Description Edit

Blueheart is a lithe, broad-shouldered, dark blue-gray she-cat, with piercing dark blue eyes.

Personality Edit

You don't wanna know. :P

Trailing Stars Edit

She is currently reading it. And soon, might like to write a chapter.

Quotes Edit

  • "*tacklwa*"- One time on WikiChat, trying to tackle Owlwater.
  • "Karkkila or simething like ltgsat" Talking with Swan on Wiki chat and finding town near Helsinki because she likes Finland :P
  • ”I want I ersbn” ~Blue being godly (Blue: I won't change it :P But my IPad was being stupid okay? :P )

Friends Edit

I just put the people that came to mind. Add yourself if you want! :D

  • Emma
  • Peto
  • Wavey
  • Juni
  • Icy
  • Sunny
  • Loudy ^^
  • Fallen
  • Riv
  • how is fawny not on here yet? :P (Seriously? :P)

Trivia Edit

  • She likes to write FanFiction
  • She loves Swan's Can't Escape
  • She is now writing her own BlogFic
  • She is being very lazy in writing Kit's First Pain
  • She is obsessed with Once Upon a Time
  • She loves Robin and Regina from OUAT
  • Her FanFic Kit's First Pain is roughly based around OUAT
  • She looks up to Regina from OUAT
  • She likes Watermelon flavored things
  • She only drinks water, except for one cup of Minute Maid Berry Punch a day, and different sodas when she goes out to eat.
  • Wolves are her favorite animals
  • She is scared/hates bugs, especially flying ones
  • Her favorite dog breed is a Doberman
  • She likes to order Swan on WikiChat every morning
  • She is Home Schooled
  • She um, loves the book series 'The Missing' by 'Margaret Peterson Haddix'
  • Her favorite character in The Missing is JB
  • fawny likes to boss her around, call her bloo and mom and get her on wiki chat fawny is technically her master and there's nothing she can do about it hahahahahahahaha

Roleplay Edit

To see her RP Cats go here: