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  • Lily That Shines Like Dawn

    Hello, everyone!! I made this blogpost to celebrate all the people who are amazing!!! 

    So, go ahead, mingle to your hearts content and/or until you don't feel like it. 😇😇😇 

    (All of you are amazing.) 

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  • Willowlight7

    Hello, humans and nonhumans!  Welcome to the newest wiki Gathering!  This blog post currently has no content.  Move on, move on.

    I need Opinions (TM)

    First of all, does 11:00AM EST on May 27th work for you

    Second of all, what games should be played?

    • Lovable Leopards (Lauvable Laupards)
    • Lucky Lions (Laucky Lions)
    • Playful Pumas (Plauful Pumas)
    • Talented Tigers (Talaunted Tigers)

    1. Guess the Comment
    2. Two Truths and a Lie
    3. Telephone (With changes)
    4. 20 Questions
    5. Word Scramble
    6. First and Last (idk what that is)
    7. Name that Apprentice 
    8. Art/Fanfiction Contest
    9. Two Truths and a Lie

    • Guess that Cat/Riddles
    • NTA
    • Art/Fanfiction Contest
    • Warriors Scramble
    • Guest Hosted Games
    • Just For Fun Games (you win no points but it's fun) (Creative CTSC, Telephone, etc)
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  • Cheeselover9999

    Wiki Inactivity

    April 24, 2017 by Cheeselover9999

    So as the title reads, I'm going to be inactive on the wiki. Now, I'm still going to be very active on the Discord, BlogChat, and the blog itself, and I'll still be checking my message wall and the goose only area, in case you wanted to message me (or send me some memes). The reason I'm going to be inactive on blogposts, the chat, articles, and most of the forums is because I can only really acess the Wiki from my phone, which makes it really hard to edit, check notifications, and go on live chat (well I'm fine with not going on chat, it's not like anyone really cares about me being there). Oh, and I guess if you want any of my RP characters, you have them. (Except for Moon of course)

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  • Foxstep1



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  • Lupinepaw


    April 23, 2017 by Lupinepaw

    sparkleFur floo down

    the beeautifol raynbo!!!111!!!

    this is quite sucky

    but the question is

    can you do a haikuFur!!!!!11!

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  • Rainstep124


    April 23, 2017 by Rainstep124

    Woohoo. Short celebratory blog post.

    I HAVE 3,000 EDITS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Stoatbramble

    Welcome all stalkers BlogClanners to my fanfiction contest! It's about why i'm being lazy and haven't asked for moon rising yet The Tribe of Rushing Water!

    • Needs to focus on the Tribe of Rushing Water during the timeframe of A Vision of Shadows or Original Series/The Prophecies Begin. It's up to you, but please specify when you give me the link! This might be changed to one or the other later if one choice gets picked more than the other.
    •  Can be oneshot or chapter, but it has to be finished by the deadline.
    • Deadline is one month from now, May 22, 2017, though I might extend it a bit, seeing as school will throw lots in my path as we approach the end of the school year at my school.
    • You can use OCs if you want.
    • Please publish your fanfiction here on…

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  • Icestar22

    Life After Death

    April 22, 2017 by Icestar22

    A new oneshot I'm writing, titled (obviously) Life After Death. You can read it as I write, if you want, but it won't be finished for a while.

    -*There are possible triggering topics below, please be aware!*-


    Death is peculiar.

    We are the Stars, as Jupiter thinks of us. Not stars, but Stars. We are the deceased cats who believe in the afterlife. We reside in the heavens, looking down on the Earth. 

    We follow those who are trailed by Death.

    We have been following this little bunch of oddballs for days. It won't be long now. We can tell when Death prepares to strike. 

    We are frozen in the sky, little orbs of angelic, snowy light. We can only watch and wait.


    There are three of them.

    The first is Jupiter.

    Not exactly beautiful in any means, bu…

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  • Laurel5040


    April 22, 2017 by Laurel5040

    I will be at an out-of-state wedding this weekend, so I will likely not be around until late Sunday or even Monday. I'll miss you all, and I'll try to briefly stop in at some point if at all possible.

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  • Rainstep124

    Suffix change?

