This is a community fanfic spoof for a BlogClan Valentine's Day.


A couple of BlogClan cats want to celebrate their twoleg holiday, Valentine's Day. What fun and magic will they stir up in this celebration?

Party ScheduleEdit

  • Singing
  • Competition
  • Feast
  • Dance


Register on Steppy's wall to be in the fanfic. Just say if you are writing or editing. Or if you want to be in it, choose if you are a Record Player, Party Planner, Feast Manager, or just mentioned.


Writers: Foxpaw, Sagemist, Wavepaw, Breeze that Glides Through Summer, Flowerkit-FULL

Editors: Wavepaw, Foxpaw, Sagemist, Applewood, Breeze that Glides Through Summer, Sundance-FULL

Party Planners: Wavepaw, Foxpaw, Applewood, Breeze that Glides Through Summer,Stoatkit-FULL

Competition Designers: Appledapple, Flowerkit, Gladepaw

Feast Managers:: Stoatkit,

Record Players-the song deciders in dance.: Juniperpaw

In General/Mentioned Flowerstream

Chapters begin when registration closes. Registration closes once we have 5 in each category.

If you have any questions, ask Steppy!

Thank You! May StarClan shine your way!

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