Other Names Flamey, Flame, Flamepaw the overactive memer, Flamebriar, Hanzoap, Flemers (by Streampaw)
Relatives None on BlogClan
Affiliation BlogClan, BlogClan Discord
Biographical information
Mentor Nightflower
Apprentice n/a
Rank Apprentice
Physical description
Gender Non-binary
Breed tabby
Fur Color Ginger tabby with white underbelly
Eye Color Green

Flamepaw (Flamebriar) is an orange cat with a white underbelly and ginger tabby markings.

Appearance Edit

insert more detailed appearance here

Personality Edit

Flamepaw is friendly, funny and makes lots of memes. They can be random and weird but is always lovely to talk to! They can be a bit uncertain of Themself at times but we all know they're awesome <3 -Streamy

On the blog Edit

Flamepaw posts quite frequently on the blog, usually on the tavern. They has written a fanfiction on the fanfic page. Their friends consist of Streampaw, Willowpaw, and many others. They is very active on discord and is currently working on a warriors MAP,

On the wiki Edit

Flamepaw is known as Hanzoap on the wiki and is relatively active.

Roleplays Edit

insert stuff here

Trailing Stars Edit

insert stuff here

Quotes Edit




Trivia Edit

  • this page was made and coded by Streampaw


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