Sorry this is out so late!!! -Goldie

RaggedOak's Return Edit

-By Goldie (Goldenstreak)

On July 7th, RaggedOak came on Wiki Chat. A lot of people left nice things on her message wall for when she returned a couple weeks ago. Everyone is glad she's back and can't wait to see her again.

Peto's Birthday Edit

-By Goldie (Goldenstreak)

On July 14th, it was Peto's birthday! Many people wished her happy birthday on Hangouts and Wollow made her a drawing.

Fanfiction Awards!!! Edit

- By Foxpaw

On July 17th 2016, a blog post with Fanfiction Awards was proposed by Foxey. Nominations are beginning and ending on July 30th 2016. All nominated fanfictions MUST be finished. Later, the voting will begin and the awards will be announced. Stay posted by checking Foxey's user blog or check out the nomination blog post. Thank you!

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