    April 21, 2017 by Rainstep124


    This might be extremely idiotic, but I'm thinking about changing the suffix of my name (Willowstep) to something else.

    Should I?

    Thank you.

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  • Icestar22

    Hullooo! Recently I've taken an interest in coding, and I've decided to put some of my designs up for people to use! I'll also take requests. You may request at any time, and if you would like to use any of these designs, you may, just ask me for the code and be sure to give me credit! (In the future, I'll have these on a page that everyone can edit to access the code, but I can't do that right now.)


    Background: If you want a solid or gradient background. If you want a gradient, radial or linear? (I can give examples if needed.) If linear, which direction?

    COLOURS: Obvious. You can give me vague colours (light blue, etc) or choose the exact hex code. I also need font colour. (I haven't figured out how to change font colour on rad…

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  • Winter432

    Willowlight7 and I are laufully and officially and perfectly and hotly and BCUly and AFFAIRNESSLY wedded.

    Celebrate now, gifts and applause welcome.

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  • Plume de Foudre
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  • Sapphirecomet

    My Future roleplay hasn't really caught on so I'll create something more interesting. SPACE!!! Now note that this won't involve using aliens of any kind. What I will use are Nekojin which is basically humans but with a cat tail,ears and senses. Let's to the story.

    These people have reached for the stars and have settled across their solar system. Since then there has been conflict between the settlement weather it's a conflict between Nekojin Prime the race's home planet and another colony for nonrenewable resources or for a colony to fight for independence.

    Nekojin Prime

    Nekojin Prime is the home planet to the Nekojin. It is a terra planet very similar to earth. They try to keep control of the non-independent colonies so that they can get th…

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  • Sapphirecomet


    April 17, 2017 by Sapphirecomet

    I figured to create Bookclan since no one else mentioned making it before me. Anyways, I'm Sapphirestar. We can chat about books and how some books are better that the movies. You may use your main name or something else it's your choice.

    Bookclan Alligiances

    Leader- Sapphirestar A silver-blue she-cat with white paws and brown eyes.

    Deputy- n/a

    Medicine Cat- n/a

    Warriors- n/a

    Apprentices- n/a

    Queens- n/a

    Kits- n/a

    Elders- n/a

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  • Willowlight7


    April 17, 2017 by Willowlight7

    Basically, I'll be on vacation Monday the 17th (tomorrow) to Sunday woohoo

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  • Sparklefur!1!

    alrighty tommies I know I am everybnody wants mo bemy mazte so come on down and fight for me and ill decide if you all er oNE OF YU are goodnessies enough 4 meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!1!111!!!!1

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  • Stoatbramble

    That's right! I'm coming back to the US today. :D

    I'm pretty sure the flight has wifi {the one to the Dominican Republic did}, and if it does, it's only avalible above the US, so I might not be on for a few hours.

    Stoatie Talk with me My fursona page 13:59, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Willowlight7

    BlogCaln University

    April 14, 2017 by Willowlight7

    My original BlogClan University thing died, and this is a new, completely separate one.  Steppy and I are writing it and stuff and things and woohoo

    BlogClan OCs are now apprentices studying in BlogClan University. They take various courses to improve their stamina to be the best warriors they can be. But these apprentices are quite amusing, from dramatic, to grumpy, to plain silly, to a ruthless criminal, and to a hopeless romantic, these apprentices will be sure to spin an amazing tale.

    So you can sign up! First come, first serve; don't forget.

    You can request in the comments. Again, first come, first serve! The first 12 are the stars. The others are backgroundyer characters that aren't quite the main focus. Only the last 12 are background …

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  • Summerbreezey22

    Coding Requests

    April 12, 2017 by Summerbreezey22

    As the title suggests, I'll be taking Coding Requests so I can improve. For now, I won't be doing anything super crazy because I'm still an amateur at this. 

    This is what I will be offering(When I learn new things, this list may change)::



    -Custom Infoboxes


    This is what I will need from you:


    Where you want me to put it~

    Hex Codes~ 

    For your convenience, here is a helpful website with the hex codes:

    Hopefully this makes sense because I tend to be confusing.

    *If you have any questions or would like to see examples, feel free to leave a message on my message wall or PM me on chat if I am present. Also, I will respond to the comments down below so that you know i…

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  • Cypress25


    April 12, 2017 by Cypress25

    I'll be gone for an undetermined amount of time. Love you all

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  • Shiverfur

    Group Drawing

    April 12, 2017 by Shiverfur

    Ok so I wanna practice my drawing skills so I'm doing a big drawing of BlogClanners!

    If you would like to be in the picture I need

    Your name

    Fursona (including size)


    Any extras

    I'm posting this on the tavern too so yeah. :P

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  • Shiverfur

    Group Drawing...

    April 12, 2017 by Shiverfur
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  • Summerbreezey22

    Hello! I'm going to be practicing coding here; don't mind me! :D

    Yipperdoodles, it works!

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  • Wavesplash

    ^Title says all. There's this overnight for Jewish eighth graders at the boardwalk... it's not even 24 hours and I can bring my phone. So I'll still be connected, just busy ^^


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  • Stoatbramble

    vacation yay 🛫

    April 8, 2017 by Stoatbramble

    so like

    it's spring break yay

    and i'm going out of the country so i might not be active for about a week or so

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  • Willowlight7

    cause i don't feel like finding the old one

    Normally when you use fonts in coding, they only show up if they're installed on the other person's computer. Using CSS, I can make it so the font will appear on (nearly) EVERYONE's computer.

    Google Fonts are imported from a website called... Google Fonts. There are more likely to work due to my laziness.

    These fonts are imported using a less-reliable script (the Google one is told to us by Wikia itself) and may not work on everyone's computer (because I was lazy and only used one filetype for each)

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  • Icestar22

    I had no idea what to call it.

    Anyways, welcome to Icy's Mystical Spirit Animal Booth! :P This is where you'll tell me a few things about yourself and I will use my years of very, very real training to give you the most accurate result possible.★

    Without further delay, let's get to those questions!

    1. What three personality traits would your friends describe you as? (Stubborn, kind, etc)

    2. What season do you prefer and why?

    3. What are some physical strengths of yours? (Are you fast? Are you a good climber? Things like that.)

    4. What is your favourite animal and why? (You can list up to three.)

    5. Lastly, what is ONE personality trait you would use to describe yourself?

    Sit back and watch Icy perform her magic. You should have your results in a f…

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  • Mistleheart




    Sylviastar (Sylveon) - white she-cat with pink-and-blue ribbons, blue eyes, and pink bows; has another form, the Pokémon Sylveon


    Vivianawesome - fluffy black she-cat with a fluffy tail and fluffy ear-tips and green eyes

    Medicine brat

    Jennifertail - she-cat with a dark blue and light blue pelt


    Mousebrain - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes


    Stonekit - pale gray tom-kit with blue eyes

    Part One


    Chapter One

    Outside, trumpets blared. It was rather bad music.

    Vivianawesome was startled awake. She blinked. “Who’s playing the trumpets?”

    Stonekit marched inside. “Me!” The trumpets - or trumpet - blared again. It was a terrible sound.

    “Who else is playing the trumpets?” Vivianawesome grumbled, yawning. “I h…

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  • Mistystar22

    Hey! I'm writing a fan fiction about the greatest being in the world called 'A Journey For Coffee Cake' if Anyone wants to be included in it just comment below with your personality, fursona and anything else you want to be included!

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  • Fallenpaw of BlogClan

    Hello! So, I'm going to do an art contest. Information is below!

    • A Fursona drawing, or, for the Wings of Fire people, I'll do a dragon of your choice. (Including Hybrids)
    • A one-shot Fanfic of a character (or characters) of your choice.
    • A cameo in a Fanfic.
    • A drawing of a pet.
    • A group drawing of 2-5 BlogClanners.

    If you are a winner, pick one of these prizes.

    The contest will be from April 3-April 29. I will judge everything on 1/2 of May, and prizes should be given out from May 1 through May 20. If you're one of the winners and it's after May 20, nag me until I get it done. Unless it's a cameo, because I'll have had you written down on the list of the Fanfic's characters, and you'll be in it once I get writing. :P

    The prompt issssss... Warriors sh…

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  • Icestar22

    This is inspired by Embix's (LuminaFaith2468) similar journal thingy, thank you, Embix :P

    This is a random piece of writing, I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it, constructive criticism is always welcome. I may add more entries, or make separate posts for each.


