Crisis of the Clans is written by GMDS!! Donut steel!!!

Chapter OneEdit

The clan gathered around it's leader, who was on highrock. The cats were muttering before the leader silenced them with a flick of his tail.

"I have an announcement!" He yowled grandly. "We shall all--" He turned pixelated. ":KDNFKJDS:FKLDFj;oknfaosdkjfao;wehfjouer8u39euhdnfijahfap38yr9p8w4wup438ur9p8wurjoiskdnskdf!!!11!!1!!" He glitched happily.

"HSDFJHL!!!1!" The clam errored back.

"ERR_404" StarClan called. "NO_INTERNET_DETECTED"

The clan gasped in shock. This had never happened before! "THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!!" One shrieked. "HOW WILL WE CONNECT WITH THE OTHER CLANS!!??" Some cats tried to access their smart phones, but they didn't work.

StarClan came down to them via *gasp* wired internet, and announced something new. "It's called, data!" "You have limited use per month-- I mean moon, and it's only for emergencies like these!" Bluestar said cheerily in her starry form. "If you go over the limit you have to go kill Dark Forest cats, so don't go over!" She continued. They then popped out of existence, leaving the shocked Clan cats tweeting the news, using their precious data.

The world was saved! They could go on CatBook and Tweeter! Not to mention Purrtrest and Fluffit.

The end of Chapter one!!

Hope you all enjoyed this thrilling first chapter of Crisis of the Clans!!11!! There will be more terrifying chapters in the future!! Writing this almost gave me a heart attack!!!!11!!!1!

Chapter TwoEdit

Tales from the Elders, as told by the Eldest Elder...

"In the beginning, there was no internet. There was no phones of any kind, no computers, and no way to contact other cats and Clans by arranging meetings and going to gatherings." *A collection of gasps from kits can be heard* "But then a StarClan cat accidentally hit one of twoleg's levitating power cords! As the stunned cat fell, from the sparks the first smart phones were born! And caused by the impact... the internet was born..! The internet, while she was in cat form, was described as a majestic greyish rainbow she-cat, made out of 45% cat videos, 35% fail videos, 19% randomness, and 1% social media.

"She came to the Clans bearing phones, and the first glitches were born. Cats started glitching in excitement! The very thing that is a cornerstone for our communication now didn't exist once upon a time! After 6 moons, Internetmeme, which was the internet's warrior name, eventually dissipated into pure internet. And all as it was today."

Coming soon, a new app...?