Cloudsight is a white tom with pale blue eyes, a long, whip-like tail, and soft fur.

He is a warrior on Blogclan.

Personality Edit

Idk man I'm still in the process of figuring that out myself.

On the Blog Edit

Mostly inactive, though I do appear every once in a while! Joined on March 25th, 2018.

I temporarily quit in early July but I'm back now!

Warriors Edit

I'm not heavily opinionated on it as of now, but I do like Tigerheartstar quite a bit!

Trivia Edit

  • I'm the human embodiment of dead memes
  • I just realized my name implies my sona's blind oh dear
  • I can draw well, but I don't draw often
    • It's a double edged sword man
  • I like My Hero Academia a lot!
    • My favorite characters are Buff Tin Tin, Hardman, Bakugan, and That One Big 3 Lady
      • I also kinda ship kiribaku incase ya wanna know {it's the only thing I currently ship in the whole 2 fandoms I'm in}
  • I am, 100%, a furry
    • sorry dad
  • My mbti personality type is, based on the last time I took the test, enfp
    • it changes every month so idk what it really is
  • Whenever I take alignment tests I either get true neutral or chaotic neutral
    • I'm also close to getting chaotic evil and neutral evil?? welp guess i'm almost evil
  • My bday is May 19th, 2004!
  • I can speak English fluently {cause it's my native language}, basic Spanish, and I'm currently taking German in school!
    • I want to learn more languages but I have 0 motivation to do so haha
  • I like memes so you can send me some dank ones if ya want ;)))
  • This page is so bad I'm sorry
    • I just wanted to change it asappp
  • I'm also looking for an apprentice so if ya see somethin u like just message me!

Shrek Edit

Feel free to add any random images of Shrek here, or just Shrek memes! Both are very good!

I'd add a couple myself but I don't know how to add images plesb help