Broken Hopes is a fanfic written by Foxsoul. Edit

Prologue Edit

Bright blinked, the world fading in and out of focus all around her. She could make out other cat's voices, but couldn't concentrate. The only thing she could think about was the blinding pain running down her side. She swayed slightly before losing consciousness, seeing nothing but pure, black, darkness as she hit the floor.

Chapter One Edit

Bright awoke, soreness pounding at her body as she attempted to get up. "Stay down!" Tinge hissed tenaciously. Bright blinked in surprise. "What happened?" She asked quietly, her shy voice cracking. Tinge's expression softened slightly. "You were attacked by some strange cats. Mange pelts, they were." Bright blinked again. "Attacked?" She whispered. Tinge nodded tersely, moving to his right to sort herbs. Out of the corner of her eye, Bright saw an ice-white cat pad into the den. "Snow!" She mewed, her heart soraring with happiness. Bright tried to scramble up, but Snow had pressed his muzzle to her shoulder. "Please, don't hurt yourself." Snow turned to Tinge. "Do you mind if I stay here a while?" Tinge glared at Snow, rolling his eyes scornfully. "Fine." He spat. Snow purred slightly, curling himself into Bright's makeshift nest. Bright's eyes widened in surprise, the sound of her purr joining his. "How are you?" Snow whispered. Bright froze in surprise. Is this really happening? Is Snow in my nest? She thought, panicking. Snow's meow interrupted her thoughts. "Bright, are you okay?" Bright blinked, remembering everything.

Chapter Two Edit

Bright walked with Snow, talking. They had been growing close recently, spending whatever free time they had together. Moonlight shone down on Snow's icy-white pelt, making him stand out even more than usual. Bright glanced once again towards Snow. He's so beautiful, she thought. Ice-white. And I got stuck with just... brown. Suddenly, Bright was snapped back to reality. Snow had softly intertwined his tail with hers. Bright purred, surprise and happiness mingling together. Just then, the bushes rattled. Both Bright and Snow turned around.

From somewhere came a gasp of surprise as a dark black shape jumped out and raked a sharp claw along Bright. "Bright, no!" Snow yowled. He turned to face her attacker, but it had already fled. Tinge, the healer, came sprinting out of the trees, stopping only when he had seen Bright bleeding horribly on the ground. The last thing Bright remembered was Snow leaning over her and saying "Don't go! I need you!"

Chapter Three Edit

Bright blinked and looked at Snow. He was looking at her worriedly and expectantly. "Yeah, I'm alright." Bright responded, her mew a low whisper. Snow shook his head and pressed himself to Bright. She looked up, purring quietly. For a brief moment, they both met each other's eyes, unblinking. They both proceeded to look away, embarrassed and unable to hide their purrs. Snow gently began to groom the area around Bright's wound. Bright purred in content, not bothering to hide it this time. She's so beautiful... I wonder if she likes me. Snow thought to himself. Bright shyly laid her head on his flank, slowly closing her eyes. Snow leaned forward and whispered "You should get some sleep. I'll be here in the morning." Bright purred even louder in response, and responded "Sweet dreams." Snow kept watch over her, making sure she slept well. Eventually, he laid his head on Bright's flank and slipped into sleep.

Chapter Four Edit

As soon as Bright awoke, her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. I-is that Snow? In my nest? She stared in awe at his pure-white pelt, astounded. Bright purred loudly, Snow's warmth pouring into her like a flood. Snow lifted his head, blinking sleepily. Where am I? What happened? He gently lifted his head off of Bright's flank, still groggy from staying up. His breathing halted as he connected eyes with Bright. "Bright!" he whispered happily. His purr once again mingled with hers. Suddenly, Snow felt a rush of embarrassment as he realized that he was in his crush's nest, pressed up against her. "Uh I-I should go..." Snow said, before scrambling out

of the den quickly. Bright stood up as well, before collapsing with a stabbing pain along her side. "Snow!" She called weakly. Snow skidded to a halt outside of the medicine den, cringing. He spun around and raced back to the den, panting slightly. "Bright? Your wound's bleeding! What happened?!" Snow began lightly licking the long slice along her body, as Bright purred softly. "C-Can you sleep one more night here?" Bright whispered. "Of course, Bright." Snow responded.

Chapter Five Edit

Snow spent most of the remaining day conversing with Fox and Crimson, who came into the den a few minutes after the exchange with Bright. Snow noticed that Crimson seemed... closer than usual. Bright leaned over to Snow and whispered "Do you think some kits might be due soon?" in his ear. Snow purred and let out a noise of laughter. His heart skipped as Bright layed down into his chest, relaxing into him. Snow nervously licked Bright's ears, while Bright arched her neck, purring. Fox shot Crimson a glance and turned to Snow. "We have to... Go. Have fun." Letting out a purr of laughter, they left Snow and Bright to themselves. Bright's eyes drooped, as she was obviously exhausted. Snow licked the top of Bright's head shyly. "You should get some sleep, Bright. You're tired." Bright's eyes opened quickly. "No! I want to stay up with you!" She said in her soft voice. Snow purred lightly. "You need your rest. C'mon." Bright shook her head. "No. I'm going to stay up with you." Snow let out a soft noise of laughter. "Fine. I give up." Bright purred happily in response and scooched up next to Snow, pressing herself into him warmly. Suddenly, both Bright and Snow's ears perked up at a cracking sound from outside.

