• StarSpeckledSky


    November 21, 2017 by StarSpeckledSky



    I'm fairly new to the wiki as I only recently got a Wikia account. I have a few questions:

    - How do you sign up to RP?

    - How do I make a fursona page(like Icy's or Wistep's)?

    Thanks! :)

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  • Rainstep124

    Clanniversary Message

    November 20, 2017 by Rainstep124

    Okay… where should I start? :P

    Oh well. I won’t start anywhere, but heeeeeere I go.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN A YEAR GUYS WOOT WOOT AWESOME AAAAAH. Time really flies! I remember when I discovered BlogClan. It was in the spring of 2016, when I was searching for the allegiances of The Apprentice’s Quest. Back then, I didn’t think much of it; it was just a blog, another website in my web history. But six months later, I officially joined the wiki, and later on, the actual blog, as me, Willowpaw.

    Honestly, I’ve grown so much since I joined. I think I’m now… a better person with a better heart. Being a member of BlogClan has changed me a lot- I’ve learned to be more open, patient, caring and compassionate. And I absolutely love helping people when…

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  • Lupinepaw

    rainy is truest loyal goose and lau is a mary sue and thomas the train is stupid and worthless and ugly and if you ship im going to eat 100 bags of popcorn but the popcorn seeds stay in my mouth and then ill blast them all on your home while i eat your food and steal your couch and markers and gel pens

    also to make this slightly useful (no one will probably even care or read this el oh el ecks dee) heres some codes for in-wikia-chat that i know or i think

    [c="insertcolornameherelikepurpleorblueidk"] color text [/c] (the end is optional but you need it if you want to like stop the coloring same with others)

    [small] small text

    [big] big text

    [sup] upper small text

    [sub] bottom small text (if you cant  remember which is sub or sup just look at how …

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  • Fallenpaw of BlogClan

    Hai peoplewhoarereadingthispost! ( :P ) I won't be on much for today, I have to go to a dance workshop for the day. I might be on a bit later today, but I'm not sure. :P

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  • Willowlight7

    I'm not actually leaving, don't worry (or do worry, depending on your opinions of me).  I, as I predicted quite some time ago, have kinda lost interest in BlogClan (my prediction was almost spot on!  it's nearly been 2 years exactly).  I'll still be around and do things, just less active than before and without any responsibilities.  I won't be a full-time allegiances editor anymore, I'll host this wiki Gathering but no more (unless I feel like it) and I won't be doing Roundup.  You're still free to contact me on my message wall.  If you want one of my RP characters, you can ask, but I'll still be popping on so I won't give them all up.  If I have any more responsibilities I forgot, ask me about them.  I'll be on chat occasionally, but I wo…

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  • TheAmericanDream

    The Name Game

    November 19, 2017 by TheAmericanDream

    Okay! So I decided to start a competition on the blog!

    The Name Game is exactly what it sounds like. I will give an apprentice name. You have to come up with a description, warrior name, and brief backstory (no more than like 400 words?). I'll take each entry and score them, and the user with the lowest score will be eliminated. If there is a tie for last place, a tie breaker will be held. 

    If you'd like to join, please post in the comments below stating interest. There's only 7 (seven) spots, so first come first serve!

    ✔: Safe ✘: Eliminated Ø: Disqualfied ♛: Winner


    Contestant Round
    1 2 3 4 5 F


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  • Flowerpetal01

    hiya all! I'm starting a Christmas drawing, featuring . . . . . all of you guys! I've already posted this on the tavern, but I'm putting it here in case you missed it. :D All you have to do is sign up with the form here:



    Basic Personality:

    Festive Accessories:

    Row (front, middle, back):

    Who you want to be next to:

    Background Suggestions:


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  • Rainstep124

    Christmas BlogFic Signups

    November 16, 2017 by Rainstep124

    Hey everyone! Me, Breezey, and Flamey will be making a ChRiSTMAS/HOLIDAY/FESTIVE BLOGFIIIC THIING YYYA THE FORM





    Appearance (what you look like in real life):


    Clothes: Any festive/wintry accessories/outfits:









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  • WaterWitch555

    (If you don't know who indigokit is, she's one of my RP cats)


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  • Rainstep124

    A confession...

    November 12, 2017 by Rainstep124

    I don't like waffles


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  • TheAmericanDream

    Novella Ideas

    November 12, 2017 by TheAmericanDream

    The title explains it. May contain spoilers for AVOS

    A set of novella's giving some more info on modern SkyClan and filling the gaps.

