Fursona Edit

Cloverpaw is a sleek silver-grey she-cat with bright blue eyes. She has one white paw.

Personality Edit

Cloverpaw is an outgoing and fun-loving cat who loves hanging out in BlogClan. She is somewhat shy at first but with her friends she is a total extrovert! Many of her friends think she is TOO perky and energetic though. Her personality type is ENFP.

Quotes Edit


Live, Laugh, Love, and BE AWESOME!!!!! - Mah life motto

Perky? I take that as a compliment -Another thing I say often

Signature Edit

Here is my new siggie: Cloverpaw Don't worry, Be Happy

History Edit


Cloverpaw joined BlogClan in July 2016 as Mintleaf and then later made a Wordpress account under Cloverpaw.

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite color is pink
  • A computer geek ^^
  • She 💖 Kawaii
  • Loves to draw cats and make fanfiction (mostly in her head)
  • Fan of Moonkitti and her videos
  • New to BlogClan
  • Goes crazy when she eats chocolate!
  • Currently has no mentor


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