Description Edit

Blueheart is a lithe, broad-shouldered, dark blue-gray she-cat, with piercing dark blue eyes.

Personality Edit

You don't wanna know. :P

Trailing Stars Edit

She is currently reading it. And soon, might like to write a chapter.

Quotes Edit

  • "*tacklwa*"- One time on WikiChat, trying to tackle Owlwater.
  • "Karkkila or simething like ltgsat" Talking with Swan on Wiki chat and finding town near Helsinki because she likes Finland :P

Trivia Edit

  • She likes to write FanFiction
  • She loves Swan's Can't Escape
  • She is now writing her own BlogFic
  • She is being very lazy in writing Kit's First Pain
  • She is obsessed with Once Upon a Time
  • She loves Robin and Regina from OUAT
  • Her FanFic Kit's First Pain is roughly based around OUAT
  • She looks up to Regina from OUAT
  • She likes Watermelon flavored things
  • She only drinks water, except for one cup of Minute Maid Berry Punch a day, and different sodas when she goes out to eat.
  • Wolves are her favorite animals
  • She is scared/hates bugs, especially flying ones
  • Her favorite dog breed is a Doberman
  • She likes to order Swan on WikiChat every morning
  • She is Home Schooled
  • She um, loves the book series 'The Missing' by 'Margaret Peterson Haddix'
  • Her favorite character in The Missing is JB

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