    A novella about her being taken, giving birth, and then being taken again by Twolegs. Maybe she finds some of the other taken cats like Waspwhisker and they “trek” back to the lake somehow.

    A novella that begins with his birth,  explains his mother making him hate the Clans, and then him finding SkyClan in the gorge. 

    Based on events during/after Darkest Night. Basically him dealing with his father’s pressure, and then showing him leaving to ThunderClan to follow Twigpaw and now SkyClan and his own family judge him for it and ThunderClan sees him as an outsider and he feels misplaced but sticks to Twigpaw’s side…

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  • TheAmericanDream

    Alright, since I'm a sucker for kits and I love making up descriptions, here's some predictions (more like a wish list LOL) for future kits in AVOS

    Spoilers may be ahead for any books in AVOS.

    Ivypool and Fernsong

    Confirmed they're mates, but we don't know that they'll have kits, If they do, I'd imagine Ivypool being the one who kits in the middle of a hunting patrol bc she's so stubborn and doesn't wanna be a queen really. Fernsong becomes the one who watches them the mostbut Ivypool really does love them. 

    Bushkit - (in honor of Snowbush, who was Ivypool's apprentice) a thick furred silver and brown tabby with a fluffy tail, a loose tuft of fur on his head, and blue eyes

    Goldenkit - a pale yellow tabby she-kit, looks exactly like Fernsong, …

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  • Wavesplash


    do any of you remember Once in a Lifetime, my first blogfic about a Warriors camp that I started back in September? Yes, it’s actually still happening and I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve outlined about ten chapters so far, but I’ve hit a block. I have a general idea for the story, but there’s this period where I’m not sure what to do. So I’m looking for someone to help me outline! I’m doing it on a Google Doc, so that’s pretty much the only requirement. It can be more than one person if more people are interested. If I get enough people you can just outline or help outline a single chapter, that would be a huge help to me. It doesn’t require that you write or edit the story once it’s in writing phase, but if when the outline is fi…

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  • Shiverfur


    November 2, 2017 by Shiverfur

    WELL YUP I'VE BEEN INACTIVE ON THE WIKI sorry about that BUT I STILL EXIST and so i shall say I WILL TRY TO BE ACTIVE???? but don't expect too much cause i'm lazy SO YEAH .... thats it ... bloop

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  • Stoatbramble

    {didn't know where else to put this}

    so basically i don't have Google Docs {actually I lied I do I have it for school but it's private and i won't be sharing it} so i pasted it all into firealpaca to make a gameboard! is the link- download it, sign what box you can {tell me first please} and then link me to the updated version so i can post it!

    you can find wavey's blogpost explaining introduction bingo here!

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  • Wavesplash


    guess what day it is?

    November first! (actually it’s October 31st but for me being in PST and having school tomorrow it’s better for me to do this tonight rather than tomorrow afternoon so)

    which also means


    A few things to clear up:

    -The gameboard is currently on a Google Doc. If you don’t have gmail/don’t want to share it with BlogClan, contact me and I’ll be happy to give you the game board another way. The thing is, it’s in a table on Google Docs, which are really hard to reciprocate on places like here. So if any of you know of any ways to make a table on other sites like wiki/discord/here I’d love to here them so the table doesn’t look like. Also, I can send you a s…

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  • LionpawVGr8&Awesome&ThisIsNotALongName

    Sorry for being so inactive on the wiki, its just been difficult for me to do bothe the blog and the wiki, but hopefully I'll be able to be more active in future! :D Ily all :)

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  • Brook That Reflects Blue Skies

    Darkened Dusk – A BlogFic from Brookpaw

    This time I promise I will not give up.

    In DuskClan, things were falling apart. The leader was insane, the medicine cat knew no herbs, the deputy never organized anything, no one cared for any cat but themselves and their kits.

    It had gone too far. One day, a group of apprentices changed their names and ran away. They went to rebuild a new, better DuskClan. They took two warriors with them, Waterfrost and Jaggedscar. Jaggedscar to be deputy and Waterfrost to be leader. Jaggedscar changed his name to Smallscar and Waterfrost changed hers to Kinkfrost.

    The medicine cat apprentice, Willowpaw, was to change her name to Oakdusk the Medicince Cat. She did.

