Ebonypaw is a current Blogclan apprentice. She is a blue-tinted grey tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. She is most active on Blogclan's Game Page. Her warrior name is Ebonyrain.

Her goal is to go on Blogclan everyday since the day she joined ,January 24 2018, and that hasn't broken yet. Ebonypaw might me quirky at times, but she tries to produce the best quality she can. Though, sometimes she can push herself too far, giving her a too tight of a time limit on her work.

Favorite Warriors Characters and Books Edit

River Ripple (Riverstar)



Tallstar's Revenge


River Ripple


Crookedstar's Promise

Moth Flight's Vision

Blogclan Friends. Edit









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Quotes Edit

"You know that feeling when you know you should do something useful or important but you like 'nah I’d rather not.'"

“let’s go watch Sherlock Gnomes instead."

"It’s Almost Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Random Fun Facts Edit

  1. I have four cats
  2. I am obsessed with Pusheen
  3. I am a Ravenclaw
  4. I like Star Trek

Trivia Edit

  • I love art and animation but plan on being an engineer.
  • My fursona is based off of my favorite cat, Tribble.
  • My best subject is math, worst being Social Studies.
  • My favorite icecream is birthday cake.
  • Gotta love me some Imagine Dragons!
  • I started a blogfic, A New Clan, but procrastinated it so much that I just ended it all together.
  • I hate Apple products. Android for life!
  • I NEVER go on Blogclan on my phone. It makes me feel like I'm going to throw up if I think about it. I have problems.
  • My secret clan, Rainclan, can be found on the Cadvent Day 4 secret page if you go click on one image to one secret page and click previous image.
  • Summer is the best season.

Favorite Songs Edit

Picture Time! Edit


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