Chapter Six Edit

Snow got up slowly, padding silently to the entrance of the den. Bright's chest ached with apprehension and fear. All of a sudden, a lightly colored cat launched at Snow. He attempted to turn to face his attacker, but it was too late. Snow's blood spattered the den's walls as his body hit the ground with a thud. "NO!" Bright

screeched, her stomach dropping. The cat emerged from the shadows, but Bright's focus was on Snow, making a gurgling noise as blood pooled out of his throat onto the floor. Bright frantically turned to the murderous cream she-cat. "Please! Save him! Please!" She moaned desperately. The cream cat's eyes opened wider. "W-What? Why?" Bright's eyes burned with pure anger. "Because I love him!" She spat. The she-cat's eyes were wide open now. "I-I-I'm so sorry! I-I thought..." She cut herself off as she rushed towards Snow. The mysterious cat was shoved aside as Tinge rushed in, covered in the scent of pine trees. He began working on Snow's gaping wounds as Bright watched in pure terror, shaking. Hours of work later, Snow lay motionless in what used to be Bright's nest. His chest barely rose and fell, each breath a chance.

Chapter Seven Edit

Bright stared at the she-cat in the corner before limping over painfully and laying down beside her. The cream cat jumped as Bright addressed her. "What's your name?" The she cat gave Bright a terrified look. "I-I'm F-F-F-Fang..." she stuttered. Bright held back her anger. This cat's obviously scared of me. I need to know why she tried to kill Snow. She turned to Fang once more. "Why?" She asked simply. Fang's ears were flat on her head. "B-B-Because I d-didn't know that a-anyone l-lived here. I-I thought h-he was a r-rogue." Fang spluttered. Bright forced herself to nod, and limped back to Snow's unresponsive body. She pressed herself to him, falling asleep again. When she awoke, Snow was, by some miracle, awake and responsive next to her. His purr was incredibly loud as he ferociously nuzzled her, licking her muzzle. Bright purred with joy, licking Snow back. "You're okay!" She exclaimed in her silky voice. Snow nodded, purring louder. Bright curled into Snow's stomach, pressing herself into him as much as she could. Snow curled himself around her protectively. Snow leaned down, laying his muzzle on top of Bright's. "I love you, Bright." he whispered quietly. Bright looked up into his golden eyes. "I love you too, Snow." she whispered back.

Chapter Eight Edit

Snow's heart nearly exploded with joy. "Y-you do?" He said, astounded. "Of course." Bright purred back. Snow rubbed his cheek against hers, purring along with her. "How's your wound feeling?" He murmured in Bright's ear. Bright looked up at him. "I'm fine as long as you're with me." She mumbled, embarrassed. Snow blinked, surprised by her comment. He decided to lick her wound to break the awkward silence, and succeeded as he heard the increasingly familiar sound of Bright's purr. Snow attempted to ignore the not-so-subtle pain in his wound, focusing on the smooth pelt of Bright. She noticed almost immediately, staring at his tightened throat. "What's wrong?" She questioned tersely. Snow looked at Bright in surprise, having never heard this side of her before. "Nothing." He mumbled. Bright's eyes flashed dangerously. "Yes there is." She hissed quietly. Snow gaped and her, unsure of what to say in response. How does she know about my neck?! He thought nervously. "You need sleep. Now." Bright commanded. Snow knew there was no way out of this situation and simply nodded, laying his head down on her flank. Bright's gaze softened as she curled around Snow and drifted into sleep.

Chapter Nine Edit

Bright snapped awake aggressively, the sound of yowls and screeches ringing in her ears. She looked around frantically, trying to locate the source of the horrendous sounds, but her eyes were unable to focus, everything fading into different shades of grey. Her side screamed with pain as she felt her pelt slowly rip open, blood pouring out onto the floor as she howled in confusion and agony. The familiar sensation of blacking out swamped her as she thudded to the floor.

Chapter Ten Edit

Snow refused to leave Bright's motionless side, even after being told by Tinge repeatedly. He couldn't grip the fact that she might not wake up. He simply couldn't; He needed her too much. Her breathing came in shallow and sporadic gasps. As Snow faded into daydreams, Fox trotted in happily, a small she cat at his side. She looked extremely nervous and persistently glanced around her. Fox's once-happy face had darkened, his eyes becoming dark and empty. He didn't react to seeing Bright, just led the small she-cat away from the gruesome scene. Snow turned back to Bright and laid his head on her back. If she dies, I'll be right here.

Chapter Eleven Edit

she breathed.

she moved.

her blood pooled on the floor.

but she lived.

Chapter Twelve Edit

Snow still hadn't moved from Bright. He had noticed what seemed to be an irregular heartbeat inside of her, 4 beats instead of 2 in rhythm. He had mentioned this to Tinge what felt like hundreds of times, but he refused to tell Snow what it was. "Tinge, tell me or..." Snow mumbled sleepily. Tinge sighed, accepting that he had to tell him sooner or later. "Bright might die, but there's another thing." He said. Snow's stomach dropped. "And..." he

pressed, knowing that there was more dire news to be heard. The wind whistled as a sand-colored she cat gracefully stepped into the medicine den, looking deathly tired. "And according to her symptoms, she's pregnant." The unknown cat said. Every single cat in the den froze and Snow cried out in sorrow as the news hit them like a sharp claw.

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