    They took one queen. Her name was Riverheart. She had t…

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  • The Streamy Gamer Cat

    RISE Is on hiatus, I will be rewriting because i recently discovered a lot of issues with the current plot and also because the current writing quality, in my eyes, is rubbish.

    It’s about a group of shapeshifters (cat – human) who live on a small, rocky island near the mainland of an unknown country the size of two clans’ territories. But here’s the catch- they don’t know that they’re shapeshifters, apart from the most senior members and some important positions. Often, they find people who have washed up on their shore, some are alive, some are dead. One day, a shapeshifter washes up, but with no memory of their past life/knowledge of their powers, but one day they accidentally transform in front of their friends, and they have to keep it …

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  • FawnpawBerry


    October 25, 2017 by FawnpawBerry

    Blogfic forms eeks dee

    Okay, so I had this super cool Blogfic idea. DW, shadowed shells is still existent, but I couldn’t just dump the idea. So, there are BlogClanners, just existing, blah blah blah yaddah yaddah yaddah And then, the future version of everybody comes: and they call themselves the Alternates. They destroy things, and people… There are 6 BlogClanners with major powers. And they each control an element. These are called the Saviors, Elements are Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Darkness, Tech and Wind. Fire is taken. All BlogClanners have powers, but not big important ones unless you’re a savior. Like, say all the Saviors were taken and I wasn’t one of them. I couldn’t control fire, but I can have invisibility.

    Your Alternate must be …

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  • PantherHeart1

    Valor Rising

    October 22, 2017 by PantherHeart1

    okay so im bailing ahhh i dont want to do this anymore forgive meeeeee everythings dead closed gone stop commenting im sorry

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  • WaterWitch555



    Do not use your friends.


    This is the only case for eyewitnesses and killers on this BEE-complete website.

    Of course how

    I want mango ......

    Good mango

    Death is dead, and human hair is fallen like the bull. Since 1984, most beef species have become the same as Recipe Wokiokiwikom under the famous shark, which causes a large amount of coconut death or erosion of ellipipid fishermen. "Because of the 2002 crisis, Elima wants to have a coconut boil comparable to the number of gases, and most have died this year with 150 people.

    So atriu aiaoe?

    There is no laila'oe


    blue miracles, and aka'ole'o lele'ul'ul'ullaulula from me'oca'oppiopioaloha'ole Caella 's death

    Wordfast Anywh…

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  • Willowlight7


    October 21, 2017 by Willowlight7

    hurricane family tree

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  • Willowlight7

    The wiki Gathering is happening again!  

    The Wiki Gathering is currently scheduled for November 25th or 26th. Please notify me which date works for you (and if neither or both do). The Gathering will begin at 11:30 AM EST and end at 3:00 PM EST, though activities will continue after the Gathering and the contests end at 4:30 PM EST. If you would like to make schedules for other timezones, feel free. I'll add other time zones later, but I don't have time now.

    The teams will stay the same.  If you're not on this list, please rate your alliance on a scale of 1 to 5 (One being with LionClan, three being neutral, five being with TigerClan, and two & four being in between) and post it in the comments. I'll do my best to place the teams equally and…

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  • StormyLily62

    Wow. It's been a year already? That's hard to believe. Before I met BlogClan, I was sad and filled with so many troubles that they often overflowed. But I cannot tell you how much BlogClan has helped me over this past year. I've seen people come and go in my time here, and - I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I just wanted to say that I am grateful to all of you and this site.

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  • Willowlight7

    also inactive apology

    October 21, 2017 by Willowlight7

    not really that bad but school

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  • Fallenpaw of BlogClan

    Hi guys!

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  • Leap Through Fire

    A thing that started in WikiChat. Join CubedClan is you think cubing mangoes is the right way to eat them, or chose SlicedClan if you are barbaric and like them sliced.



    Leader: Willowstar (Willowlight)

    Deputy: Mistleheart

    Medicine Cat: Sorrelstream

    Apprentice: Brookskies

    Warriors: Stoatbramble


    Leader: Bluestar (Blueheart)

    Deputy: Fireleap 

    Medicine Cat: Silverpaw

    Apprentice: Juniperpool

    Apprentices: Lupinepaw

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  • Willowlight7

    There isn't enough time to set up another Gathering, and it's always like this so they'll actually be every other month now

    The new Gathering post is here and it does have a small vote between November 25th and 26th

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  • Sorrelstream

    BlogClan Newspaper?

