BlogClan's Flight is a fanvella {fan novella} by Stoatkit about BlogClan and their "new camp", and Cakestar's rise to power.

Chapter 1: MalwareClan vs BlogClanEdit

Wishstar smiled at the new kits playing.

"Wii sta! Wii sta!" Stoatkit squealed.

"Wii sta is coooooooo" replied Milkkit.

"Ya! Ya! Wii sta is coo!" chirped Peacefulkit.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." announced Firekit.

"Mee sleet tea." mewed Robinkit before drifting off to sleep.

"Alright, one of you rascals is sleet tea, so we'll all go sleet tea." meowed Petaldust, the kit's mother.

"Sleet tea!" squeaked Milkkit.

The bushes moved, and three apprentices emerged. "We caught a big pheasant!" announced Seedpaw and Blisspaw in unison.

"Where's Nightclaws?" asked Wishstar.

"He saw some MalwareClan cats trespassing well towards here, the camp. He chased them off, but one struck a blow to his neck..." murmured Copperpaw, padding in.

"Oh dear. Is he OK?" asked Wishstar.

"Quailwillow and Dawnpaw are fetching him right now." meowed Copperpaw.

"I hope he's ok. MalwareClan is striking harder and fiercer as the days pass." mused Wishstar. "We can't lose any warrior, let alone Nightclaws, to MalwareClan."

"Oh, look at that. Quailwillow is here." meowed Petaldust.

The ginger tabby she-cat padded in, carrying Nightclaws with Dawnpaw's help. Nightclaws was bleeding somewhat badly.

"Is Nightclaws ok?" asked Cakepaw, running in. "I can't lose my mentor to MalwareClan! I need him to train me!"

"MalwareClan, ATTACK!" yowled a voice, as the MalwareClan warriors streamed in. MalwareClan was compromised of forbidden loves from BlogClan and GlitchClan from long ago, but their kits lived on, with no memory or knowledge of their heritage.

"Good work, Nightclaws. You are a true hero." purred a MalwareClan warrior, Mistwing.

"Huh?" asked Wishstar.

"He helped us plot this attack. Nightclaws, wash off that raspberry juice." meowed Littledawn, another MalwareClan warrior.

Nightclaws licked off the juice as Mistwing and Littledawn attacked Quailwillow and Dawnpaw. "I'm not sorry. This had to be done." he admitted. "We MalwareClan cats have driven away GlitchClan, the Secret Clans, sparkleGlittermagicClan, WikiClan and AdministratorClan. In other words, MalwareClan has to pick away at you to conquer the woods."

Wishstar looked betrayed, then scanned her cats. "Warriors of BlogClan, if any of you are spies or side with Nightclaws, go join him. You are no warriors of BlogClan, and I hereby exile you from BlogClan after this battle." she announced.

Chapter 2: The Spy Edit

"Nightclaws? Spy?"

"How dare he!"


The Clan erupted into hisses and yowls.

"Why would he?"

"Our deputy, a traitor!"

Wishstar silenced the Clan with a flick of her tail. "We must remain strong. We will not die out, we will run away." she meowed. "Nightclaws, you may leave. Cakepaw, your new mentor is Longwhisker."


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