    A quaint little bakery on the edge of a small town. It rests between a permanently closed laundromat and a children's clothing store. The scent of fresh bread wafts from the little white building, drawing the attention of onlookers.

    Inside the small shop, the baker looks down at the glass case full of brilliantly decorated pastries. Powdered sugar dusts a plateful of baguettes like the snow outside dusts the sidewalk. Ruby red cherries sit atop crumbly little tarts. The air smells…

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  • Stormy Sea

           So if no one noticed, I've been off of BlogClan for a while. I really don't know how it started or why it happened but it did. I guess it was due to me leaving for a while during November-Decemberish. I came back after that, of course, but I neer really  posted anything or joined livechat. I think it has to do with something changing in my life, filling the hole that BlogClan used to. Being back, I realized that whatever that was is now gone, but I still can't figure out what it was. Maybe my desire to write and create meaningful things was fufilled by the growing complexity in writing in the 8th grade. Maybe the strain of the schoolwork increased, and this is only a temporary return, as I'e signed up for honors classes next year. M…

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  • Frostflower02


    April 1, 2017 by Frostflower02

    Hi BlogClan,

    Today is my one year Clanniversary! :D :D  (Yes, I did join on April Fools Day which was a little confusing xD)  I just wanted to say how amazing this community is and how lucky I am to be apart of it. I didn’t realize when I joined BlogClan that I was joining a family and that everyone here would be so welcoming and kind. I’ve made so many friends here and I am so lucky that I got to know all you lovely people

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  • Mistystar22

    Well, one year(and three days, oops, I've been busy doing nothing and I forgot about it...) on BlogClan. I was on the old blog, the current blog, the wiki. I really feel apart of something. You all cheer me up every day, make me laugh every day, make me feel important every day. You guys are all amazing, and I would like to thank you for making BlogClan so enjoyable.

    When I first found BlogClan, in late December 2015/ early January 2016 by clicking on a link at Warriors wiki, which I had then been an active member on for quite some time. I saw this Shut Up and Hunt article that someone had made, with all the lyrics of Shut Up and Dance changed for a warriors version. I had loved it, and sang it at school. Then I realized that there were mor…

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  • Wingstar1414


    March 30, 2017 by Wingstar1414

    This clan shall be called a BirdClan. You can have a bird or any part of a bird!

    Example: I an Wingstar.

    You must use your at fursona, please and thank you. :)

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  • Icestar22

    As you probably know, there was no March edition of the monthly art contest. My apologies, I was busy and forgot to post it, so I decided to skip March and do an April edition.

    There were only three entries to the February edition, but that's okay! ;) But first, a little announcement!

    Goldenpaw has become my co-judge and will be helping me out with the art contest! Hurray! :D

    Now, onto those results.

    In third place, we have Stoatkit! Great job, Stoat! I loved the colour scheme!

    In second place is Frostflower! Awesome entry, Frost! You certainly have a knack for drawing horses!

    And in first place, our grand prize winner, is Rainstep! Fantastic job, Wistep! We absolutely loved the detail and creativity of your piece!

    Congratulations to all the winn…

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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat
    Warriors Cats PMV/MAP's!

    Hello, and welcome! After listening to MIKA for about thirty minutes today, and a- *cough* little bit over the last few days, I have decided, why not make some videos to go along with it? Now! If you want to participate! YAY! It does not have to be animated. Mine will just be pictures with music, since with this computer it is enfuriating to draw anything. We can use any songs, but I do want to use a few in particular.

