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==♦ Biography ♦== Goldenpaw is a small ginger-and-white she-cat with light green eyes. She has an intelligent, sweet, and friendly personality, but can get defensive when she or her friends are made fun of. She can be found on both the Wiki Chat and the Blogchat. Her mentor is Iceflower. She loves everyone. Goldi is one of the nicest, funniest, and most supportive people I know and aah she's literally one of my best friends and I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend <3 -Birchy 

♦ On the Blog ♦

She tries to comment as often as possible and is seen most often on the Tavern and Hug Page, as they are easier for lazy Goldie to access. She and Jayie once filled up like 6 pages with their singing on the Hamilton Discussion Page. She has become less active on Blogchat but can sometimes be found there. She tries to give as many hugs and advice out on the Hug Page as she can and comments random stuff on the Tavern. She really likes food and can be seen commenting on The Food Discussion Page sometimes (:P).

♦ Trivia ♦ Edit

  • Her siggie is Goldie *throws belly beans *
  • She changed her wiki name to Goldie06 except made a typo and had to move to another account (:P)
  • She joined the wiki on APRIL 24th on her first account, then moved to her new account.
  • She found BlogClan from Kate Cary's Wiki page on Warriors Wiki.
  • She throws stuff at Owlwater a lot.
  • Wollow helped code this pageie.
  • She was shipped with Wollow, creating Goldenpool, but that sunk.
  • She loves belly beans!
  • She doesn't know when she joined BlogClan but she thinks the first time she ever came on was December 30th, 2015 when she first came on Live Chat.
  • Her first comment that she could find was on the Tavern, posted on Feb. 1st, 2016 and she is really embarrassed by it.
  • She loves candy.
  • Hamilton and Heathers are her obsessions.
  • Sometimes she can be a bit shy when meeting new people in real life (Normally older people.) but is normally a really social person around her friends and sometimes people she doesn't really know that well. It just depends on her mood and who's around her. :P (But she would spend all her time in her room if she could)
  • She has an amazing girlfriend named Silv <3 <3 

♦ Quotes ♦ Edit

Favorites That Other People Say Edit

"*THROWS BELLY BEANS*" -Breezey to her in PM when she beats Goldie to it.

Stuff Goldie Says ":P" -Emoji Goldie uses at least 10 times a day.

"JASON! MY GUURRRRRRLLLL! HOW ARE YOU?!?" -Her to Owl whenever he comes on.

"*THROWS BELLY BEANS*" -Her to Breezey when she beats her to it.


Ships she likesEdit

  • Frodaisy (Daisy and Frosty)
  • Frommy (Gummy and Frosty) [EDIT: She now ships Frodaisy more as she has realized how adorable it is :P]
  • Flirchy (Flo and Birchy)

Her ShipsEdit

  • Gunny (Goldi and Sunny) SUNKEN 
  • Waffoldi (Silv and Goldi)

♦ RP Characters ♦ Edit



  • Greystorm (BlogClan)
  • Blue (Tribe of Melting Ice)
  • Rowanblaze (MarshClan)


  • Kestrelsong (BlogClan)


  • Lightningflash (BlogClan)


  • Goldenpaw (BlogClan)
  • Frost (Dusk Syndicate)


  • Dawnkit (BlogClan)
  • Briarkit (BlogClan)
  • Sunkit (MarshClan)


  • Golden (Flora's Group/Rogue)
  • Mist (Flora's Group/Rogue)
  • Winter (Rogue)
  • Mud (Indigo's Team/Rogue)

StarClan/Dark Forest

  • Redflight (StarClan)
  • Marshbreeze (Dark Forest)
  • Sunsnow (Dark Forest)

Healer/Medicine Cat

  • Meadow (Dusk Syndicate)


  • Shade (Shadow Pack)
  • Sky (Lake Pack)
  • Dash (Lake Pack)
  • Red (Snow Pack)


  • Mistbreeze (MeadowClan)
  • Marshthorn (StreamClan)


  • Deerheart (MoonClan)
  • Swiftshadow (CloudClan)
  • Lightkit (SunClan)


  • Alia (Kittypet)
  • Fawn (Surveillance Society)
  • Dusk (Star Coterie)



  • Firefoot (PineClan)


  • Rana (Rogue)


First Year(s):

  • Fawn (Hufflepuff)

♦ Gallery ♦ Edit

♦ Stuff I Drew ♦ Edit


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