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The ginger cat turned round, and the sunlight shone in his fur, turning it to flame. That moment, she knew.

She fell, as if in slow motion, down onto the rocks, blood staining her silver fur. And he fell after her.

He felt his heart break, as his love was snatched away from him.

She left, and he went after her. None of them knew why they were doing these things. Violent storms of emotion pushed their minds aside, and took control. They call this love.

But those are the cats long gone.

In a clan now, there are cats. And all of them think they know what love is.

The leader in his den, sleeping a peaceful sleep, in a comfy nest; spending the day in the camp, eating fresh prey. Love to him means no more than this, only sharing it with another she-cat. It doesn't have to be anyone special.

The warriors in their den know love as a passion to be with someone, to share with them, to be together with them. But they never thought more.

The queens in the nursery, their kits beside them or within them. Love to them means the life they created with the one love brought them together with.

The apprentices have only realised what it means. To them it means the feeling they feel when they like another, a feeling they can't control.

The elders have known it for too long. The ones love pushed them together with have long gone, and they are on their own, waiting for love to strike.

The kits only feel their love to the ones who created them. They are pushed to love their parents.

The medicine cat knows what it's like to be controlled by love, but they know how to control it. To them it is something out of bounds, another territory.

And the deputy never sleeps soundly, all the clan's worries and problems on her shoulders. It is her burden, and her's only. No one else knows, and no one else cares. Who is she? She is me.