Fate Has It


They say StarClan blesses you with light and life. Justice, freedom, and the blood that flows through your veins. They call StarClan the spirits of heroes in the night sky. They say the ghosts of the brave and worthy dwell there forever. They say they are eternal in the lush, plentiful forest they call our one and only home. 

I guess I wasn't enough of a hero, because when my life was shredded apart, I didn't find myself in StarClan's hunting grounds.

I can defend myself; I never realized my leader's true intentions until the young she-cat slashed my throat while I was patrolling. Spiderstar, commander of the Twolegplace cats, had accepted a Clan name only to scorn the existence of the stars. I never admired him, but it would be a lie to admit I was as loyal to him as any warrior is loyal to his ancestors.

I soon learned I was in the Place of No Stars. Shadowed, vengeful souls call the Dark Forest their home and prison. I was one of them, but I was not an ordinary Dark Forest warrior.

Spiderstar's reign was a time of darkness and death. I never lived to see it end.

Chapter OneEdit

We have ears, eyes and revenge-blackened heart. Rumors spread quickly in the Place of No Stars, catching warriors' attention like wildfire.

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