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BlogClan is the blog set up by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the Warriors series.

The Blog

The blog is used by Kate, or her son Hazelburrow, to share news. It is a popular site — many fans and regular users speak there every day. It is moderated by Kate, Hazelburrow, Dawnmist, Flowerstream, Flame that Shines like Sun, Iceflower, Emberdawn, Russetfeather, Cypresswind, and Jayfrost.

On May 21, 2016, BlogClan moved from its old site to its current site.

The Live Chat

There is a live chat where members can talk without having to wait for their comments to be moderated. The admins are Kate, Hazelburrow, Jayfrost, Kat and Dawnmist, while the moderators are ShiveringRose, Flowerstream, Flame That Shines Like Sun, Russetfeather, Iceflower, Emberdawn and Cypresswind.

The Roleplay

There have been three roleplay sites in the past in which the cats of BlogClan featured. It was fanmade, but deemed official, as it was in association with the blog. However, the first one got shut down, and a little later the second was made, which was also abandoned, as well as the third. Now, there is a main roleplay here on the wiki.

The Fanfiction

Various fanmade series have been proposed. In the fanmade book project BlogClan Rising, BlogClan is also the main clan. In the first book, BlogClan Rising, it is lead by Nightstar. However, shortly after Nightstar dies, Cakeheart (based on Kate Cary herself) becomes leader.

However, the first book project failed and Rainsong and Copperclaw have started a new one, called Trailing Stars. In this, all of the people that post on BlogClan get mysteriously turned into cats. They must band together or stay in cat bodies forever!

The BlogClan Book, a book composed of interviews with various important BlogClanners, was started by Cinnamonswirl but was soon abandoned. It is currently undergoing a revival, along with the Trailing Stars Graphic Novel project.


There are also many fanfic and art contests made by mods. They usually air on holidays and Gatherings.