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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to BlogClan wiki! The former BlogClan Wiki isn't very active anymore, but hopefully this one will be. Anyone is more than welcome to join. Have fun!

Please check out the Wiki Rules and before you post anything.

We're also doing an RP, so if you head on over to the Fun and Games forum, you can hop right in.

The Roleplay Allegiances can be found here

Feel free to start adding the Allegiance and Trailing Stars pages, along with your own info pages!

The link to the Allegiances is here: BlogClan Allegiances

Today it's Thursday, 29 of September and it's 23:52. Currently, there are  458 articles on BlogClan 2 Wikia ... and counting!

If you have any questions or concerns, or need any help, please ask Flo or Flame!

(Credit for the logo goes to Juni, aka XxJuniperleaf618~xX)

About BlogClan

BlogClan is a website by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the Warriors series. This wiki contains information about the blog and its members! Have fun!

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