

    (All of you are amazing.) 

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  • Willowlight7

    Hello, humans and nonhumans!  Welcome to the newest wiki Gathering!  

    This gathering will be held on May 27th and will start at 10:30AM EST.  The games will start at 11AM EST.

    You can sign up even if you're unsure you'll be here.  Please put your top 4 teams (all of them) in order, because I may have to do some reorganizing.  If you don't have a preference, just say so.

    • Lovable Leopards (Lauvable Laupards)
      • Juniperpool
      • Shiverfur
      • Cypresswind
      • Lily that Shines like Dawn
      • Gladepaw
      • Birchfoot
      • Wrenpaw
      • Snowbreeze
    • Lucky Lions (Laucky Lions)
      • Airwave
      • Sundance
      • Laurelpaw
      • Fallenpaw
      • Summerbreeze
      • Mapleheart
      • Frostwisker
      • Silvertail
    • Playful Pumas (Plauful Pumas)
      • Lupinepaw
      • Foxshadow
      • Wavesplash
      • Goldenfawn
      • Rainpaw
      • Jadepelt
    • Talented Tigers (Talaunted Tigers)
      • Stoatbramble
      • Iceflower
      • Cindertail
      • Dar…

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  • Cheeselover9999

    Wiki Inactivity

    April 24, 2017 by Cheeselover9999

    So as the title reads, I'm going to be inactive on the wiki. Now, I'm still going to be very active on the Discord, BlogChat, and the blog itself, and I'll still be checking my message wall and the goose only area, in case you wanted to message me (or send me some memes). The reason I'm going to be inactive on blogposts, the chat, articles, and most of the forums is because I can only really acess the Wiki from my phone, which makes it really hard to edit, check notifications, and go on live chat (well I'm fine with not going on chat, it's not like anyone really cares about me being there). Oh, and I guess if you want any of my RP characters, you have them. (Except for Moon of course)

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  • Foxstep1



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  • Lupinepaw


    April 23, 2017 by Lupinepaw

    sparkleFur floo down

    the beeautifol raynbo!!!111!!!

    this is quite sucky

    but the question is

    can you do a haikuFur!!!!!11!

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  • Rainstep124


    April 23, 2017 by Rainstep124

    Woohoo. Short celebratory blog post.

    I HAVE 3,000 EDITS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Stoatbramble

    Welcome all stalkers BlogClanners to my fanfiction contest! It's about why i'm being lazy and haven't asked for moon rising yet The Tribe of Rushing Water!

    • Needs to focus on the Tribe of Rushing Water during the timeframe of A Vision of Shadows or Original Series/The Prophecies Begin. It's up to you, but please specify when you give me the link! This might be changed to one or the other later if one choice gets picked more than the other.
    •  Can be oneshot or chapter, but it has to be finished by the deadline.
    • Deadline is one month from now, May 22, 2017, though I might extend it a bit, seeing as school will throw lots in my path as we approach the end of the school year at my school.
    • You can use OCs if you want.
    • Please publish your fanfiction here on…

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  • Icestar22

    Life After Death

    April 22, 2017 by Icestar22

    A new oneshot I'm writing, titled (obviously) Life After Death. You can read it as I write, if you want, but it won't be finished for a while.

    -*There are possible triggering topics below, please be aware!*-


    Death is peculiar.

    We are the Stars, as Jupiter thinks of us. Not stars, but Stars. We are the deceased cats who believe in the afterlife. We reside in the heavens, looking down on the Earth. 

    We follow those who are trailed by Death.

    We have been following this little bunch of oddballs for days. It won't be long now. We can tell when Death prepares to strike. 

    We are frozen in the sky, little orbs of angelic, snowy light. We can only watch and wait.


    There are three of them.

    The first is Jupiter.

    Not exactly beautiful in any means, bu…

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  • Rainstep124

    Suffix change?

    April 21, 2017 by Rainstep124


    This might be extremely idiotic, but I'm thinking about changing the suffix of my name (Willowstep) to something else.

    Should I?

    Thank you.

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  • Icestar22

    Hullooo! Recently I've taken an interest in coding, and I've decided to put some of my designs up for people to use! I'll also take requests. You may request at any time, and if you would like to use any of these designs, you may, just ask me for the code and be sure to give me credit! (In the future, I'll have these on a page that everyone can edit to access the code, but I can't do that right now.)


    Background: If you want a solid or gradient background. If you want a gradient, radial or linear? (I can give examples if needed.) If linear, which direction?

    COLOURS: Obvious. You can give me vague colours (light blue, etc) or choose the exact hex code. I also need font colour. (I haven't figured out how to change font colour on rad…

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  • Winter432

    Willowlight7 and I are laufully and officially and perfectly and hotly and BCUly and AFFAIRNESSLY wedded.

    Celebrate now, gifts and applause welcome.

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  • Plume de Foudre
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