Bluebellpaw or call me Bluebell, i'm an apprentice in BlogClan. My mentor is Sunny.

Description of me Edit

i am very crazy, weird, huge spongebob fan, but i'm nice. i'm a fluffy, long-furred dark gray-blue she-cat with dark blue eyes.

How I got into Warriors Edit

when i was in the 3rd grade my friend had brought these books to school and i asked to read a couple and that's how it began and i have now a bunch of arcs, novellas, super editions, mangas and field guides.

How I discovered BlogClan Edit

i saw where some of the facts about the cats on the warriors wiki and then i was first introduced to BlogClan well i waited a month until i joined on January 23rd, 2017 as Bluebellkit.

Fan Fictions Edit

my first fanfic is the Missing Switch which was a parody of Warriors and then after that book i wrote another fanfic which was an arc called Beginning of an Era and wrote the first book of that arc, A New Era and then yeah. Missing Switch is getting a sequel called Forest of Secrets of Secrets which is obviously a parody title of Forest of Secrets. i haven't done these fanfics in awhile, but i hope to continue and i'm very sorry for the hiatus, probably you don't care though.

How I joined the BlogClan Wiki Edit

i just decided to join one day.

Live Chats Edit

you can find me a lot on the live BlogChat on BlogClan named "Bluebellpaw" and you can find me on the Wiki Live Chat as well and if you don't know my username it's "Bluebell the Sponge"

What others say about me Edit

if you want to say something about me go ahead if you want to

Bella is super sweet and wonderful, plus I love seeing her comments around the blog! She's a great friend, and her SpongeBob memes are the best <3 ~Spidey

gallery of random stuff Edit

Ship! Lonelyspongebob SpongebobandpatrickMrkrabsviolinplaying Adventuretimeboxprince Spongebob b-dayWhat? Peridotflying Noodledancing
Weird looking dolphin i made only using a mouse

a weird looking dolphin i made using a mouse


Bluebellpaw by Sundance (Sunny)


Bluebellpaw by Forestflame (Fame)


Bluebellpaw by Kat

facts about me, yay.Edit

  • favorite breakfast meal are choccy chip pancakes.
  • favorite lunch is mac and cheese.
  • favorite dinner is salad or meatloaf
  • favorite desert is ice cream
  • Cats, doggos, birds and snakes are my favorite animals.
  • Spongebob, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Steven Universe are my favorite cartoons.
  • favorite tv shows are The Office, Brooklyn 99, and Monk
  • favorite book series are, Warriors and Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • my favorite warrior cats are Feathertail, Bramblestar, Yellowfang and Jayfeather.
  • least favorite warrior cats are Daisy, Ferncloud, Rainflower, Lizardstripe.
  • have three doggos and seven kitties
  • i like painting.
  • i love pokemon.
  • i REALLY love spongebob.
  • my favorite band is Gorillaz and i also like the Beatles
  • i'm a huge cat lady
  • i never capitalize my words though sometimes i do only for names and stuff
  • i'm in the seventh grade
  • i can play violin and clarinet
  • i love playing with my lego spongebob sets (don't judge please :P)
  • i use to like mash potatoes but i don't like them anymore
  • i like exploring the old abandoned BlogClan and the old BlogClan Wiki
  • breadcakes and bread cats are life
  • i live in one of the Midwestern states
  • i may create fan art of you just without even asking :P well it's not really fan art it's usually just drawing a cat face over stuff; maybe sometime in the future i'll try drawing real fan art
  • spaghetti is also life
  • procrastinating is what i do a lot ripperoni
  • i don't like math and i am very terrible at it
  • i'm attempting to learn Norwegian for some reason
  • haven't done my cringy fanfic in over a year mega oof
  • my birthday is October 20th
  • my clanniversary is January 23rd
  • i still don't know what my warrior name will be