Leader: Dashstar-black and white tom with yellow eyes.

Deputy: Lilacheart- Gray she cat with heather eyes

Medicine Cat: Ripplestream-Blue gray she cat with amber eyes

Apprentice: Swiftpaw-ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes


Featherstream-Silver she cat

Willowdream-Gray she cat

Fernsplash-Dark gray she cat

Wingfeather-Black tom

Aspenbranch-brown tom

Strongclaw-white tom

Shiningclaw-pale gray she cat with silver tinges

Brightlily-dark brown she cat with purple eyes


Smokepaw-Protagonist-smoky gray she cat with blue eyes

Prettypaw-Antagonist-Beautiful silver-gray she cat with lapis lazuli eyes

Dreampaw-Creamy white she cat with emerald eyes

Crystalpaw- Bluish- White she cat with crystal clear eyes

Musclepaw-Dark gray tom with muscles on his shoulders and forelegs and sharp claws

Dustpaw-Bright yellow tom with green eyes; slightly plump


Nightsparkle-Black she cat

Marigoldshine-Ginger she cat


Diamondkit-Ginger she cat

Topazkit-Blue-gray she cat


Songshine-White she cat

Minnowlight-Gray she cat

Aurafern-Blue-gray tabby

Sandfoot-Pale ginger tabby tom



Leader: Lilystar- Light Gray she cat

Deputy: Skywing-Dark gray she cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Lightfur-shining silver she cat

Apprentice: Shadowpaw-Black tom


Honeydapple-Golden she cat

Applepelt-Brown tom

Slashtooth-dark brown she cat

Larchfur-light gray she cat

Barktail-light brown tom

Frostwing-White-silver she cat

Amberbreeze-Amber she cat

Swiftlight-Black and white she cat

Heronflight-Ginger tabby tom

Shimmergloss-Black she cat


Yellowpaw-Yellow tabby she cat

Clawpaw-Dark gray solid-colored tom with blue eyes

Siftpaw-tabby tom

Jasminepaw-tabby and white she cat


Cloudclaw-Silver-gray she cat with splotches of white fur


Amethystkit-Gray she cat with violet eyes

Rubykit-Ginger she cat with blue eyes


Meadowleap-brown she cat

Fishtail-black she cat


Smokepaw: She is he main character of the story. She is Prettypaw's rival and likes Dustpaw, but decides she cannot ever trust another tom again.


Prettypaw-She is the antagonist and despises Smokepaw for liking her mate Dustpaw. Even though, Smokepaw got over it, Prettypaw still has an urge to make her suffer

Main CharactersEdit

Dustpaw- Dumb; sucker; Smokepaw's former love interest; Prettypaw's current one.

Clawpaw: Funny DarkClan guy who stalks Smokepaw. :P

Special AppearancesEdit

Skywing, deputy of DarkClan, dedicated as Skykit

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