For Crime, by the marvelous Steppy

You belong with me

You're on the phone with your girlfriend

She's upset

Going on about something that you said.

She doesn't get your humor like I do....

Prettypaw snarled at Dustpaw. "I saw you complimenting Smokepaw! Is there something going on?" "Of course not!", Dustpaw snapped. "You know I wouldn't do that. I only love you and no one else.", they touched muzzles unaware of a certain apprentice seething. Me.

I'm in my room, it's a typical Tuesday night.

I'm listenin' to the kinda music she doesn't like.

And she'll never, know your story like I do.

I sighed remembering Dustkit's passion for swans. Because of his departed mother, Swanfeather. All the others, including Prettykit, had thought this was another of his weird antics. I glare up at the couple, washing their pelts together, as I ate my favorite fruit, pomegranate. She liked grapefruit-like just about any popular cat.

But she wear short skirts

I wear t-shirts

She's cheer captain

And I'm on the bleachers.

Prettypaw walked about, sashaying across the camp, she cats staring jealously. I look down at my own pelt, untidy, and dull gray-blue eyes. I felt seething seeing Dustpaw ever so smirky and show off-y as if he was the most handsome junk in the world. A week ago, he was just like me. I notice Musclepaw the same. It wasn't that he liked Prettypaw; just that he wasn't the "most" popular anymore. But something told me he wasn't the best ally.

Dreaming 'bout the day

When you wake up and find

That what you're lookin for

Has been here the whole time!

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you!

Been here all along so why can't you see

You belong with me?

You belong with me.

I slept peacefully at night, remembering back in the day when I would hang around Dustpaw, just chatting about the day, when a dark threatening figure loomed upon me. Prettypaw. I woke up just then to see Prettypaw standing above me. "You're on dawn patrol. Better not be late.", she showed her teeth and padded out of the apprentice den. I hissed. Can't Prettypaw at least let me dream what I want?

You say you're fine I know you better then that!

Hey whatchu doin with a girl like that?

Prettypaw snarled. "Why do you eat so much? And for the love of StarClan I hate swan feathers; get rid of those!" I bit back a gasp. Prettypaw still didn't understand? Why did he let her do that? Swan feathers were his only memory of his mother. I felt a surge of anger towards Prettypaw for making my love miserable, praying to StarClan to make things right.

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