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About BlogClan and the Wiki

BlogClan is a website by Kate Cary, one of the authors of the Warriors series. This wiki contains information about the blog and its members, a variety of fanfictions, roleplays, projects and more! Have fun!

Latest Activity


September 1/17 - Lots of posts and updates on the Blog today! Firstly, the allegiances have been updated for this month by our wonderful deputy, Jayfrost, who's back from her vacation. Then, Iceflower made the post with the results for the August Fanfiction Contest! Congratulations to the winners: Emberdawn, Flowerpaw and Willowstep. Finally, the Month's Roundup In Cats post is out. Check it out on the Blog! PS: I finally got my warrior name, yay! ~Winterwhisper

August 6/17 - The summer gathering has ended! After an amazing second day, the fanart and fanfiction contest closes, as well as all the games. The murderer from the Murder Mystery has been revealed (find out who it was on the gathering posts) and everyone is recovering from the excitement! Plus, the special inauguration has happened. A new member of BlogTeam was made — congratulations to Sundance! Gathering and contest results will be out soon. ~Winterpaw

August 5/17 - The summer gathering has started! A full schedule, teams — which are StarClan versus the Dark Forest — and the announcement of fanart and fanfiction contests have all begun and been listed. Tomorrow, a special inauguration will be happening. Go check out the fun, the BlogClan Booths, jump onto live chat for games, and make sure to try and solve the Murder Mystery! Also, as a bonus, the first part of Chapter 1 of TSGN has been released! More information can be found on the gathering posts. ~Winterpaw

July 16/17 - Summer gathering announced! The members of BlogTeam have released a post regarding the gathering that will happen on August 5th and 6th. That means it is a two day gathering! There will be many new contests, ideas (a new section called BlogClan Booth, for members to showcase their talents), and even new teams. More information will be released in the future. ~Winterpaw

July 15/17 - Elections are over! The elections for Medicine Cat have ended. Starting with a full two-week schedule, everything is now closing, and our new medicine cat has been named: Flowerstream! Congratulate her wherever you see her, as well as the new Medicine Cat Apprentice: Birchfoot! ~Winterpaw

July 1/17 - Elections! The elections for Medicine Cat have begun. Starting with hustings, and followed by a full two-week schedule, join in on choosing BlogClan's next Medicine Cat! There are over 25 candidates. PS: Happy Canada Day 150! ~Winterpaw

June 18/17 - Fathers' Day! Spend time with your amazing fathers and bask in the glory of near-summer. Get creative with the presents and cards and put on a smile! ~Winterpaw

May 14/17 - Mothers' day! While you spend time with your wonderful parents and enjoy the workings of spring, remember to give respect to the famous queens in the Warriors world that never cease to nurture and persist. ~Winterpaw

May 2/17 - New BlogTeam members! After signups being open for a few weeks, Kate has finally chosen four new BlogTeam moderators to help out. Congrats to Emberdawn, Cypresswind, Iceflower and Russetfeather! ~Winterpaw

April 11/17 - Shattered Sky and Legends of the Clans are released today! Blog members and fans alike are scrambling to get their hands on copies. Beware of spoilers! ~Winterpaw

April 1/17 - April Fools' Day! The blog has been turned into a wedding rush as Jayfeather and Stick prepare for their marriage. Half Moon is jealous. People share their pranks across chat and through comments, and all is fun! ~Winterpaw

•Featured Fanfiction•
September, 2017 -
Rising Skies by Stoatpaw

  • SkyClan has rebuilt itself by the lake. It's seasons later, and the legend of the Gorge must be kept alive by four apprentices. However, one does not believe in the cause, so the chances of keeping the legend alive grow smaller every day...

Morning Clouds by Wavesplash

  • Taking place a few moons after Moth Flight's Vision, the newly formed Clans are thriving in their way of life, until strange things start plauging the Clans. From missing kits to a mysterious kittypet to a downright murder mystery, it's up to a few kit protagonists to sort through the drama and prejudice and get to the bottom of all this weirdness, so the Clans can live peacefully again. So they can be friends again. NOTE: Thunderstar's Echo is not canon in this story

Trials of Twilight by Winterwhisper

  • Two major feline groups control Carmine Island, set near Greece: Ivory Colony and Twilight Colony. Their camps are based outside a small city, surrounded by beaches, old buildings, and tropical forests. Ivory Colony is growing hungry for power, and each day they come closer to defeating their enemies. Twilight Colony is falling apart, secrets strike at its heart, and threats assault its borders. Drama is not unheard of, here. Neither is murder.

Heptagon by Streampaw, Willowlight, Foxpaw, and Mistleheart

  • When nine young cats from different clans begin meeting up in secret, it seems like a dream come true. After sunset, they sneak out of their clans to seek excitement through performing dare-devil activities and raiding other loner groups. But they have forgotten one thing- there is a price for everything, and this time they may not be able to pay it...

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