By Steppy

What are we?

We've fought, we've died, we've forgiven, we have lived.

Is it something more?

Is it our greed to have territory?

Is it our greed to have more food when we have so much?

Is it our fault that others are starving and have no homes because we take as much as we want?

Was this our fault?


We are told different.

Our ancestors are correct.


Or did they bring to us to this endless gore?

Rather than peace and unity?

So they did.

All those cats suffering and starving.


They've gone through so much.

And we parade around because we won.

Or did we?

Every sin come, every punishment come.

For we now know we started this endless bloodshed.

We are responsible.

For we know are no more than fallen stars and this is our punishment for greed.

This is the Warrior's creed.

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