By Willowpaw/step Edit

Inspired by the City of Ember (well, sort of) and the moon globe tree from Winter Turning (WoF)

Allegiances Edit

Everflame Edit

Governor: Edit

Stalagmite Heart

Heirs: Edit

Pebble Storm (brother), Stone Song (sister), and Obsidian Feather (son)

Medics: Edit

Sunlit Fern, Scarlet Rose, Tall Ivy, Drifting Leaf, and Dry Bracken

Households: Edit

Tiger Run's Family (Minnow Strike (mate), Squirrel Leap (son), Ferret Claw (brother)

Thrush Call's Family (Feather Fall (mate), Eagle Screech (brother), Dove Snow (niece)

Dawn Leaf's Family (Sun Flame (mate), Morning Mist (sister)

Traders: Edit

Squirrel Leap

Morning Mist

Builders: Edit

Feather Fall

Ferret Claw

Dove Snow

Inventors: Edit

Sun Flame

Eagle Screech

Minnow Strike

In-trainings: Edit

Raven - trader (Thrush Call's nephew)

Starling - inventor (Thrush Call's daughter)

Crystal - builder (Stalagmite Heart's daughter)

Peak - future heir (Stalagmite Heart's nephew)

Dusk - trader (Dawn Leaf's son)

Moss - medic (Tiger Run's granddaughter)

Lynx - builder (Tiger Run's granddaughter)

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