Other Names Cheetahpaw (former), Cheetah, Cheeto, Ches, Sparky (woof woof), Flamin' Hot Cheetah, Cheez-it, why are so many of these snack related? I don't really care what anyone calls me though :P
Relatives Mother:Swiftstream Stepmother:Monogramfeather Father:Duckwing Sister:Tumblepaw Stepbrother:Frostkit Stepsister:Ravenlight

BlogClan ~ Secret Clans:FireClan, BreezeClan, RandomClan, RainClan, TwolegplaceClan, HeatherClan, Tribe of Endless Flame, HerbClan, PeaceClan, SparkClan, MintClan, Bookish Birds, still working on a few more...</span>

Biographical information
Mentor Beckoning Paw (former)
Apprentice Rosepaw
Rank Warrior
Physical description
Gender She-cat
Breed Bengal
Fur Color Tan with black spots and stripes
Eye Color Emerald-green
Cheetahspark is a small, sleek, short-furred tan she-cat with black stripes on her legs, tail, and face, and black leopard spots on her fur. She has a pale chest and belly and emerald-green eyes.

On The Blog Edit

Cheetahspark became a part of the Blog on January 7, 2018. She tries to post on the Blog as often as she can, and enjoys responding to other users' comments. She loves to write Fanfiction, and has entered a few contests. She likes to write articles, and two of her (very, very cringy) articles have been published. Her mentor was Beckoning Paw, who she tried to be the most annoying apprentice ever to. Just kidding. She attended the April 2018 Gathering as a Bookish Bird, and is proud to say that she earned her team two whole points with her pointless knowledge of the fact that Foxleap wanted to be called Foxcatcher. She's super active, meaning that she doesn't have a life, but she enjoys it. She became a warrior on May 18, 2018. On May 19, 2018, Rosepaw became her apprentice. That was a very short time without an apprentice :P But she's super glad Rose is her apprentice because now she can pester her about Crose.

Personality Edit

Cheetahspark is outgoing but can be socially awkward and shy at times. She tends to get annoyed very easily, and is rude to annoying or mean people. Cheetahspark tends to be sarcastic, but likes to joke around and have fun. She is more mature than most people and will make fun of those that are acting unhelpful, annoying, or bratty. She is very close to her friends and family and enjoys their company. When she is around her friends, she tends to open up more than she would around a stranger. She also stopped pretending she was a cat and gave up. She also practically lives on the internet now (thanks a lot BlogClan). However, despite being introverted and quiet in real life, the internet brings out her SPARKLING personalty from within. Or not, and she's just kidding herself :P Really though, on BlogClan, she's energetic (as energetic as you can be on a device), cheerful, and bouncy. Hopefully this will make her more so in real life, but only time will tell.

Praising of my Awesomeness Edit

And now I’m messing up your page but WHO CARES? Cheetah is soooo nice and sweet and caring and kind and fantabulous and friends with everybody! SHE IS THE BEST!! 


*stumbles in* oh hey. Cheetah is, like Spicy said, sweet, kind, fantabulous, awesome, and WEIRD! (but in a good way, :D) (and also Spicy was not auto correct XD) 

-Rosie (:P) 

Cheetah is awesome and nice and convinced me to like Doctor Strange again :P :P :P :P 


Trivia Edit

  • Cheetahspark's birthday is January 21
  • Her Clanniversary is January 7, 2018
  • Her hobbies include reading, horseback riding, drawing, singing, and theater
  • She has read every warriors book; some multiple times
  • She also loves Percy Jackson about as much as Warriors
  • She loves fantasy, dystopian, action, and adventure books
  • Her brother attempted to read warriors but failed after like the third page (he crushed my soul)
  • Loves watching warrior cat rap battles on youtube (Blixemi duh)
  • Cheetahspark's best friend is also a warriors fan; her warrior name is Pigeonflight/Tigerstripe/Moonheart/Undecided
  • Cheetahspark has cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and cats
  • She loves animals of every variety (dolphins and cheetahs are my favorite)
  • Cheetahspark can start and finish at least two Warriors books in a day (probably more)
  • Most people in her grade call her savage because she (accidentally) roasted someone during Spanish class
  • Her friends call BlogClan a warriors-worshipping cult
  • She came up with her name when she remembered how she used to play a warriors game with her sister and brother, where she was Cheetahstar, leader of IceClan :)
  • She has an unhealthy Flamin' Hot Cheeto obsession
  • A failed combination between Cheetahspark and Ebonyrain that was supposed to be "Cheetahrain" got autocorrected to "Cheetorain", therefore forever shipping Ebonyrain with Cheetahspark as a Cheeto
  • Got somehow involved in whatever the heck this is: click this for your doom

BlogClan Friends Edit

Add yourself and your page's link if you want! (you'll only hurt my feelings if you don't 😜)

Libbypaw (Libbytail/paw)

Silv (Silverleaf/paw)

Moon (Moonbreeze/paw)

Loudy the Loudiest Fern ;P

Fallen (Fallenpaw/shadows)

Riv (Riverpaw)

Leapy (Fireleap)

Oakie (Oakwhisker) who doesn't have a creative name and is too lazy to link :P

Beckoning "Nin" Paw



Honey Nut Leafios (Leaf Lost in Blizzard)

TACOFIAH (Ebonypaw/rain)