    October 13, 2017 by Sorrelstream

    This is probably not for me to post. Technically, my friend Sizzlepaw gave the idea, but since he never comes onto the Wiki I figured I'd help out a bit and post this thing!! 

    Basically the idea is that there's a BlogClan Newspaper. It's more like a magazine than a newspaper though, because we aspire to get a team of talented artists, storywriters etc., but we just finished our site a few days ago and we need more members.

    The idea is simple- a BlogClan newspaper, or magazine.

    Okay, this is the big question: how do we join? The link is here:

    That's all, the rest of the explanation is in the site. We really hope that it can be a successful project!! So please join!!

    Thanks for eduring my little speech t…

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  • Willowlight7

    October Wiki Gathering

    October 12, 2017 by Willowlight7

    This will actually be skipped - there's no time to figure it out

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  • Mistleheart

    Second call to sign up for Kingdom of Chaos. Here’s the form:

    Your Loner/Rogue Name:

    Age (in moons):



    Backstory (optional):


    Good or bad:

    (Note that trainees are around 8 to 18 moons, soldiers 18 to 96, and mentors 26 and up. Mentors and soldiers are needed)

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  • Wavesplash

    So I have been talking about BlogClan Band for a few days now, and I talked about it a few months ago. But now it's finally in action! A Discord and wiki for the BlogClan Band have been created and some secret pages have been claimed! Our camp hasn't been verified, but I'll edit it in when it has. The BlogClan Band is always open for any instrument, and as of now all normal Clan ranks are open, and medicine cat is open as well.

    The BlogClan Band is a secret Clan-esque thing with people who play musical instruments/sing can join together, talk about music, be crazy and random, and maybe play stuff together (if everyone's okay with it). You can play more than one instrument. We also have mods, called Section Leaders. Those are currently me an…

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  • StormyLily62

    Do you know any good video editing software? Simple, like cutting chunks out of videos. I filmed me singing for an hour (it was the only way), and I want to cut everything except one or two songs. If you are wondering how this relates to - well - this, I'm gonna show BlogClan ASAP! Thank you for your time!

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  • Sapphirecomet

    Haunted sign ups

    October 2, 2017 by Sapphirecomet

    I have been inspired with all these blogfics that I want to make one. Since it's October I will make a Halloween themed one. The characters can be supernatural (Ghost,Vampire,Witch) or can just have a good 6th sense. There can be many of the same trait. I also need the assitance of an editor preferablly in my time zone (EST) I may also have a reserve editor in cause the main one is busy. Here is an example of the form.


    Name and nickname: Sapphireheart (Sapphie)

    Supernatural trait: Vampire

    Appearance: Pale skinned girl with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Jeans, long-sleeved shirt, brown boots, tan cloak and sunglasses.

    Strengths (list at least two): Kind and wary

    Weaknesses (list at least two, it can be related to trait): Scared of hurting…

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  • Stoatbramble

    Fursona Design Poll

    October 2, 2017 by Stoatbramble

    I want to change my fursona to resemble one of my cats. Voting ended on October 8th.

    EDIT: POLL CLOSED. MO-LIKE DESIGN {Fluffy dark brown tabby she-cat with a black stripe on her back, a white chin, and dull yellow eyes} WINS!

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  • Wavesplash


    guess what day it is?

    October first!

    which also means


    A few things to clear up:

    -This game is unfortunately not going to be an official contest with an actual post, which kinda sucks and screws up a few things but it’s fine. The only thing is that if this post gets buried and I stop reposting it, you’ll have to dig a little to find it, and it won’t be as widely seen. But that’s fine we can work around it, and if you contact me I’ll give you any info you need.

    -The gameboard is currently on a Google Doc. If you don’t have gmail/don’t want to share it with BlogClan, contact me and I’ll be happy to give you the game board another way. The thing is, it’s in a table on Google Do…

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  • Wavesplash


    September 30, 2017 by Wavesplash

    it's the wiki's two year wikiversary of being alive!

    happy birthday, wiki!

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  • Willowlight7

    Welcome to the September Wiki Gathering!  Today we'll have a wonderful Gathering with games lasting from 12:00 noon EST to 3:00 PM EST.  The art/fanfic contest begins at 11:30AM EST and ends at 4:30 PM EST.  The teams and schedule are here!  Have fun!

