Cloverstorm is just another warrior.She has no special talent...and that's why she's an outcast.But she has to learn that to be popular you have to stand tall,be strong,and never back down.But that's not easy....

 The Outcasts- Cloverstorm befriends a group of lonely apprentices...including the apprentice if her worst nightmare,Skystripe.

The Bully- When Skystripe takes things too far,cats are in danger...and its not just Thornpaw.

The Hero-Cloverstorm and her new friend Mistpaw have to work together to defend Thornpaw.

The Challenge-Skystripe has challenged Cloverstorm to a battle...But Skystripe plans a battle to the death.

The Tournament -A huge party is planned in honor of the champion,but when Thornpaw goes missing all the clues point to Cloverstorm.

The Hunt -Thornpaw can't be found and suspicions are rising...Cloverstorm has to find the apprentice before it's too late!

Stay Strong part 1-Cloverstorm has faced challenges before...can she fight the battle this time?

Stay Strong part 2-Things are looking good and Cloverstorm has hope...but how long will it last?

Series written by Gigglekit!

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