Okay, so I wrote this story on WFW so the format is sorta from them, but I really want you guys to see my masterpiece.

Mommacat 400 MommaPrisonCat TrinaWilliams 1-15-10


"StormClan and DarkClan were fine

Usual gatherings, hunting well

But one apprentice come, put one paw in the wrong direction,

Crime happens

And truth always comes out, no matter what"

Smokepaw is an ordinary apprentice in StormClan, a clan full of popularity and who's the next big thing, to an unacceptable rate. When Smokepaw finds herself amidst turmoil, a regretful decision is forced to be made-that determines her very position.

Season 1

The beginning, where we delve into Smokepaw's world and viewpoint of the crime.


Some fun facts you never knew about Crime


Specials for Crime, where hidden secrets are revealed.

Fan Sign UpEdit




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