SPOODER CAT (Spiderpaw/song)

Calmpaw (Calmlake)

Lilypaw (Lilypaw)

Aster the Evidently Awesome (Asterpaw/flame)

Just Monika (Mistlepaw)

Rosepaw (just Rosepaw :P I'm so dang original)

Lily That Shines Like Dawn

Wistep (Willowpaw/step)

Snowy (Snowystorm)

Stormberry Who Knows Princess Leia and is Also a Cat Master (Stormberry)

Real Life Friends Edit

Tigerstripe (she-cat)

Hawkcall (she-cat)

Duskheart (she-cat)

Dramasong (she-cat) - Sorta kinda my friend

Mapleleaf (she-cat)

Minnowsplash (she-cat)

Spidermist (she-cat)

Bluebellheart (she-cat)

Starlingbreeze (she-cat)

Warriors Edit

Favorite Books (I love them all though):

The Prophecies Begin- Into the Wild, Rising Storm

The New Prophecy- Dawn

Power of Three- Dark River

Omen of the Stars- The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope

Dawn of the Clans- The First Battle, Forest Divided

A Vision of Shadows (so far)- Shattered Sky

Super Editions- Firestar's Quest, Crookedstar's Promise, Hawkwing's Journey

Novellas- Hollyleaf's Story, Thunderstar's Echo, Leafpool's Wish, Mapleshade's Vengeance

Favorite Characters:

Ivypool, Jayfeather, Alderheart, Sun Shadow (my boii), Violetshine, Graystripe, Firestar, Bumblestripe, Needletail, Sleekwhisker, Mistystar, Hollyleaf, Leafstar, Cinderheart, Feathertail, Brook, Gray Wing, Jagged Peak, Dustpelt, Crowfeather, Turtle Tail, Windstar, Crookedstar, Harestar, Fuzzball, (probably way more I can't think of)

Least Favorite Characters:

Rainflower, Star Flower, Tom, Breezepelt, Heathertail, Rowanstar, Ashfur, sorta Hawkfrost (only because he killed Hollyleaf), Riverstar (I get a lot of backlash for this one), (probably way more)

Favorite Ships:

Jay X Half, Feather X Crow, Storm X Brook, Lion X Cinder, Holly X Fallen, Fire X Sand, Ivy X Fern, Gray X Turtle, Bumble X Rose, Crooked X Willow, Twig X Fin, Breeze X Heather, Alder X Needle, Tree X Violet, (more I can't think of)

Least Favorite Ships:

Bramble X Jessy, Ash X Squirrel, Leaf X Moth, Holly X Cinder, Night X Crow, Yellow X Ragged, Turtle X Tom, Storm X Moon, Shell X Rain, Thistle X Spotted, Sky X Anyone, Alder X Velvet (again, probably more)

Quotes Edit

Add a quote if you want! All these are mostly just weirdness.

"My life is a series of bad internet memes" - Me

"We used to be bros. Ashfur and I used to watch football together. You took that from me." - Thornclaw to Hollyleaf about Ashfur in Moonkitti's video "Ashfur Dies"

"While Flametail is falling through the ice, Dawnpelt is accusing Jayfeather of murder, and Ivypool is fighting literal demons, Dovewing is creating a pointless love triangle with Tigerheart." - From some random "Everything Wrong With Warrior Cats" video

"I've always wanted to have a staring contest with a goose..." - Me on the Tavern

"I always knew cows would be my undoing, but who would have guessed that Cheetah would play a part in it" - Sundance after I killed her with a stampede of cows in a death generator


"If only I could be a middle school dropout..." - Pretty much everyone in my grade all the time

"I don't want to be awake.

I am awake.

I don't want to be."

- A stunningly relatable poem by Icy

"Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you gotta just let them hit you in the face." - My horrible advice on the Hug Page

"gah" - My apparent catch phrase



FIGHT ME." -Me; I have a problem

"....James Cordon." - It was live chat; just don't ask

"I'm the slacker of my advanced math class... which makes me... normal?" -moi

Fanfics/Blogfics Edit

Seasons of Night (collab)

IceClan's Ruin

Frostfeather's Origins

Blinded by Rage

Second Chances

Stranger Danger

Featured in Beneath the Trees

Featured in Animal Survival

Featured in The Coffee Throne I and II

Ships (yes I'm actually including these) Edit

People that I have actually been shipped with: (there aren't many) (the arrival of the Shipping Page brought a whole swarm of craziness)

  • So Leafypaw shipped me with her friend Silverpaw (a BlogClanner) even though I have legit never talked to him.... so I guess Cheetah X Silverpaw?
  • Cheetah X Iris happened by some random thought of Maple
  • "Foxie X Cheetah ftw brought to you by the one and only amazing Duskpaw!!!!" -Duskpaw, obviously I brought this upon myself
  • Ahhh me and Spidey kept making Spidah happen... (Spidah = Cheetah X Spidey)

Cat Fursona Edit


Gallery Edit

My fursona pegasus!

By Moonbreeze (of my Seasons of Night character)

Libbypaw and cheetahpaw-0

By Libbypaw (of Cheetahspark & Libbypaw)

Ottie&#039;s drawing of me

By Ottie (of my fursona) 
Spidey drew me!
 By Spidey (of my fursona)