Dewpaw is a sleek, medium-furred, light gray she-cat with darker gray flecks, bright blue eyes, and a pale pink nose.


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Dewpaw has a very sarcastic sense of humor.  Well, she thinks she does.  She has no idea and doesn't actually care what other people think.  She is definitely the "mom friend" and will not hesitate to tell you when you have done something stupid.  She's extremely introverted and shy.  Some might call her anti-social, but she's pretty open and talkative once you really get to know her.  She is very stubborn, and her own mother once said that she would argue with a dead horse.  It's probably true.  She is an an overachiever and has gotten herself in a few difficult situations over the years because of this.  She is also a procrastinator, but in her mind, that's fine, as long as she gets it done by the deadline, which she always does.  She is a total nerd and proud of it.

On The BlogEdit

Dewpaw joined the blog on July 30, 2016.  She calls that the day her life changed forever.  She's been active on the blog nearly every day since.  She posts mostly on the BlogClan Taven and the Fanfiction page. She loves putting BlogClanners into her fanfictions.  She also enjoys the live chat but is constantly missing it by annoyingly specific amounts of time.  She is friends with basically everyone (she's also just saying this because she is much too lazy to write down every single person she's friends with. Feel free to add yourself :P)  

Dewpaw's fanfictions include:

  • Random unnamed one (discontinued after only the prologue, oops)
  • Broken Snow
  • Growing Shadows
  • An introducing... her brand new series... A Dream of Darkness!
  • A Dream of Darkness: The Next Omen (in progress)
  • Random "I was bored at the airport" One-shot
  • April Fool's Day One-shot (hehe... this probably doesn't count as a fanfiction...)

On The WikiEdit

Dewpaw joined the wiki sometime in November but has not been active.  Mostly because she is unable to figure out how to do anything.


  • Dewpaw has a younger sister, Silverkit.
  • Her fandoms include Warriors, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Kane Chronicles, and probably a few more.
  • She is basically the grammar police at school
  • She is a swimmer.
  • And hates it.
  • She plans on running for medicine cat in the 2017 BlogClan elections. 
  • Dewpaw LOVES chocolate.
  • Her favorite school subject is History.
  • She loves musical theater.
  • She is in Chorus.
  • Dewpaw LOVES The Hunger Games.
  • She has apiphobia, which is the fear of bees and wasps.
  • If Dewpaw always said what was on her mind, she would be in a whole lot of trouble.

Things Dewpaw is Much Too Lazy to Learn Edit

  • The proper use of semicolons
  • How to cook
  • How to bake
  • How to draw a camel
  • When a comma, should be used
  • The chemical formula of lead
  • How to spell "accomadate" or is it "acommodate?"
  • How to code
  • How to animate


Silverkit, younger sister. (Silverleaf in Broken Snow and Growing Shadows was based off of her.)


"HELLO, HUMANS!!!"  -Dewpaw's favorite chat greeting.

"WILL HALF MOON BE ATTENDING THE WEDDING???!!!"  "Who is this 'Half Moon'?"  "JAY'S EX-GIRLFRIEND!!!" -Dewpaw, almost causing the breakup between Jayfeather and Stick.

"I have no idea what I'm doing."  -Dewpaw basically everywhere.

"I had way too much fun with that."  -Dewpaw after making the Clan leader die in Growing Shadows.


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