Fallenshadows is a long-furred she-cat with black fur with a flash of orange on her chest. She has a long and plumy tail. Above the corner of her right eye, she has a small scar. She has azure-blue eyes, and is also fairly taller than an average cat.

Note: I've added stuff to this since I've been on the allegiances, so this part is the actual full fursona.


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Fallen is amazing, funny, kind, caring, smart, wonderful and a fantastic friend <3 ~ Shiv

Fallen is funny, kind, caring, and a great friend. She takes the time to make everyone feel better or good about themselves! ~ Moon

Trailing Stars Edit

Fallenpaw was mentioned to be on the patrol in Chapter 21.

Ships Edit

She has been shipped with Shiverfur(Shivallen/Dallaiber). :) She is laufully married to Shiv as of 8/3/2017.

Her other ships are:

Waffle X Fallen (Wallen)- Sunk

Fawn X Fallen (Fawnlen)_ Sunk

Fanfiction Edit

  • Fireflies- This was a one-shot. It was written in first-person, and featured a NightClan apprentice, Icepaw.
  • Crimsonjag's Shadow- This is a novella, that is in progress at the moment. It features a StormClan warrior, Crimsonjag. It has been put on hold for now.
  • Whispers of the Ancient Spirit- Another one-shot, created for an art contest.
  • A Rose That No Longer Shivers Alone- a one-shot because I felt like it.
  • Out of the Darkness, Into the Light- a one-shot.
  • Wings- part of something that will probably be a trilogy.
  • I wrote some other things, but I don't remember what they were called. :P

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