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Gladepaw is a reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes and one white paw.

Personality Edit

Gladepaw is a HUGE procrastinator, dreadfully indecisive (which you all can probably tell bc she's changed her name a bajillion times), and very socially awkward. She tries to be helpful and supportive. In real life, she's a quirky person. She tends to scream randomly, which prompts the people around her to give her funny looks. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing, though she wouldn't call herself creative. Gladepaw likes to think of herself as responsible, even though she's probably wrong.

On the Blog Edit

Gladepaw has been on BlogClan since January 1, 2016. At the end of 2016, she took a hiatus from BlogClan due to her busy life. She rejoined recently. Gladepaw wants to become a more active and well-known member.

Trailing Stars Edit

Gladepaw has made a short appearance in Geckopaw's fabulous chapter 19 of Trailing Stars, where she's one of the cats that volunteers to help treat wounds.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite color is blue
  • She takes fursona drawing requests, though due to her lack of practice recently, she's not very good at them :P
  • She'd like to thank Iceflower for helping her make this page back when she was a new member (thanks again, Icy!)
  • She enjoys writing fanfiction, but she hasn't ever stayed with one fanfic long enough to finish it
  • Even though her room is a complete mess, she knows where everything is
  • Her least favorite subject is chemistry
  • She's part of the following fandoms: Warriors (obviously), Harry Potter, PJO/HOO/TOA, Magnus Chase, Carry On (her love of snowbaz is too great to express in words), SAO, Your Lie in April, Yuri on Ice, Fairy Tail (even though it kinda sucks lately), Miraculous Ladybug, SVTFOE, and many, many more
  • Her dream house would either be an apartment in the city or a ranch in the country
  • She's jealous of everyone's cool coded backgrounds

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