    MIKA _ WE ARE GOLDEN _ AMV _ PMV _ MAP would be mainly about young warriors, probably about either Power of Three, original characters, or the ThunderClan apprentices throughout the first arc. Participants: Daisystar Warrior Cat

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  • Mistystar22

    Great Words

    March 27, 2017 by Mistystar22

    Help me

    Guys'll, I'm making this dictionary if amazing made up or typed words, so far I have amazerfluffes, wondertastic, awesomeistic, appleful, creatolial, fantabulous, amaztastic, and I'm thinking about adding foos. I need help! Anyone else have any suggestion to what words I should add? I'll give credit. I'm going to post all the pages on here once I'm done. :)

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  • Gummyclaw44

    So I just started doing digital art and I am doing fursona requests, sort of, the cats look like squares really, but hey're cute so yeah here's the form

    EDIT: Requests now closed because the unicorn said so







    So yeah they look like this

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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat

    Hello! I am Daisypaw! Almost all of you or all of you must know that by now, though. Anyway, I am a beginner coder, but I have been told that I am good at coding, and I greatly enjoy it! Well, here is my coding shop! You can request!

    • Border: rounded/dashed/dotted/solid/mixture(specify)
    • Text: font/color/size
    • Background: linear/radial/plain(specify colors)
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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat
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  • Daisystar Warrior Cat

    Disclaimer: I kind of got this idea from Gummypaw, who wrote a Onestar collaboration article. I don't think he'll be mad.  Well, why not we make this a thing? Anyway, here are some simple requirments that are needlessly cool, just so I can practice doing- which, by the way- I have been neglecting the past few days.

    1. This is a pro-Dovewing article! I will take short quotes (maximum six sentances) against Dovewing, which we will take turns talking out/against it.
    2. I will take four people who are pro-Dovewing, and five against. Pro-Dovewing team so far consists of me.
    3. The article should be completed by April 10th, if not sooner!

    Pro-Dovewing Anti-Dovewing
    • Daisystar Warrior Cat
    • Willowlight7
    • Frostflower02

    • Foxstep1
    • Cheeselover9999
    • Gummyclaw44

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  • Foxstep1

    The Best Of BlogClan

    March 24, 2017 by Foxstep1

    If there is one that you aren't comfortable with being up here, tell me. I will add more when I find more or when people suggest one.

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  • LuminaFaith2468

    NOTE: This blogpost will continue to be edited, so if you can't find some information that might be super important, check back tomorrow or in a few days. If it still isn't there, comment about it and I'll add it in. ~Embix

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  • Maplecookie

    Running For SW?!

    March 21, 2017 by Maplecookie

    Wow I decided to do it my unicorns,

    run for Senior Warrior.



    What can I say...

    I don't know


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  • Willowlight7

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  • Gigglesplash The Ranger's Apprentice II

    UPDATE: Best BlogClanner has been removed as to avoid hurt feelings.Most Recognized BlogClanner is a catergory recognizing highly actvve and caring members of the community,both on the wiki and on the blog.

    I thought this just might be fun to do.So basically what I will do is every other month let people nominate each other,and the next month we vote.Sounds confusing?

    So it is March.Let's say for best ship Wicey,Strollow,and some other ship(these are just examples I do not ship them) get nominated.Then in April we have a poll and see who wins.Got it?


    1. No nominating yourself
    2. No nominating your own fanfiction
    3. No nominating someone because they asked you to
    4. No nominating your own quote

    A fanfic/person needs THREE NON-INFLUENCED nominations to b…

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  • Wavesplash

    I'll be gone

    March 17, 2017 by Wavesplash

    I'll be gone over the weekend. I'm going to weekend camp with no technology. I have to miss band challenges (again), but it'll be fun and I'm looking forward to it. Cya on Sunday/Monday!

    Somebody please make the Hamilton reference and say you'll be back. :P

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  • Fallenpaw of BlogClan


    March 16, 2017 by Fallenpaw of BlogClan

    Well, I’m at a complete thinking block for cats in this in new Clan I’m making in Minecraft. I have some of it set up… but I need more cats. Sooo, if anyone would like their fusona or RP/OC in, just request below. I have some info too. Names and descriptions for cats would also be appreciated. 🙂

    The Clan is called NightClan. They live in the darkest part of the forest, where the leaves completely cover the sky. Many of the cats that live there prefer to solve their problems through bloodshed, but not all of them. The cats are very, very vigilant with their borders, and they chase off any cats, no talking with the trespassers. The Clan is mostly private, so they don’t share much at gatherings.

    Let me know if any of these that are already ther…

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