This is my page.I hope you enjoy.You can use the sidebar to navigate my page because I hate scrolling so I made that.Enjoy my page,since it took like an hour to create but whatever.Have fun!

Gigglesplash The Ranger's Apprentice II - Life is too hard, let's be mermaids


Gigglepaw is a brown tabby with blue eyes and white on her ears and tail.

On the BlogEdit

Gigglepaw is not very active,but when she is,she is usually on the Tavern or the Percy Jackson Discussion Page.She used to participate in the Hazelpage roleplay,but she no longer does because NO ONE CAN DECIDE ON A PLOTLINE.

On the WikiEdit

Gigglepaw is very active on the wiki and is usually on ebery day.She writes a lot of fanfiction but rarely finishes,and she maoes lots of blog posts.Once she made a whole rant on reasons she likes Twilight.


  • Her Clanniversary is February 2nd.
  • She loves the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flannagan,Harry Potter by JK Rowling,Percy Jackson and the Olympians,Heroes of Olympus,and The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan,Twilight by Stephanie Meyer,Warriors by Erin Hunter (duh) and Survivors by Erin Hunter.
  • She watches Lab Rats,Girl Meets World,Live and Maddie,Bunk'd,Wizards of Waverly Place,and several other Disney shows,along with Henry Danger and The Thundermans on Nick and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on...somewhere.Idk.She watches it on youtube.
  • Giggle enjoys writing
  • She loves country music.Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are some of her faves.
  • Her favorite song is a three way tie between You Belong With Me,Road Less Travelled,Before He Cheats,and Our Song.
  • She can't count.
  • She makes a lot of typos.


Coming soon.