Geckoflower is a fluffy white she-cat with an orange tabby tail and paws, curled orange tipped ears, and green, gold flecked eyes. She has a light, lanky frame with massive paws and is often seen as clumsy.

On the Blog Edit

Geckoflower has been a  member of BlogClan since July 2015. Her favorite pages are the Tavern, NTA, and especially the hug page. She considers herserself quite active on these pages. In fact, she recently won Game 2 of NTA. Due to the support of her friends, Gecko decided to run for Senior Warrior in September 2016 and as of November has achieved this position.


At first, Geckopaw comes off as shy, but in once you get to know her, she is super nice and  spunky, but can be slighty sarcastic at times. She hates to see others alone or in pain, so visits the hug page offen, and will listen to anyone's problems.

Trailing StarsEdit

Geckopaw has a minor appearance in Chapter 16, though referred to as a tom. She was chosen from the Jar to write chapter 19, and once published her chapter received an overall positive response.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel. Edit

Coming soon.


  • Geckoflower goes by the names Gecko, Geckstah, Geckers, and Gecky.
  • Geckoflower loves art, and enjoys doing art trades
  • She also enjoys writing, and would like to contribute to the Fanfic page once she finds the time