Goldenfawn Edit

Goldenfawn is a small ginger-and-white she-cat with light green eyes.

Personality Edit

Goldi is very kind and caring for her friends. She likes to talk with them, and is kind and accepting when it comes to their problems. She is understanding, and tries to help, even when she doesn't know what to do. She can be riled about things she hates easily, such as cheese by itself and Poptropica, but she's good-humored and sweet despite this. She is patient and forgiving as well. She loves her friends a great deal, and loves to make new ones. She doesn't like creating drama or arguments, either. Goldi is very nice and considerate of others. She is a great friend to have around.

(Creds to the amazing amazing Daisy for that <3 <3)

Goldi is overall a great person and a wonderful friend. She's super kind and supportive and honestly just the best <3 - Birchy

Goldi is so kind and funny and amazing. All the other things I could say about her, well, it would take up too much space because she is AWESOME! <3 -Snowy

Goldi is an amazing person. She is funny, friendly, and kind, and extremely caring and supportive, especially when people need help. She's always understanding and always has some advice and when she doesn't she always does her best :D. She has many friends (and I can see why) and is always welcome to new ones. I think we can all agree that Goldi is a very important part of blogclan! It wouldn't be the same at all <3 (PS-thanks for the theo pics!! XD) -Streamy

Goldi is also pretty lazy and is quite a procrastinator. She will often wait until the last minute to get things done. She is often laying around, on her computer.

She can be quite energetic at times, and calm at times. She can be really random, especially late at night.

Blog and Wiki Edit

She is on the Blog quite often, as well as the wiki. She can normally be found on wiki chat, unless she is sleeping, at school, or is out of the house. If she is in the house and awake, she will most likely be found there.

She considers herself friends with everyone on the Blog, but is closer with quite a few people.

Her first comment on BlogClan was on February 1st, 2016.

She became a Senior Warrior on May 7th, 2017.

Trailing Stars Edit

Coming soon.

Trailing Stars Graphic Novel. Edit

Coming soon.
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