Dumb Ways to Die: 1 | Dumb Ways to Die: 2 | Dumb Ways to Die: 3

Written by Mistleheart and Mistsong.

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  • Pick a fight with a horde of angry raccoons.
  • Jump at a Twoleg monster.
  • Charge straight into the path of a falling tree.
  • Crash into a hummingbird, which accidentally pecks your throat.
  • Try to swallow a pregnant cow.
  • Stand underneath a falling tree.
  • Stick your head into a beehive and suffocate.
  • Challenge Brokenstar.
  • Swallow 100 bramble thickets, all at once.
  • Dive into the path of a falling tree.
  • Get crushed by a stampede of sheep terrified of you.
  • Jump into a dark burrow with badger-scent all over it.
  • Hurl yourself into a flood.
  • Leap into a well you can't see the bottom of.
  • Go swimming with a shark.
  • Hurl yourself into a tornado.
  • Eat a really sharp rock.
  • Throw yourself into a tsunami.
  • Bury yourself alive.
  • Challenge Scourge.
  • Walk in between a raging battle that is against two other Clans.
  • Run into a half-finished barbed wire fence and get your eyes stabbed out.
  • Change your diet to grass, grass, and grass.
  • Fall asleep on the Thunderpath.
  • Try to adopt a Doberman.
  • Run straight into a sharp branch pointed at you and get impaled.
  • Run straight into an avalanche.
  • Mistake a Twoleg charger for prey.

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