Cloudsight is a white tom with pale blue eyes, a long, whip-like tail, and soft fur.

He is a warrior on Blogclan.

Personality Edit

I’m extremely reserved and timid in real life, and known for being rather smart. Online, however, I’m... not lol. I’m really sporadic and talkative, and I have a more nihilistic optimistic point of view. I tend to use slang and emojis way too much too.

Interests Edit

Drawing, Warriors, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Undertale & Deltarune, Danganronpa, Evangelion, and My Hero Academia.

On the Blog Edit

I joined on March 25th, 2018, temporarily left without warning in July, and came back in either September or October. I became Dapplepaw’s mentor on January 15th, 2019. I’m usually seen on the Tavern.

On the Wikia Edit

I only go on here to edit this and read other people’s Wikia pages.

My username on the Wikia is Carnations

Trivia Edit

  • I’m 14 and was born on May 19th {making ya boy a Taurus}
  • I’m currently being charged with emoji abuse. Local authorities are looking over my case
  • I'm on mobile 99% of the time
  • I like memes and often go on the r/memes subreddit when I’m not on Blogclan
  • I’m apparently an infp and I hate it {MBTI}
  • I’m also true neutral which I’m more content with {DnD alignment}
  • UHHH I’m not interesting pfffffft
  • If you’ve played / watched someone play Danganronpa v3 and want to cry over Kokichi’s death with me you’re more than welcome to :’(

Shrek Edit

feel free to add pics of my 2nd dad {shrek} if u want to {or any memes tbh but shrek is preferred}

I would if I were you ;)

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