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Frostfeather is a skinny white tom with light grey patches, ice-blue eyes, large ears, and a bushy tail. 


Frostfeather is a shy and awkward person who spends most of his time reading or stalking BlogClan. However, his more outgoing side appears on BlogClan sometimes (mostly the chat). He also loves to make references. He is slightly afraid of talking to people in fear of messing up, looking like an idiot, offending someone, looking stupid, or being absolutely cringy (which he is being right now). He takes an interest in getting to know all the fabulous people here <3

In Real LifeEdit

He doesn't really have a life outside of BlogClan hehehe. He is going into 7th grade, and will usually be most active on the weekends because he has lots of school, homework, and other life stuff going on, but he tries to be on as much as possible. He has a sister, Dovelily, and two brothers, Skythorn and Goldenkit.

On the BlogEdit

Frostfeather is a semi-active member on both BlogClan and its Wikia counterpart and tries to post at least one comment a day but fails miserably. He spends most of his time stalking the Tavern, but also visits the Hug Page, NTA (Name That Apprentice), the fanfic page, the polls, or any of the discussion pages. He hopes to be more active in the future.

Friends Edit

He likes to think of himself as friends with everyone, even if they secretly think he sucks, Some of his good friends include (at least he considers them good friends):

  • Daisy (Daisystar Warrior Cat)
  • Goldi (Goldenfawn7)
  • Silv (Wafflecat33)
  • Gummy (Gummyclaw44)
  • Lily (Lily That Shines Like Dawn)
  • Breezey (Summerbreezey22)
  • Lau (Laurel5040)
  • Fallen (Fallenpaw of BlogClan)
  • Shiv (Shiverfur)
  • River (RiverOfStarsAndSpirits)
  • Flo (Flowerstream01)
  • Gladey (Glade542)
  • Ollie (Olivepaw(Ollie))
  • Stoaty (Stoatbramble)
  • Robbie (Robin With Flying Feathers)
  • Flame (Hanzoap)
  • Spotzel (Spotzel2)
  • Rainy (XxLightwhisperxX)
  • Cheetahpaw (Cheetahstar2334)
  • Loudy (Whirlpoolkitty)

Add yourselves <3

Ships Edit

He has been shipped several times, though the most popular and notable one is Frodaisy (Frosty X Daisy), which is also canon. Like, real life canon. Actual dating and stuff.

His favorite BlogClan ships include

  • Shivallen (Shiv X Fallen)
  • Flirchy (Flo X Birchy X Sunny)
  • Limmy (Lily X Gummy)
  • Glaudy (Glade X Lau)
  • Flamezel (Flame X Spotzel)

In Trailing StarsEdit

Frostfeather has yet to appear in Trailing Stars, but his name is in the Jar and he hopes to make at least one appearance. (Pretty please with sugar on top ;) )

Likes Edit

  • Animals
  • Music, especially country *dodges thrown tomatoes*
  • The Walking Dead and The 100
  • Fishing
  • Zac Brown Band, Coldplay, P!atd and Twenty One Pilots
  • His friends
  • Foos
  • Soccer, hockey and kickball

Dislikes Edit

  • Spiders
  • Heights
  • The New England Patriots
  • Being ignored or harassed
  • Being unable to help
  • Wet socks
  • Public speaking
  • Embarrassing himself in front of others


Frostfeather has made many cats for several roleplays including...

Main RP:

  • Stormbreeze (BlogClan)
  • Birchnose (BlogClan)
  • Sorreltuft (BlogClan)
  • Flamedance (BlogClan)
  • Lemurpounce (BlogClan)
  • Mosspaw (BlogClan)
  • Redpaw (BlogClan)
  • Sparrowpaw (BlogClan)
  • Patchpaw (BlogClan)
  • Ferretfang (MarshClan)
  • Fernstream (MarshClan)
  • Russetfrost (MarshClan)
  • Leafpaw (MarshClan)
  • Twigpaw (MarshClan)
  • Dawn (DS)
  • Riptide (DS)
  • Boulder (Tribe)
  • Pretoria (Mountain Cats)
  • Delta (Mountain Cats)
  • Vixen (Rogue)
  • Cliff (Loner)
  • Soot (Rogue)
  • Shrew (Loner)
  • Leafwhisper (Loner)
  • Lilac (Loner)
  • Scorch (Loner)
  • Hermes (Twolegplace/loner)
  • Atent (Twolegplace)
  • Vesel (Twolegplace)
  • Chase (Twolegplace)
  • Shimmer (Twolegplace)
  • Thornstar (StarClan)
  • Silverstreak (StarClan)
  • Dewfall (StarClan)
  • Pikefrost (Dark Forest)
  • Eelblaze (Dark Forest)

Anarchy RP:

  • Tanglefern (Rebel)
  • Streamfall (Loyal)
  • Ferndapple (Neutral)
  • Hazelkit (Neutral)

Demicats RP:

  • Chloe (Poseidon Cabin)
  • Rafe (Hephaestus Cabin)
  • Erin (Demeter Cabin)

