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Breeze that Glides Through Summer is a golden brown tabby she-cat with striking green eyes, and she is a Bengal.

Breeze that Glides Through Summer
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Breeze that Glides Through Summer has a strange personality. She is loud and extremely annoying to everyone on BlogClan, and in her opinion, talks way more than she really should. She likes to think that everyone is her friend, but that's probably not true.

On the Blog

Since January 1st of 2016, she has been part of BlogClan. Right now, she is running for Senior Warrior.

On the Wiki

Breeze that Glides Through Summer has been part of the BlogClan 2 Wikia for a little over a year. She is generally active on the Wiki and loves to roleplay and go on chat.

In Trailing Stars

Unfortunately, Breeze that Glides Through Summer has never been featured in Trailing Stars or edited/wrote it. However, her name is in the Jar.


I'll add more to here later. :D

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