Daisyfrost is a white cat with tan paws, ears, muzzle, tail, and a thick and medium length pelt. They are a bit short, but has long limbs and large paws. They have blue eyes, as well as soft, velvety ears, tipped with dark brown.



On The Blog

Daisyfrost has been on the blog for almost a year, and joined about nine or ten months ago, and joined beneath a different name, Deerfang, although they thought at first that it was among many others. They now go by Daisyfrost, as well as their usual nicknames, Daisy or Dais. They can usually be found on The Tavern, The Hug Page, and occasionally floating around on a few other pages. They try to comment most days, but fails, and so they stalk the Tavern and the Hug Page for replies and comments of interest. They usually check the Blog a few times a day.


On The Wiki

Daisyfrost has been on the wiki for about four and a half months. They are fairly active, and already has about a thousand edits. They are on the Live Chat occasionally. They like to yell at Glade that her new name is Gladys, and at everyone else usually in random sentences in French, or making references to typos and inside jokes, as well as joking about Frodaisy (Frosty X Daisy), and generally being slightly disappointed when the jokes go unnoticed. They like to joke with people, and often lose track of time and ends up chatting until it's pretty late into the night, or early into the morning.



Daisyfrost can act very different from day to day, but is generally loud and silly. They are pretty dark, and sometimes has a very dark sense of humor. They usually twist things, and reads them wrong. They like to joke around and yell about ships, and they sometimes talk to themself apart from yelling with everyone else. They are not a very social person in person, and sometimes when confronted with talking to strangers, they will literally shake and force them-self not to run away. They are also scared of a lot of things, such as, being alone in the dark, not being able to protect them-self or others, hurting their friends, being hated by their friends and the ones they loves. They kind of like scary things, although. They enjoy learning about murders and investigations for them, as well as writing about murders. They are not swayed much by gore, and doesn't mind blood at all. Although, they hate to see people injured, from their pity for other's pain. They don't have very high pain tolerance, although they like to fight. They are usually not violent, but when they are especially angry they are. They do not like to hurt anyone usually.

 Daisy is an amazing friend and a wonderful person. BlogClan is really, really lucky to have them. <3 ~ Fallenpaw

Daisy is one of the best people I know. They always brightens my world and I cannot imagine a world without them. We are so lucky to know them and have them. <3 - Snowbreeze


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Feel free to add more some quotes that I've said!

"Oui oui mon ami." -Daisy

"Oh Jesuisies non." -Daisy

"I just named science..." -Daisy

"Gosh diddly freacken darn it." -Daisy

"So, you're into the Backyardigans?" -Goldi



- Daisyfrost joined the Blog on August 16th of 2016. -

- They joined the wiki on March 7th the next year, in 2017. -

- They became a warrior on June 10th, taking up the new name Daisyfrost. -

- Daisyfrost is learning French, and wants to know French, Spanish, Dutch, German, as well as Haitian Creole. They currently only know English and very basic French. -

- Daisyfrost's French name is Givre de Paquerette. -

- Daisyfrost now has over 1,000 edits, and achieved 1,000 on June 12th, 2017. -

Coding by Daisyfrost, art by Plume de Foudre.