Apocalypse RP:

  • Vixen (SnakeClan)
  • Comet (SnakeClan)
  • Spike (SnakeClan)
  • Blaze (SnakeClan)
  • Bird (SnakeClan)
  • Soot (SnakeClan)
  • Patch (SnakeClan)
  • Fang (SnakeClan)
  • Ferretfang (MarshClan)
  • Leafsnow (MarshClan)
  • Tigerstep (MarshClan)
  • Barkkit (MarshClan)
  • Dawn (DS)
  • Bobcat (DS)
  • Dax (DS)
  • Dew (DS)
  • Badger (Tribe)
  • Icicle (Tribe)
  • Sky (Tribe)
  • Red (Twolegplace)
  • Dart (Twolegplace)
  • Rat (Twolegplace)
  • Gracie (Twolegplace)
  • Hermes (Twolegplace)
  • Moss (Moss's Group)
  • Birch (Moss's Group)
  • Lilac (Flora's Group)
  • Rainfeather (Redwing's Group)
  • Speckleleaf (CinderClan)
  • Sparkflame (CinderClan)
  • Bracken (Loner)
  • Murphy (Loner)
  • Starling (Loner)
  • Thundercloud (Loner)
  • Winslow (Loner)
  • Delta (Loner)

Kingdom RP:

  • Jenny (Star Kingdom)
  • Pebble (Star Kingdom)
  • Tristan (Rose Kingdom)
  • Evanlyn (Rose Kingdom)
  • Sienna (Sand Kingdom)
  • Armadillo (Sand Kingdom)
  • Lagoon (Tide Kingdom)
  • Spring (Tide Kingdom)
  • Jamie (Twilight Chasers)
  • Jesebelle (Twilight Chasers)

Shapeshifters RP:

  • Lincoln (Meif'wa Island)
  • Roan (Meif'wa Island)
  • Indra (Meif'wa Island)
  • Paige (Meif'wa Island)
  • Hayden (Meif'wa Island)
  • Oliver (Meif'wa Island)
  • Brady (Meif'wa Island)
  • Ontari (Meif'wa Island)
  • Christine (Meif'wa Island)
  • Ilian (Meif'wa Island)
  • Jasper (Meif'wa Island)
  • Davis (Meif'wa Island)
  • Patrick (Meif'wa Island)
  • Bree (The Ships)
  • Dylan (The Ships)
  • Memphis (Stormchasers)

Clans of Colors RP:

  • Shadowpaw (BlackClan)
  • Cloudpaw (WhiteClan)
  • Aspenpaw (BrownClan)
  • Heronsplash (SilverClan)
  • Autumnfrost (GingerClan)

Ashes of the Inferno RP:

  • Redflare (BlogClan)
  • Patchspark (BlogClan)
  • Sparrowfire (BlogClan)
  • Riptide (DS)
  • Newt (The Sanctuary)
  • Cliff (The Sanctuary)

Wavey's Twolegplace RP:

  • Foxpaw (MossClan)
  • Wick (The Claws)
  • Abby (Kittypet)


"oh jesusies non"

"I'm a wolf. Hissss." -Daisy's fabulous wolf sounds

"o noes" -Somehow my most memorable phrase

"Death, usually made of wood" -Pretty self explanitory

"I need to go shave my beer"

"The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start." -Beeyootiful

"pubes ten" -Lily

"i need to go do a lesbian" -Ollie's fabulous predictive text

"my mouth is getting ice cream from the freezer c:" -Foxi

"Tell me the secret recipe to Bush's Baked Beans." -Me at 1 in the morning on Discord


  • His BlogClan Clanniversary is February 16, while his wikiversary is four days later, on February 20.
  • He loves music, and has played the guitar for a while (but absolutely failed). He still wants to learn how to play the guitar and piano, though
  • He also likes kickball, soccer, and hockey, though he sucks at all of them
  • He learned a bit of French and Spanish, but he really doesn't know much
  • He likes most colors, loving basically every one (except for that nasty mustard green stuff). Usually his favorite tends to be turquoise or blue-grey
  • He likes to write but has trouble coming up with ideas
  • He is a HUGE procrastinator (yippie) 
  • If he was a Clan cat, he would be in ThunderClan or RiverClan, though most of his Warriors writing focuses on ShadowClan
  • He has a tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat named Gracie who he loves <3
  • He also has a black lab named Ellie <3
  • His favourite hobbies include procrastinating (obviously), reading, being on BlogClan, fishing, listening to music, procrastinating some more, and spending time with Gracie
  • He is obsessed with Zac Brown Band
  • He is an INFP-T
  • He also has inferiority complex
  • He likes shows such as The Walking Dead, The 100, Young Justice, and has begun watching Riverdale. He also wants to watch Supernatural when he has more time.
  • The New England Patriots suck
  • He does all his math homework in homeroom (shhh don't tell anyone)
  • He is Blogmarried to Daisy
  • He has married Spotzel and Flame as the Frostor



Frosty the Snowman, was a demon yes he was...


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