StormClan is all about beauty and who's popular. There are daily arguments, fighting over toms and a yearly once official beauty queen. A young trainee wrongly stepping into the turmoil. And as this happens, the greatest event ever in StormClan history. A crime. How will the culprit get away with this? Will they succeed? Or will they be caught?

Season 1Edit

Episode 1-Pilot

Smokepaw, apprentice of StormClan, asks for nothing more than her crush Dustpaw to return the feelings. But when the most popular apprentice becomes her rival for him, she finds herself stuck in turmoil

Episode 2-Popularity Sucks

As the days go by, Smokepaw has finally accepted that Dustpaw is no longer, or has ever been hers-or has she? And what will she do about Prettypaw's cruel threats? And an annoying DarkClan apprentice?

Episode 3-Stupid toms

Smokepaw has finally found someone she can confide in. Surprisingly, stalker Clawpaw. She fears for forbidden love, and can't help but notice Dustpaw's similarity in him. And fear strikes a new level as Prettypaw is ready to spill blood.

Episode 4-Murder

As Prettypaw takes the most dangerous decision ever, it's up to Smokepaw to defend herself...or die.

Episode 5-Who?:

It's happened. The crime has been committed and Smokepaw doesn't know what to do. But Dustpaw has a secret, will it shatter Smokepaw?

Episode 6-Mystery

The talk of the town. The murderer is all the clan talks about. One moon, later nothing changes-except Smokedapple.

Episode 7-Culprit

Smokedapple feels suspicions rising. What should she do? And can she possibly feel a soft spot for the one she loathes.

Episode 8-Don't stop now

Smokedapple is feeling guiltier than ever at what is she is doing to her leader's heart. But she knows she can guide herself with Clawstrike's words: "Don't stop now"

Episode 9:Preparations

The Moonlight ball awaits....also Nightsparkle's "real" kits are born.

Episode 10:This is love

Smokedapple has been through so much. Can this be her gift for the apology of the Crime?

Crime Character List

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