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Dawnmist is a petite, silver-grey tabby she-cat with fern green eyes. She is not particularly pretty or stunningly beautiful - rather plain looking, in fact. She has a slender figure, small feet and a plumed tail. Her markings are quite subtle, and follow a vague classic pattern, and her fur is soft and long, tufting at the tips of her ears and on her chest. Her fur is lighter around her muzzle and underbelly.

On the Blog Edit

Dawnmist is the former medicine cat of the blog. She posted fairly often, and liked to debate Doctor Who. She also joined the first roleplay site, and created the second after its abandonment. She won many awards for her characters, and was loved by all.

Dawnmist returned to BlogClan not long before the verdict of the 2015 elections, however she still agreed to step down, and the role of Medicine Cat was filled by Kat in her stead.

She is an admin of Live Chat, and can be seen there quite frequently.

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel Edit

Chapter 1.

Coming soon

Trivia Edit

  • She is a fan of Doctor Who.
  • She also loves Harry Potter, Sherlock, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, His Dark Materials, etc.
  • She created the first Wiki.
  • She also created the second roleplay site.
  • Dazel, or Hazelmist, is the shipping of Dawnmist and Hazelburrow, and probably the most popular on the Blog.
  • Dawn Mist, a she-cat from the series Dawn of the Clans, was named for her.

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