    BlogClan has been turned into cats, TS-style, for six moons now, and they have to prepare for leaf-fall.

    TigerClan won the 20 Questions contest, giving 1 point to them!

    TigerClan ALSO won Backstories, giving another point to them!

    Due to a scheduling error, this contest was added in.  LionClan won this contest, adding a point to their count!

    Despite nobody actually being there , LionClan won this contest narrowly, giving them a point!

    Yet again, LionClan won this contest!  Good job, LionClan!

    Despite …

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  • Spotzel2

    i've made mistakes

    September 30, 2017 by Spotzel2
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  • Willowlight7


    September 28, 2017 by Willowlight7

    Hello yes Wollow here advertising all her projects she keeps forgetting about please read this thanks

    • The Wiki Gathering is on September 30th and guest hosted contest submissions are still open!  They should have been open in the first place, but I forgot.  So please submit your contests here!
    • Wiki chat parties are still technically a thing but I keep forgetting about them! Every Saturday at 2pm EST, there'll be a wiki chat party, AKA a time for us all to come and revive chat. Hopefully it'll work. More information and time-zone translations here
    • Is your fanfiction not getting enough attention? Get it featured on the main page here! We have plenty of slots for October and November left and I really need to get them filled!
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  • Wavesplash

    Hi guys! Guess what?? Wavey has another crazy project idea! Crazy, I know 😛

    So today in PE/Health (blech) we played this icebreaker game where you have a paper with a bunch of boxes on it and inside each box is a skill or action or something like “went to the beach” or “speaks another language.” Embix’s teacher calls it Introduction Bingo (which is super cute!) so for simplicity’s sake that’s what I’m going to be referring it by from now on. So we did that and afterward I got bored so I ended up drawing a BlogClan version on the back! I would seriously love if it became a thing!. Basically how I think it’ll work is that I’ll type it up on a Google Doc and share it with y’all (or, if you don’t have a gmail account you’re comfortable with sha…

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  • Wavesplash

    Pick a color, any color

    September 26, 2017 by Wavesplash

    Pick a color: orange, magenta, purplish-pink, pink, light purple, purple, lavender, aqua green, green, sky blue, light blue, or yellow

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  • Spotzel2

    coding practice again

    September 24, 2017 by Spotzel2
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  • Sapphirecomet

    As the organizer/allegiances keeper for Traveler's shadow blogfic by Mistleheart/Thrush I am now announcing sign ups for the Alligiances. To note the plot as far as I know has not been decided. Keep an eye out for the plot by searching Traveler's Shadow in the search box. If you want a POV you may consider signing up as a writer. Here's the form that I came up with

    Blogclan name:

    Blogclan Position:



    Comment below for questions

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  • PantherHeart1

    Digital Dragon :3

    September 19, 2017 by PantherHeart1


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  • Stoatbramble

    Turning Tides Signups

    September 19, 2017 by Stoatbramble

    A wild Blogfic signup appeared!
    Yes, another blogfic :P

    Credit to Swany for starting it all with Can’t Escape!

    My Blogfic is called Turning Tides, cover here: [1]

    It’s set in a universe where we’ve always been our cat fursonas, growing up as non-Clan cats living in a forest. In the gorge {i think blogclan’s camp was a gorge in ts so i’ll say it’s a gorge here} where BlogClan lives, a large rogue group, called the Typhoon Keepers, live instead. If you’re in the Main RP on the BlogClan Wiki, it’s kinda like Viper’s group. Most cats stay away from the gorge of the Typhoon Keepers.
    Typhoon was the founder and former leader of the Typhoon Keepers. He named the group the Typhoon Keepers because Typhoon kept the gorge when his sister Mistral tried to…

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  • JetravenEx

    So this is just a little blog post I wanted to do about my various characters, I'm not expecting anyone to read it but I wanted a chance to talk about my RP characters because I find how they've changed very interesting and I wanted a chance to write about them. 

    Presently my RP characters are:















    Dusk Syndicate:















    Dark Forest: 



    That's all my characters in a nutshell, 25 of them to be exact, I'm going to pick just a few of them to talk about how they started and how they've progressed starting…

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  • PantherHeart1

    Cat Drawings

    September 17, 2017 by PantherHeart1
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  • SandyCat135


    September 17, 2017 by SandyCat135
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