Cinderpaw/tail is a white she-cat with light gray splotches, tail-tip and blue eyes.

Background Edit

Cinderpaw is a (mostly) cringeworthy and whiney being on Blogclan. Her birthday is the 15th of October. She discivered Blogclan in 2015, but forgot about it later on. She has then rediscovered it from Moonkitti's video. She's now a weeb thanks to rewatching Yuri on ice.

Personality Edit

Cind is really sloppy and forgetful. She types quite fast without checking on her spelling, which makes her look like a bad person at grammar. She easily gets addictive and is quite obsessive on the things she loves. She doesn't like praise for some weird reason. She hates her old cringey comments, some made by her cousin.

On Blogclan Edit

Cinderpaw tries to be active on the blog, but fails. She really likes BlogChat for some weird reason. When she joined she was actually supposed to be an apprentice.

She has edited Chapter Twenty of Trailing Stars.

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Coming soon.

Qoutes (This is where I keep track of things) Edit

"Um err um um um um um um um um idek." -Cind on a daily basis

"i'm sharksexual." -Cind on a dA status post

"i love me some sharks." -Cind, again confessing her love of sharks.

"yes, I'm spacesharksexual." -Cind opening the closet door to a dA friend. What a brave child.

"okok im going to start a cult about worshipping geese." -me

"foos." -Atleast everyone on the wiki.

"a e s t h e t i c s a r e c o o l" -Everyone in existence

"me me big boy." -Everyone who watches Jacksfilms

Trivia Edit

  • She's a weeb.
    • Enough said.
  • Cind is actually questioning but she's probably Demisexual Panromamtic or Homoromantic.
    • But also Spacesharksexaul™
  • She rewatched Hetalia two times.
    • The first time blind for a few episodes.
    • The secound time is because she fORGOT WHAT HAPPENED.
  • She's been shipped with Lup, Aspen and Moon
  • She plays the trumpet

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